List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Renee Green
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Baranchuk, Nina

Screening of Possibly Incompetent Agents. Economic Letters, 135(C): 15-18.. (2015).
with Philip Dybvig

Motivating Innovation in Newly Public Firms. Journal of Financial Economics, 111(3): 578-588.. (2014).
with Robert Kieschnick and Rabih Moussawi

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with Glenn MacDonald and Jun Yang

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with Philip Dybvig and Jun Yang

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with Philip Dybvig

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with Siddhartha Chib

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Cordell, David

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with R. Smith, A. Terry

Are You (and Your Beneficiary Designations) Up to Date?. Journal of Financial Planning, 27(9): 41-42.. (September 2014).
with T. Langdon

Using Life Insurance to Fund Special Needs Trusts. Journal of Financial Planning, 26(9): 34-35.. (September 2013).
with T. Langdon

Financial Planning Under the Affordable Care Act. Journal of Financial Planning, 25(9): 30-31.. (September 2012).
with T. Langdon

Practical Planning Concepts from Academic Research. Journal of Financial Service Professionals, 67(6): 58-68.. (November 2013).
with V. Grange and T. Langdon

Useful Financial Planning Concepts from Academic Research. Journal of Financial Service Professional, 66(6): 82-92.. (November 2012).
with V. Grange, T. Langdon

Life Insurance Needs Analysis without Numbers. Journal of Financial Planning, 27(5): 34-35.. (May 2014).
with T. Langdon

Hedging Longevity Risk for Worry-Free Retirement. Journal of Financial Planning, 26(5): 36-37.. (May 2013).
with T. Langdon

How Washington is Killing Deferred Annuities. Journal of Financial Planning, 25(5): 30-31.. (May 2012).
with T. Langdon

How Proposed Regulations Impact Longevity Insurance. Journal of Financial Planning, 27(1): 32-33.. (January 2014).
with T. Langdon

Planners Beware: ILITs Are Under Attack. Journal of Financial Planning, 26(1): 30-31.. (January 2013).
with T. Langdon

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with T. Langdon

Academic Research that Practitioners Can Use. Journal of Financial Planning, 66(2): 88-96.. (2012).
with V. Grange, T. Langdon

Health Care Planning and the New Reality. Journal of Financial Planning, 24(1): 38-40.. (2011).
with T. Langdon

Life Insurance as a Hedge Against Tax Uncertainty. Journal of Financial Planning, 24(5): 38-40.. (2011).
with T. Langdon

Life Insurance and Alternative Investments. Journal of Financial Planning</em>, 24(9): 46-47.. (2011).
with T. Langdon

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with T. Langdon

Achieving Sustainable Retirement Withdrawals: A Combined Equity and Annuity Approach. Journal of Financial Planning, 23(1): 40-47.. (2010).
with C. Lemoine, A. Gustafson

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with T. Langdon

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with T. Langdon

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with T. Langdon

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with J. Shein

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Dissipation of Life Insurance or Annuity Death Benefits." With J. Tombs. Journal of Financial Planning, 21(1): 34-37.. (2008).
with J. Tombs

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with C. Lemoine

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with T. Langdon and C. Lemoine

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Day, Ted

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with Zhengzheng Li and Yexiao Xu

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with Craig Lewis

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with Pingying Wang

Ganglmair, Bernhard

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with Emanuele Tarantino

Patent Hold Up and Antitrust: How a Well-Intentioned Rule Could Retard Innovation. Journal of Industrial Economics, 60(2): 249-273.. (2012).
with Luke Froeb and Greg Werden

Guttery, Randall

Stranger Originated Life Insurance: Controversy and Proposal for Market-Based Solutions. Journal of Insurance Issues, 35(1): 100-117.. (2012).
with S. L. Poe, E. He

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with C. F. Sirmans

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with C. F. Sirmans and S. L. Poe

The Effects of Subdivision Design on Housing Values: The Case of Alleyways. Journal of Real Estate Research, 23(3): 265-274.. (2002).

Kieschnick, Robert

Trade Credit, Hedging with Derivatives, and the Credit Crisis. Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting. (forthcoming).
with Wendy Rotenberg

On the Evolution of Corporate Capital Structures. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 25: 561-583.. (2014).
with Dan Arce and Doug Cook

Motivating Innovation in Newly Public Firms. Journal of Financial Economics, 111(3): 578-588.. (2014).
with Nina Baranchuk, Rabih Moussawi

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with Michael Keefe

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with M. Sinan Goktan

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Li, Jun

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with Jianfeng Yu

Liebowitz, Stan

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The Internet as a Celestial TIVO. Journal of Cultural Economics. (forthcoming).
with Alejandro Zentner

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Nanda, Vikram

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