Management Team Wins With Idea
for Mobile App That Does It All

The winning app’s logo

A team of Naveen Jindal School of Management students recently placed first in a contest that asked them to research the mobile application marketplace and design an award-winning product. Their idea, which they named PhodioJam, ties social media networking with audio recording, video and photos.

“With PhodioJam, kids will be able to actually record their own audio track and manipulate the audio and video files that are at play, and they’ll be really easy to share with their friends with just a click of a button,” JSOM graduate marketing student Amanda Trapp said during her team’s presentation.

Ms. Trapp’s team and three others pitched their ideas to marketing industry judges at the Jindal School Marketing program’s NetBase Social Media Competition. The contest objective was to use NetBase consumer and social media research software to analyze the mobile app market to uncover an opportunity and develop “the next killer mobile app.”

Winning team members — Ms. Trapp, Danae Bennett, Hsin-Yun Chen, Isabelle Shi, Min Shin and Xin Wang — received $2,000 for an application that would allow users to easily view, edit, organize and share digital photos, add music, voice and video — all within the social networking environment. The application would be free to users and compatible with all iOS devices.

Contestants pinpointed the top five devices consumers use for mobile apps as well as the top five app categories. By looking at positive and negative “buzz,” Ms. Bennett said, her team learned that iPhone and iPad are the most loved devices and “photo and video” and “social networking” are the most popular and talked-about categories.

Ms. Trapp said applications that PhodioJam would compete against are either too expensive or have limited capabilities.

“This is precisely the type of activity that I always encourage my colleagues to undertake that we can provide to you as a value-add for your education,” Jindal School Dean and Caruth Chair of Management Hasan Pirkul said after announcing the winners.

The other winning team in the competition developed Crosspath, a geocaching game application that allows players to set up their own team activities.