Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS SCM) is a 36 semester credit hours STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. The program focuses on the management of business activities from product development, sourcing, production and logistics to managing the resources and related capabilities the organization needs to accomplish its strategic objectives.

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MS SCM student can enjoy the benefits such as:

MS in Supply Chain Management at UT Dallas To apply for this degree program, an undergrad business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

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Supply chain management has earned a significant awareness among the world’s leading executives within the telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, healthcare management, logistics, transportation and information technology industries.

As a business discipline, supply chain management concepts and practices are translating to real job market value. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for management analysts of logistics, purchasing and operations management to increase up to 83 percent by 2018. So, join our MS SCM degree program now!

Athena Alimirzaei, PhD

Director, MS SCM Programs
Clinical Assistant Professor

Our Master of Science in Supply Chain Management degree program is approved by the internationally recognized Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and is designed for students with or without a previous background in supply chain area. For this STEM program, at least 36 semester credit hours of management course work beyond prerequisite courses are required to earn the MS SCM degree.

Students also can obtain a dual Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and MBA degree by successfully completing a total of 63 semester credit hours (if all prerequisites are met).

Business Core and SCM Core Courses (18 semester credit hours)

Business Core Courses (9 semester credit hours)

  • OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business
  • OPRE 6302 Operations Management

  • And one of the following courses:
  • ACCT 6305 Accounting for Managers
  • FIN 6301 Financial Management*

SCM Core Courses (9 semester credit hours)

  • OPRE 6366 Global Supply Chain Management
  • OPRE 6370 Global Logistics and Transportation
  • OPRE 6371 Strategic Purchasing, Sourcing and Contract Management

* Executive Education students may take FIN 6301 as an elective with prior approval of the program director.

SCM Elective Courses (15 or 18 semester credit hours)

Option 1: Select six elective courses
Option 2: Select five elective courses and one free elective course.

Free Elective (Optional: 3 semester credit hours)

MS SCM students may choose any three-credit-hour graduate-level course within JSOM (including an international trip) to satisfy this portion of the degree plan. For example:

  • MIS 6334 Advanced Business Intelligence with SAS

MS SCM Tracks

The MS SCM degree program also offers opportunities for students to focus in a specific track such as:

The Analytics track is recommended for students interested in managing and analyzing large-scale data and developing organizational strategies.

The Retail track is recommended for students interested in managing retail operations, understanding demand and pricing and customer relationships.

The Risk track is recommended for students interested in understanding uncertainty, decision making in risky environment and budgeting and scheduling projects.

  • OPRE 6335 Risk and Decision Analysis
  • OPRE 6362 Project Management in Engineering and Operations
  • OPRE 6389 Managing Energy: Risk, Investment, Technology (MERIT)
  • OPRE 6367 Capstone Project in SCM
  • OPRE 6V98 Internship in SCM (Guided Elective)

The Strategy track is recommended for students interested in business strategies, product development and retirement and quality.

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program provides students with advanced knowledge on how to identify, resolve and manage complex operational problems and introduces students to current supply chain operating practices, analysis methods, technology, applications and strategy developments.

We are proud of our supply chain management students. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience and represent an array of races, gender, geography and cultures.

Fall 2014 Student Profile

Class StatisticsPercentage or Number
InternationalArmenia, Canada, China, Greece, India, Iran, Korea, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Taiwan, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam
Average GMAT602
Average TOEFL (iBT)92
Average Work Experience*3.6 Years
Average Age24.6
Average Undergraduate GPA3.2
Average Graduate GPA3.4
Undergraduate Degrees**Engineering, Business, Science
Internships/Job Placements88%
Average Salary (after graduation from MS SCM Program)$69,313
(Source: January 2015 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers)

* Work experience is not required for joining the MS SCM program.
** To apply for MS SCM degree program, an undergrad business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

Our Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program has several student ambassadors chartered to provide help and information via email for prospective or new students on various topics such as the Dallas environment, housing, living expenses, academic and social life. Please feel free to reach out to these MS SCM ambassadors with any questions you may have.

Milad Armaghan

Milad – Iran

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Hobbies: Dj-ing, music, tennis, traveling

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2015

About Me: I did my bachelors in electrical engineering. However, I wanted to be more on the business side of electronics rather than the technical part, so I decided to pursue my graduate studies in MS Supply Chain Management and chose UT Dallas because of its robust SCM program and knowledgeable faculty members. I am very excited to share my experience with you and you are more than welcome to ask me any questions you may have. Please email me.

Wasi Khan

Wasi – Pakistan

Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan

Hobbies: Soccer, socializing and movies

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2015

About Me: I have an MBA and eight years of experience in Telecom and Oil & Gas sector. The MS SCM at UT Dallas provides me with a platform to gain Strategic Sourcing & Procurement skills and develop broader perspective of effectively managing entire Supply Chains irrespective of the Industry. I will be glad to respond to your queries about the program, the learning experience and questions related to living in Dallas. Please email me.


Zimo – China

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Hobbies: Violin, foreign language learning

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I worked in supply chain function as a procurement buyer for more than two years. However, I felt the need to broaden my knowledge in various supply chain areas, sharpen my analytical skills and reorient my career role through systematic master education. I chose the MS SCM program at UT Dallas because of the high quality of the program and the exciting job opportunities in Dallas Metroplex. I am always helped by kind professors and peers and mentors and colleagues. Now I am more than glad to be the one to share my experiences and answering your questions. Please email me.


Biplav – Nepal

Hometown: Rajbiraj, Nepal

Hobbies: Traveling, soccer, trying new food

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I have an undergraduate degree majoring in Finance from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I worked for a rug company located in Calhoun, GA and after 4 years of working in the global purchasing, I decided to join the MS SCM at UT Dallas to expand my career opportunities. I chose UT Dallas because of its ranking, esteemed faculty and the fact that Dallas is a hub for fortune 1000 companies. Since I joined the MS SCM program, I have received tremendous help from my fellow students and faculty. If I can be of any help to any student, I would be more than happy to do it. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you so please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have. Please email me.


Saketh – India

Hometown: Hydarabad, India

Hobbies: Watching Tennis and making music

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2015

About Me: I have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and work experience as a CRM Analyst in a multinational service domain company. I am enthusiastically pursuing my graduate degree in SCM as Supply Chain and Operations Management have always intrigued me. The excellent course work at UT Dallas and the guidance from faculty further evolved my interest in this field. My ability to lead has led me to hold top notch positions at some prestigious student organizations in JSOM. I would be happy to answer any of your queries regarding the MS SCM program and living in Dallas. Please email me.


Sangeetha – India

Hometown: Chidambaram, India

Hobbies: Music, chess, reading and sudoku

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I did my undergraduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering after which I worked for 3 years in R&D sector with an automobile manufacturer based in Chennai, India. I decided to pursue masters to enhance my exposure and career in the field of Supply Chain Management. I chose UT Dallas for MS in SCM for its internationally recognized faculty and comprehensive curriculum. I am happy to be a part of this program which stands #2 in the US according to EdUniversal (A global ranking organization) in 2014-15. I would certainly recommend it to prospective applicants for its world-class standards, diverse culture and excellent career opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to me and I will make every effort to answer your questions. Good luck & Welcome to UT Dallas. Please email me.


Muneendra – India

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Hobbies: Cricket, soccer, swimming, video games

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. During my tenure as an analyst for TATA Consultancy services, I was always intrigued by process improvement projects such as PDCA, Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC. A master’s degree in Supply Chain at UT Dallas has enabled me to realize my potential in the field of Supply Chain through its renowned faculty. Currently, I am serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I would love to be point of contact for you and would be glad to share my experiences with you. Just drop me a note. Please email me.


Rekha – India

Hometown: Chennai, India

Hobbies: Traveling and music

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2016

About Me:I have bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and worked as an Operations manager in Automobile sector for 2 years in India. The challenges and complications I encountered in my work motivated me to broaden my horizons in the field of supply chain management. I chose Supply Chain program of UT Dallas for its rigorous curriculum, renowned faculties, and job market in Dallas. This program provides ample opportunity to interact with Employers from Dallas area and organizes many events to connect students and employers in the campus. I will be delighted to share my learning experience with you and will be happy to answer all your questions. Finally welcome to UT Dallas!! Please email me.


Simisola – Nigeria

Hometown: Ogun, Nigeria

Hobbies: Swimming, crafting, watching movies and traveling

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy and my interest to further my study in Supply Chain Management was motivated by the experience I gained while I was employed as a Procurement Specialist for an Offshore Oil Servicing company in Lagos Nigeria. I chose MS SCM at UT Dallas because of its high ranking, job opportunities in the Dallas Metroplex area and most importantly, the dedication of the faculty and staff in helping students. Since I joined UT Dallas, I have been exposed to numerous opportunities and have gained significant knowledge and each new day has been an exciting learning experience. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds of the student body and the faculty and staff is amazing and has helped me to interact and develop relationships with people from all over the world. I look forward to any questions you may have about the MS Supply Chain Program and living in Dallas. Please email me.

Yu Chu Fan

YuChu – Taiwan

Hometown: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Hobbies: Swimming, music, movies and traveling

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Transportation Science and became interested in SCM while I was finishing my undergraduate degree. I decided to study MS SCM at UT Dallas because it is a highly ranked program with a prestigious faculty. Let me know how can I help you and I will give you my opinion. Please email me.

Duc Vu

Duc – Viet Nam

Hometown: Hanoi, Viet Nam

Hobbies: Chess, music, traveling and volunteering

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016

About Me: I studied finance for my undergraduate degree but then I became interested in SCM through my Business Strategy courses and some business case competitions. Having learned the importance of SCM, I decided to pursue higher education in this field and selected UT Dallas for its reputation and rankings. Everything is so great here. Even though I have just come here for a while, I have learned a lot from my professors and friends. I am very willing to answer any question you may have. Please email me.

Ting Yin Kuo

Ting-Yin – Taiwan

Hometown: Taipei City, Taiwan

Hobbies: Traveling, tennis, volunteering and learning new languages

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2015

About Me: I am a student from Taiwan and my undergraduate degrees are in Economics and Turkish Language. I have been looking forward to pursuing my Supply Chain Management Master’s degree at UT Dallas. I am confident that I will be able to perform well and make a contribution to the SCM program based on my background and competencies. I would be very happy to share my experience with you and do my best to address your questions. Please email me.

Our master of supply chain management (MS SCM) degree program at UT Dallas maintains many corporate relationships to support the recruitment of our SCM graduates. The MS SCM degree in Supply Chain Management prepares you for various careers in the supply chain management positions in almost all industries.

The Dallas area is home to leading supply chain companies that are all run complex supply chains and constantly looking for qualified professionals to manage them. In 2011, Texas ranked second in Top States for Business by CNBC, providing our students with significant opportunities for internship and job placement.

Companies Hiring MS SCM Students (Partial List)

Typical Supply Chain Management Positions

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Chief Purchasing/Sourcing Officer
  • Vice President of Strategic Sourcing
  • Operations Manager/Director
  • Product/Service Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Logistics, Transportation or Distribution Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Supplier Relationship Manager
  • Operations Analyst/Specialist
SCM Employment

During the academic year of 2014-15, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management students secured a variety of internships/jobs and the graph below shows the type of roles they played.

You may also review the MS SCM internships/job placements for previous academic years: 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15.

Supply Chain Management Job Roles

Every year, our MS SCM program at UT Dallas, Texas provides various events and engagements between supply chain industry partners and students. These events allow students to network with industry executives, better understand the market and learn more about internships and jobs and what it is expected of them in the workforce. Students also participates in local and nationally known supply chain case competitions.

Supply Chain Capstone Course

Supply Chain Capstone projects provide students with opportunities to develop new capabilities, effectively consolidate and refine their prior knowledge and build a foundation as a future business leader/problem-solvers. Essentially, capstone projects allow students to:

  • Integrate academic knowledge and excel beyond the classroom settings
  • Develop teamwork, communication and project management skills
  • Experience hands-on learning, showcase their knowledge, skills and organizational capabilities
  • Experience new technologies, best practices, methodologies and business management

During the 2014-15 academic year, several companies participated in the supply chain capstone course:

Supply Chain Events and Industry Visits (Academic Year 2014-15)

The MS SCM program at UT Dallas is privileged to host guest speaker series to discuss latest trends in supply chain disciplines, internships and job placements. These events that are held every fall and spring semester connect students to business communities by visiting corporate sites and facilities.

TransamericaTopic: Marketing Optimization using OR in a direct marketing application.
O9 SolutionsTopic: International Logistics and Supply Chain.
04/16/2015CA Technologies, Dr Pepper, Maxim IntegratedMock Interview Training: A one-on-one mock interview with an industry supply chain professional and receive feedback on performance.
04/15/2015Mary Kay CorpTour of ASRS facility and and meetings with company executives.
04/10/2015Walmart and Sam’s ClubTour of facility and meetings with company executives while discussing issues concerning operations and internships.
04/06/2015CA Technologies, Fossil, Lennon, ResCare Workforce ServicesInterview Training: HR professionals and experienced UT Dallas alumni share job search and interviewing strategies.
04/03/2015EricssonTopic: A MS SCM alum at Ericsson discusses SCM current trends and what the future holds.
03/26/2015JC PennyTour of facility and and meetings with company executives.
02/272015Mary Kay CorpTour of facility and and meetings with company executives.
Maxim IntegratedTopic: Global Trade and Compliance Opportunities.
02/11/2015Mary Kay CorpTour of facility and and meetings with company executives.
Android Industries, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, SamsungIndustry professionals and alums share their views of their jobs.
01/14/2015Mary Kay CorpTour of facility and and meetings with company executives.
12/04/2014Celanese, Dr Pepper, Lennox, US Army, Vector Systems, WalmartExploring Supply Chain Careers: Experienced industry executives share their knowledge and provide advice and tips on new supply chain trends.
DellTopic: Data Driven Analytics.
11/17/2014Mary Kay CorpTour of facility and and meetings with company executives.
Capital One, Ericsson, Intel SecurityIndustry professionals share their work experience and networking.
Lennox InternationalTopic: Network Design and Business Strategies.
Austin CSITopic: Agile Transformation in Project Management.
Dr PepperTopic: Dr Pepper Supply Chain.
MS SCM Company Visit, JC Penny Facility Tour
MS SCM Company Visit, Walmart Facility Tour
MS SCM Company Visit, Mary Kay ASRS Facility Tour

Facility Visits: JC Penny (top), Walmart (middle) and Mary Kay ASRS (bottom)

2015 Supply Chain Case Competition, UT Dallas, Texas

In Spring 2015, seventeen teams entered the internal SCLC Case Competition. Their project consisted of a simulated business case to maximize production and profits. The top 3 teams were chosen based upon a grading matrix. The top 3 teams were provided their final case and presented their results on April 21 in front of a judging jury of company managers from Lennon International, Walmart and Federal Government Dell Services. A total of $1,700 in cash prizes were awarded to first, second and third place teams.

MS SCM Case Competition Spring 2015
MS SCM Case Competition Spring 2015