MBA in Supply Chain Management

Master of Supply Chain Management
Master in Supply Chain Management

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Supply Chain Management (SCM) at Naveen Jindal School of Management is a unique and exciting opportunity in the field of business management. The SCM concentration covers areas including operations management, strategic purchasing, sourcing and contract management as well as logistics, distribution and warehousing as required by almost all companies around the world.

MBA Students pursuing the Supply Chain Management concentration are required to complete at least 12 semester credit hours of SCM courses. Students may also take the SCM Capstone Project course which provides an opportunity to work with executives from various industries solving real-world supply chain problems.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Curriculum

The curriculum has been carefully designed with a close collaboration between faculty and SCM executives to meet the industry demands. This is one of the reasons why companies choose to hire our MBA SCM students for internships and full-time employments. The curriculum is the same for MBA students.

Business Core Business

  • OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business
  • OPRE 6302 Operations Management

SCM Core

  • OPRE 6366 Global Supply Chain Management
  • OPRE 6370 Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing
  • OPRE 6371 Strategic Purchasing, Sourcing and Contract Management

SCM Electives