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The UT Dallas Professional MBA Program

A Suite of MBA Program Formats Tailored for Working Professionals

The Professional MBA programs (PMBA) help working professionals learn to think, plan and act strategically in a competitive global marketplace. Students complete the 53 semester credit hour curriculum (30 core and 23 elective), through several different formats:

  • PMBA Evening Cohort: 50 fully employed professionals are accepted every fall semester and take core courses twice a week in an accelerated 24-month program. This format allows working professionals to take all 30 hours of core courses together, creating an effective networking team approach to the PMBA curriculum.
  • PMBA Flex: This format allows students to complete the entire PMBA on their own schedule, pace and focus. Flex students can start the PMBA in fall, spring or summer semesters, and can take courses on campus or online. PMBA Flex students determine when they will take courses and how many.
  • PMBA Online: Students can complete the entire PMBA Online program following a similar format to the PMBA Flex program. It is important to note that not all electives are offered online at this time, so there may be some limited choice in elective courses/concentrations. Exams may be administered in several different ways: embedded in courses, uploaded by email, or proctored. View our Online Courses tab for a complete list of classes currently offered online. You may also find it helpful to view the online course demo.

A majority of PMBA Flex and Online students work full-time and take classes on a part-time basis, normally 6 credit hours (two courses) per semester. To accommodate working professionals, classes are typically offered between the hours of 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

  • Degree Plan
  • Online Courses
  • Class Profile
  • PMBA Ambassadors

Sample Degree Plan

Evening Cohort (53 semester credit hours)

This 53 semester credit hour program features an evening curriculum which students complete in 24 months. Each cohort of students starts the program in August. These students follow a lock-step progression of core courses throughout the program, taking all their core classes together (typically Monday and Wednesday evenings).

The MBA degree is obtained by completing the 53 hour program, consisting of 30 hours of core courses and 23 hours of elective courses.

Year One
Course Semester Credit Hours
Fall 9
ACCT 6301 Financial Accounting 3
MKT 6301 Marketing Management 3
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis 3
Spring 8
ACCT 6202 Managerial Accounting 2
FIN 6301 Financial Management 3
Elective 3
Summer 7
OPRE 6302 Operations Management 3
Elective 3
In-company Internship (optional)/Elective 1
Year Two
Course Semester Credit Hours
Fall 12
IMS 6204 Global Business 2
MIS 6204 Information Technology for Management 2
MECO 6303 Business Economics 3
Elective 3
In-company Internship continued (optional) 2
Spring 8
OB 6301 Organizational Behavior 3
Elective 3
International Study Trip Optional – Spring Break/Elective 2
Summer 9
BPS 6310 Strategic Management 3
Elective 3
Elective 3

PMBA Flex & Online (53 semester credit hours)

Prerequisite knowledge in calculus is a requirement for the Professional MBA programs. Applicants need to have earned a “B” or better in calculus or its equivalent to satisfy the prerequisite. Applicants who have not satisfied this requirement may be admitted but will need to satisfy the prerequisite within the first semester of UT Dallas course work by taking OPRE 6303 (Quantitative Foundations of Business). OPRE 6303 cannot be used for course credit. Applicants may also elect to complete Math 1325 at a community college prior to matriculation to satisfy this requirement.

Business Core (30 Semester Credit Hours)

Elective Credits (23 Semester Credit Hours)

Students may choose any graduate course offered within the Jindal School as an elective. Students cannot include more than 12 elective hours in any single concentration academic area. (Exceptions apply. Visit our advisor or consult the graduate catalog for complete information.)

Online Courses

Below is a list of planned online courses, not the degree plan. To view the list for the current semester, go to http://coursebook.utdallas.edu/, select Management for School and Online for Instruction Method. CourseBook will show the professor, a course description, the syllabus and information concerning proctored exams

Core MBA Courses
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
ACCT 6301 Financial Accounting Y Y Y
ACCT 6202 Managerial Accounting Y Y Y
BPS 6310 Strategic Management Y Y Y
FIN 6301 Financial Management Y Y Y
IMS 6204 Global Business Y Y Y
MECO 6303 Business Economics Y Y Y
MIS 6204 Information Technology for Management Y Y Y
MKT 6301 Marketing Management Y Y Y
OB 6301 Organizational Behavior Y Y Y
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis Y Y Y
OPRE 6302 Operations Management Y Y Y

Accounting Courses

View online Accounting courses

Finance and Managerial Economic Courses
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
FIN 6300 Personal Finance Y N N
FIN 6301 Financial Management Y Y Y
FIN 6308 Regulation of Markets Y Y Y
FIN 6310 Investment Management N N N
FIN 6320 Financial Markets and Institutions N N N
MECO 6303 Business Economics Y Y Y
BUAN 6312 Applied Econometrics Y N N
Operations Management Courses
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis Y Y Y
OPRE 6302 Operations Management Y Y Y
OPRE 6303 Quantitative Foundations Y Y N
OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics Y Y N
OPRE 6341 Retail Operations Y N N
OPRE 6364 Quality Control (Lean Six Sigma) Y N N
OPRE 6366 Global Supply Chain Management N Y N
OPRE 6369 Supply Chain Software (SAP APO SCM) Y Y N
OPRE 6370 Global Logistics and Transportation Y Y N
OPRE 6371 Strategic Purchasing, Sourcing and Contract Management N Y N
OPRE 6398 Prescriptive Analytics N Y N

Information Systems

View online Information Systems courses

Marketing Courses
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
MKT 6301 Marketing Management Y Y Y
MKT 6309 Marketing Research N Y Y
MKT 6310 Consumer Behavior Y Y N
MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing Y Y Y
MKT 6330 Brand Management Y Y N
MKT 6332 Advertising Strategy N N Y
MKT 6336 Pricing N N Y
MKT 6339 Capstone Marketing Decision Making N N Y
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Courses
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
IMS 6204 Global Business Y Y Y
IMS 6310 International Marketing Y N N
IMS 6314 Global E-Business Marketing N Y N
IMS 6360 International Strategy N N Y
IMS 6365 Cross-cultural Communication/Management Y N N
ENTP/FIN 6315 Entrepreneurial Finance N Y N
ENTP 6370 Entrepreneurship Y Y N
ENTP 6375 Technology and New Product Development Y N Y
ENTP 6378 Managing the Emerging Enterprise N Y N
ENTP 6390 Business Model Innovation N N N
OB 6301 Organizational Behavior Y Y Y
OB 6307 Strategic HR Management N N Y
OB 6332 Negotiation Y Y N
BPS 6310 Strategic Management Y Y Y
BPS 6311 Strategy Implementation N Y N
BPS 6379 Strategies for Sustainability N N N
HMGT 6320 The American Healthcare System Y N N
HMGT 6321 Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Y N N
HMGT 6330 Healthcare Law N Y N
HMGT 6323 Healthcare Informatics N Y N

*Returning Spring 2018

Undergraduate Courses
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
BPS 4305 Strategic Management N N N
ITSS 3300 Introduction to Management Information Systems N Y N
MKT 3300 Principles of Marketing Y Y Y
MKT 4330 Digital and Internet Marketing Y Y Y
OPRE 3310 Operations Management Y Y N
OPRE 3360 Managerial Methods in Decision Making Under Uncertainty N Y N

Class Profile

Professional MBA Evening Cohort Class of 2018
Class Size Average GMAT Average GRE Average Age Average Work Exp. Average GPA
48 618 312 29 6 years 3.4

Male 75%

Female 25%

Domestic 90%

International 10%

Professional MBA Evening Cohort Class of 2017
Class Size Average GMAT Average GRE Average Age Average Work Exp. Average GPA
50 626 309 30 7 years 3.2

Male 76%

Female 24%

Domestic 86%

International 14%

Professional MBA Ambassadors

Brandon Wallace

Brandon Wallace

Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program
Class of 2018

Brandon grew up in Arlington, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in Business. While an undergraduate, he was a student worker at the university’s center for international outreach, and was also heavily involved in student leadership, service, and orientation organizations. After graduation, he began working on the land and royalty ownership side of the oil and gas industry with Devon Energy in Houston, Texas. Brandon spent a total of six years in Houston as a Division Order Analyst with Devon Energy and Apache Corporation before relocating to Dallas in 2015. He is currently a Senior Division Order Analyst with Merit Energy Corporation and is planning to concentrate in Energy Management or Finance. He chose to attend the UT Dallas Professional MBA Evening Cohort Program because of the professional focus of the program, the affordability, as well as the flexible and diverse options offered with the concentrations and joint degrees.

Carly Kowtun

Carly Kowtun

Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program
Class of 2018

Carly received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Financial Consulting and minor in Sociology from Southern Methodist University in 2009.  Upon graduation, she entered a rotational program at Texas Instruments, concentrating on Accounting, Finance and Supply Chain Operations.  Carly has spent her time becoming a subject-matter-expert in supply chain operations remaining with the company for seven years and counting.  Outside of the office, she enjoys gardening, volunteering at The Dallas Humane Society, and building her Etsy business, SnazzyTabby.  Carly chose the UT Dallas MBA Program because of its renowned reputation in supply chain and operations management and will utilize the resources at UTD to become a well-rounded manager, ready to take on leadership opportunities in manufacturing and technology.

Dan Howard

Dan Howard

Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program
Class of 2018

Dan graduated with Honors and Departmental Distinction from Southern Methodist University with a major in Economics, specialization in Financial Applications, and a minor in Statistics. Currently employed by Capital One in their Plano Regional Headquarters as a Business Manager for the Strategy & Risk Assurance team, Dan manages the design and control aspect of external regulation compliance for the consumer Marketing & Analytics function. Dan is an avid triathlete and musician who enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and dog. Dan hopes that his MBA from UT Dallas will excel his career in business analytics and marketing, opening up further opportunities to make a strategic impact at his organization.

Kellen Flynn

Kellen Flynn

Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program
Class of 2018

Kellen grew up in the southwest around Las Vegas, NV and Albuquerque, NM, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Arizona with a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship in 2012. Since graduating, Kellen has worked for Texas Instruments where he is currently a Financial Planning Manager. His other roles have included financial analyst, management accountant and operations capacity analyst. In his spare time Kellen enjoys cheering on his Arizona Wildcats, snowboarding and the occasional game of golf. Kellen chose the UT Dallas MBA program because of the high quality of staff and faculty and experience fellow classmates bring to class.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program
Class of 2018

Mike is originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas, Mike has been working toward building a professional network in his industry and establishing himself as an innovator through process management. Mike is a member of the Gradate Business Society (GBS) Student Organization and is seeking a certification in Lean Six Sigma. Mike chose UT Dallas for an MBA because of the school’s continuously growing reputation for business education and the approachable, supportive faculty who prepare students for success. Outside his professional career, Mike is a husband and father who enjoys spending free time with family and friends.