Master of Science in Marketing

The Master of Science in Marketing (MS Marketing) is a 36 semester credit hours degree program (12-18 months) that is designed to prepare students seeking higher level positions in marketing or pursuing a graduate program to further advance their marketing knowledge.

MS in Marketing at UT Dallas To apply for this degree program, an undergraduate business degree is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

MS Marketing Program Highlights

  • No prerequisites required
  • Marketing focused: take 11 of the required 12 courses in a marketing area
  • Previous work experience is desirable but not required


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Connect with the Director

Marketing is experiencing change due in great part to the growth of behavioral targeting, social media and mobile marketing. Driving the explosive growth and interest for these areas (as well as the more “mature” digital areas such as search and E-commerce) is the fact that companies can now determine the exact ROI of a campaign due to the availability of all kinds of data. We are both proud and excited to introduce our digital marketing track.

The Master of Science in Marketing program prepares students for these growth areas, as well as traditional areas, by emphasizing a proficiency in quantitative skills such as statistics, databases and market research as well as qualitative skills such as consumer behavior. Regardless of the graduate marketing track you pursue, these skills will be what can set you apart from other “marketers” when competing for a job or advancing in your career.

Specialization is also critical in today’s marketplace and our MS in Marketing program allows you to take twice the number of marketing courses than other degree programs. Learn more by attending one of our info sessions or our marketing events.

For the status of your application or questions about the required admission documentation, you may contact the advising office or the MS Marketing program.

The University of Texas at Dallas is located in the greater Dallas area, home or an important base to many leading marketing–driven companies and advertising agencies such as American Airlines, AT&T, The Container Store, Dr Pepper, Fossil, Frito–Lay, Kimberly–Clark, KBM–Wunderman, JC Penney, Pizza Hut (YUM brands), MARC Research, Mary Kay, Razor, The Richards Group, Savitz Research, Southwest Airlines, TargetBase and Tracy Locke.

In addition, the Telecom Corridor of high–tech business that surrounds UT Dallas is also home to several companies including Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, McAfee, Nokia, Texas Instruments and Samsung which require professionals proficient in marketing analytics, business development, digital marketing and product management.

The Marketing Industry Advisory Board has assisted with the program design and continually monitors the course work to ensure the curriculum is both relevant to commercial enterprises and generates future industry leaders with successful career paths. The local chapters of the American Marketing Association and American Advertising Federation are actively involved with our marketing programs and advisory board.

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Alexander Edsel Director, MS Marketing Programs

Degree Plan

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Classes are offered on-campus in the evening (some are available online) and are especially suitable for students working full-time or part-time jobs. Work or educational experience in marketing is desirable but not required. Students are encouraged to review the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for the most updated curriculum details.

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Core Courses

15 semester credit hours

Specialized Tracks

21 semester credit hours


MKT 6102 Professional Development

6 Specialty Tracks

  • Advertising and Branding

    Core Courses – 12 semester credit hours
    Elective Courses – 9 semester credit hours

  • Business Development and Sales

    Core Courses – 12 semester credit hours
    Elective Courses – 9 semester credit hours

  • Digital Advertising and Marketing

    Core Courses – 15 semester credit hours
    Elective Courses – 6 semester credit hours

  • Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights

    Core Courses – 9 semester credit hours
    Elective Courses – 12 semester credit hours

  • Product Management

    Core Courses – 9 semester credit hours
    Elective Courses – 12 semester credit hours

  • Marketing Management

    This track has no core courses. Students may select any 21 semester credit hours from these courses. However, at least nine semester credit hours must be from courses with MKT prefix.

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Did you know?

Students can obtain a double Master of Science in Marketing and MBA degree by successfully completing a total of 63 semester credit hours.

Learn more about MS/MBA

Student Testimonial Playlist

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Students’ Profile

Our MS in Marketing management students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience and represent a wide array of races, gender, geography, languages and cultures.

2017 Student Profile
Class StatisticsPercentage or Number
Canada, China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan and the USA
Domestic minorities: Hispanic, African American~8%
Average GMAT635
Average TOEFL (iBT)84
Average Work Experience*1.7 years
Median Age23
Average Undergraduate GPA3.5
Average Graduate GPA3.4
Typical Undergraduate Degrees**Communications, Business, Engineering, Liberal Arts

* Work experience is not required for joining the MS Marketing program. However, prior working experience is highly considered and recommended.

** The amount of work experience greatly determines your earning potential when you graduate, 3-4 years of relevant experience is the best minimum to leverage your Master’s degree.


The MS in Marketing helps with career advancement of several domestic graduates have been promoted to Director or VP positions. National statistics show a Master’s degree on average can increase salaries for working graduates by 15%.

The following 2015 salary survey was conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and highlights the demand for marketing talent. The average starting salary is $77,955. This is more likely to happen in growth areas such as digital, marketing analytics and product management and if you come in with some work experience.

Top-paid business majors at the master’s level
Major Average Starting Salary
Marketing $77,955
Finance $71,527
Business Administration/ Management $71,076
Logistics/ Supply Chain $69,313
Management Information Systems $64,975
Accounting $62,374
Sales $60,333

Source: January 2015 Salary Survey,National Association of Colleges and Employers

Work experience is not required for joining the MS Marketing program. However, prior working experience is highly considered and recommended. The amount of work experience greatly determines your earning potential when you graduate, 3-4 years of relevant experience is the best minimum to leverage your Master’s degree.

Average Salaries Full Time Jobs
Experience Salary
Under 1 year of relevant work experience Average $54,000
1-3 years of relevant work experience Average $62,000
3-5 years relevant experience Average $70,000
5 or more years and in a high demand area such as digital, product management or analytics >$85,000
Internships/Job Placements 100% for domestics seeking a paid internship. 60% for international but not always paid-this statistic is highly correlated to your written and verbal proficiency in English, if you have a high Toefl of 95 or greater, then a 90% placement rate is common
Average International OPT placement data Approx 70% obtained 1 year of OPT (2015)

MS in Marketing Placement Statistics: 2011-2017

Student Ambassadors

Our Master of Science in Marketing program has several student ambassadors chartered to provide help and information via email for prospective or new students on various topics such as the Dallas environment, housing, living expenses, academic and social life. Please feel free to reach out to these MS Marketing ambassadors with any questions you may have.

Anusha- India


Bangalore, India
Hobbies: Hobbies are traveling and reading books

“Hello! I studied Marketing in my undergraduate degree and through my internship experience during college, I learnt how digital marketing and analytics has been taking over the traditional marketing ways globally. Working at Goldman Sachs right after college and then working for a startup company has been a great learning curve and I learnt that with the right marketing, you could take any business to another level. UTD has a unique focus on providing students with a plethora of action-based opportunities that offer hands on experiences, various clubs, organization’s to network and on campus resources I needed to achieve my aspirations. It has been an enriching experience and I couldn’t be happier. I’d be happy to share my experience and answer your questions about the program, college or living in Dallas! Please email me.”

Audrey - USA


Texas, USA – Class of 2018, Spring
Hobbies: Reading, Outdoor Recreation, Cooking

“I have a BBA in Marketing from UT San Antonio. While completing my undergraduate degree, I found that I really enjoyed the quantitative side of marketing, and I want to pursue a career in market analytics. I chose UT Dallas because of its reputation as an excellent school, the variety of courses offered using analytics programs that real companies use, the commitment of the school to students’ success, and the fact that Dallas holds many opportunities for marketing analytics. I am happy to answer any questions about the program. Please email me.”



Class of 2018, Fall
Hobbies: Crafting, traveling, reading, and board games

“I am pursuing the joint MS/MBA in Marketing at UT Dallas, and I manage the marketing department for a furniture designer and distributor. The MS Marketing program has offered in depth knowledge, best practices, and hands-on experience to further my career. I selected UT Dallas for its rigorous curriculum and great rankings, though the best part of my experience has been applying these skills to my career in real time. I would be happy to answer any of your questions about the MS Marketing program. Please email me.”

Lorenz - USA


Texas, USA – Class of 2017, Fall
Hobbies: Jogging, Rock Climbing, Swing Dancing, and Travelling.

“I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing, Analytics and Consumer Insights track. After a career in retail management, I returned to school and graduated from UTD in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. I now work as a Digital Campaign Analyst for a small advertising agency in Dallas. My work background and undergraduate education have given me a strong foundation to draw upon in my current studies. I selected UTD for its location, quality of faculty, and great reputation. Feel free to email me with questions about the MS Marketing program.”

Mary - USA


Minnesota, USA
Hobbies: Cooking and hiking

“I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in mathematics and I am currently completing my master’s degree in marketing – research and analytics track here at UTD. I chose to pursue a career in marketing analytics because it combines my love of math with my desire to be creative. Please email me with any questions you have about the marketing program the University of Texas at Dallas!”