Message from the Director

Fall is the ‘new year’ for academia. Once again we are looking forward to a large fall class—Cohort 10A. In fact, we will probably be oversubscribed, with some later applicants moving to a waiting list. While I believe this is a testament to the quality of our program and the reputation in the field, I also realize that the quality of our support for our students is a critical part of our success. This was recently recognized by one of our fall applicants in a note to our program. The person is employed by a company in which several of their colleagues had attended our program and gave positive feedback about their experience and the results achieved. But in addition to their affirmative remarks about the program generally the person added this statement:

“Additionally, the simplicity of the process (expediting grade notification for educational assistance) and assistance I’ve received from the staff at UTD (quick responses to questions and reminders of admission timelines) have given me confidence that this program is the correct next step for me in my personal learning and development and attainment of my career goals.”

It is enormously satisfying to receive this kind of recognition for what we try to provide our students. Bravo to Judy Clothier and Debb Fuqua whose tireless efforts make this kind of experience happen for all of our students.

That’s it for now. We welcome your comments and suggestions for future articles.

Best regards,
Robert Hicks, PhD
Clinical Professor
Director, Organizational Behavior & Coaching Program
University of Texas at Dallas

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”
― Zig Ziglar