List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Eric W. Tsang

Intrafirm Knowledge Transfer and Employees’ Innovative Behavior: The Role of Total and Balanced Knowledge Flows., Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2016
with John Lai, Steven S. Lui

A Realist Perspective of Entrepreneurship: Opportunities as Propensities, Academy of Management Review, 2016
with Stratos Ramoglou

Re-examining the Functional Diversity-Performance Relationship: The Role of Behavioral Integration, Team Cohesion, and Team Learning, Journal of Business Research, 2016
with Amanuel G.Tekleab, Ayse Karaca, Narda R. Quigley

How Existing Organizational Practices Affect the Transfer of Practices to International Joint Ventures, Management International Review, 2016

It’s Not Just a Visit: Receiving Government Officials’ Visits and Firm Performance in China., Management and Organization Review, 2016
with Weiwen Li, Danglun Luo, Qianwei Ying

International Expansion through Start-Up or Acquisition: A Replication, Strategic Management Journal, 2016
with Junichi Yamanoi

Reflections on the 2015 Decade Award − Social Capital, Networks, and Knowledge Transfer: An Emergent Stream of Research. , Academy of Management Review, 2016
with Andrew C. Inkpen

Count-based Research in Management: Suggestions for Improvement, Organizational Research Methods, 2015
with Dane P. Blevins, Seth M. Spain

Product Diversification and Financial Performance: The Moderating Role of Secondary Stakeholders, Academy of Management Journal, 2015
with Weichieh Su

A Critique of the Information Asymmetry Argument in the Management and Entrepreneurship Underpricing Literature, Strategic Organization, 2015
with Dane P. Blevins

Classifying Generalization: Paradigm War or Abuse of Terminology?, Journal of Information Technology, 2015
with John N. Williams

Models of Causal Inference: Imperfect but Applicable Is Better than Perfect but Inapplicable, Strategic Management Journal, 2014
with Florian Ellsaesser, Jochen Runde

Case Studies and Generalization in Information Systems Research: A Critical Realist Perspective, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 2014

Generalizing from Research Findings: The Merits of Case Studies, International Journal of Management Reviews, 2014

Ensuring Manuscript Quality and Preserving Authorial Voice: A Balancing Act of Editors, Management and Organization Review, 2014

Case Study Methodology: Causal Explanation, Contextualization, and Theorizing, Journal of International Management, 2013

Is This Referee Really My Peer? A Challenge to the Peer-Review Process, Journal of Management Inquiry, 2013

Generalization and Induction: Misconceptions, Clarifications, and a Classification of Induction, MIS Quarterly, 2012
with John N. Williams

Emerging Multinationals Venturing into Developed Economies: Implications for Learning, Unlearning, and Entrepreneurial Capability, Journal of Management Inquiry, 2011
with Shaker A. Zahra, Sondos G. Abdel Gawad

Historical Ties and Foreign Direct Investment: An Exploratory Study, Journal of International Business Studies, 2011
with Shige Makino

How Contrastive Explanation Facilitates Theory Building, Academy of Management Review, 2011
with Florian Ellsaesser

Testing Management Theories: Critical Realist Philosophy and Methods, Strategic Management Journal, 2011
with Kent D. Miller

Networks and Cronyism: A Social Exchange Analysis, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2010
with Thomas M., Begley, Naresh Khatri

Assumptions, Explanation, and Prediction in Marketing Science: “It’s the Findings, Stupid, Not the Assumptions, Marketing Science, 2009

Robust Prediction and Unrealistic Assumptions, Marketing Science, 2009

How Do Internal Capabilities and External Partnerships Affect Innovativeness?, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2009
with Yu-Shan Su, Mike W. Peng

Chinese Management Research at a Crossroads: Some Philosophical Considerations, Management and Organization Review, 2009

Competition, Agglomeration, and Performance of Beijing Hotels, Service Industries Journal, 2009
with Paul S.L. Yip

Organizational Unlearning, Human Relations, 2008
with Shaker A. Zahra

Knowledge Management and Innovation Strategy in the Asia Pacific: Toward an Institution-based View, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2008
with Lu, Yuan, Mike W. Peng

The Impact of R&D on Value Added for Domestic and Foreign Firms in a Newly Industrialized Economy, International Business Review, 2008
with Paul S.L. Yip, Mun Heng Toh

Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer: Current Themes and Future Prospects, Journal of Management Studies, 2008
with Mark Easterby-Smith, Marjorie A. Lyles

Transferring Knowledge to Acquisition Joint Ventures: An Organizational Unlearning Perspective, Management Learning, 2008

Learning and Strategic Alliances, Academy of Management Annals, 2007
with Inkpen, Andrew C.

Economic Distance and the Survival of Foreign Direct Investments, Academy of Management Journal, 2007
with Paul S.L. Yip

The As-Is Journal Review Process: Let Authors Own Their Ideas, Academy of Management Learning and Education, 2007
with Bruno Frey

Interpreting Dummy Variables and Their Interaction Effects in Strategy Research, Strategic Organization, 2007
with Paul S.L.Yip

Behavioral Assumptions and Theory Development: The Case of Transaction Cost Economics, Strategic Management Journal, 2006

Economies of Scale versus Intellectual Curiosity, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2006

Cronyism: A Cross-Cultural Analysis, Journal of International Business Studies, 2006
with Naresh Khatri, Thomas M. Begley

Influences on Foreign Ownership Level and Entry Mode Choice in Vietnam, International Business Review, 2005

Social Capital, Networks, and Knowledge Transfer, Academy of Management Review, 2005
with Andrew C. Inkpen

Superstition and Decision-Making: Contradiction or Complement?, Academy of Management Executive, 2004

Toward a Scientific Inquiry into Superstitious Business Decision Making, Organization Studies, 2004

The Asian Financial Crisis and Human Resource Management in Thailand: The Impact on Equity Perceptions, International Studies of Management and Organization, 2004
with Orawan Ananvoranich

Knowledge Acquisition and Performance of International Joint Ventures in a Transition Economy, Journal of International Marketing, 2004
with Duc Tri Nguyen, M. Krishna Erramilli

Resistance to Restructuring in Sino-foreign Joint Ventures: Toward a Preliminary Model, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2003

Antecedents and Consequences of Cronyism in Organizations, Journal of Business Ethics, 2003
with Naresh Khatri

Acquiring Knowledge by Foreign Partners from International Joint Ventures in a Transition Economy: Learning-by-Doing and Learning Myopia, Strategic Management Journal, 2002

Sharing International Joint Venturing Experience: A Study of Some Key Determinants, Management International Review, 2002

Self-serving Attributions in Corporate Annual Reports: A Replicated Study, Journal of Management Studies, 2002

Learning from Overseas Venturing Experience: The Case of Chinese Family Businesses, Journal of Business Venturing, 2002

Realism and Constructivism in Strategy Research: A Critical Realist Response to Mir and Watson, Strategic Management Journal, 2001
with Kai-Man Kwan

Adjustment of Mainland Chinese Academics and Students to Singapore, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 2001

Managerial Learning in Foreign-Invested Enterprises of China, Management International Review, 2001

Annual Report Disclosure and Corporate Legitimacy Management: A Study of Singapore Companies’ Responses to the Government’s Call for Venturing Abroad, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2001

Internationalizing the Family Firm: A Case Study of a Chinese Family Business, Journal of Small Business Management, 2001

The Effects of Entrepreneurial Personality, Background and Network Activities on Venture Growth, Journal of Management Studies, 2001
with Don Y. Lee

Combining Complementary Strengths: The Competitive Advantages of Singapore Hybrid MNCs in China, Journal of Asian Business, 2000

Transaction Cost and Resource-Based Explanations of Joint Ventures: A Comparison and Synthesis, Organization Studies, 2000

A Preliminary Typology of Learning in International Strategic Alliances, Journal of World Business, 1999

Replication and Theory Development in Organizational Science: A Critical Realist Perspective, Academy of Management Review, 1999
with Kai-Man Kwan

The Knowledge Transfer and Learning Aspects of International HRM: An Empirical Study of Singapore MNCs, International Business Review, 1999

Internationalization as a Learning Process: Singapore MNCs in China, Academy of Management Executive, 1999

A Longitudinal Study of Social Responsibility Reporting in Singapore: The Case of Banking, Food and Beverages, and Hotel Industries, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 1998

Foreign Direct Investment in China: A Consideration of Some Strategic Options, Journal of General Management, 1998

Mind Your Identity When Conducting Cross-National Research, Organization Studies, 1998

Can Guanxi be a Source of Sustained Competitive Advantage for Doing Business in China?, Academy of Management Executive, 1998

Motives for Strategic Alliance: A Resource-Based Perspective, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 1998

Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization: A Dichotomy between Descriptive and Prescriptive Research, Human Relations, 1997

Choice of International Technology Transfer Mode: A Resource-Based View, Management International Review, 1997

The Intersector Flow of Entrepreneurial Spirit in China, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Change, 1997

Bureaucratic Learning in the Rural Cooperatives of China, Asia Pacific Business Review, 1996

In Search of Legitimacy: The Private Entrepreneur in China, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 1996

The Implementation of Technology Transfer in Sino-foreign Joint Ventures, International Journal of Technology Management, 1995

Strategies for Transferring Technology to China, Long Range Planning, 1994

The Changing Role of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in China, Small Enterprise Development, 1994

Threats and Opportunities Faced by Private Businesses in China, Journal of Business Venturing, 1994

Human Resource Management Problems in Sino-foreign Joint Ventures, International Journal of Manpower, 1994

Ideology, Policy, and the Private Entrepreneur in China, Journal of Asian Business, 1994

Distribution Reform in China: An Analysis of the Private Sector Development, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 1994
with Clement K.W. Chow

Entrepreneurs in China: Development, Functions and Problems, International Small Business Journal, 1994
with Clement K.W. Chow