Supply Chain Management Programs

The Bachelor and Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (SCM) are STEM degree programs at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. SCM deals with issues related to developing, producing, and delivering goods and services from suppliers to customers. SCM is mainly concerned with the efficient integration of suppliers, factories, and stores so that products are distributed to customers at the right time and at a low cost.

Students enrolled in the supply chain management programs gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to manage and improve the efficiency and productivity of business operations, and to improve the quality of services and goods produced. The SCM programs are designed to prepare students to be leaders in the field of supply chain management. Our faculty have significant teaching, research, and business expertise in logistics, purchasing, sourcing, supply chain, and operations management.

  • BS SCM Program
  • BS Fast-Track to MS SCM
  • MS SCM Program
  • PhD with OM Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management is a STEM degree program that provides a managerial perspective on production and service operations. Upon completing the BS Supply Chain Management program, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to help future employers maximize efficiency and profitability.

Fast-Track BS/MS in Supply Chain Management

Fast Track programs enable undergraduate students to begin work on the MS SCM degree before graduation. They learn the fundamentals of planning and executing the operations of an entire supply chain. Qualified seniors may take up to 9 hours of graduate courses that apply to the BS degree and satisfy the requirements for an MS SCM degree.

Masters in Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS SCM) is an STEM degree program that teaches design and management of industrial supply chains, including how to improve operations and how to resolve related key issues. SCM graduates use their analytical decision-making skills and advanced knowledge to address supply chain concerns that arise as operations become increasingly more sophisticated.

In addition, we offer an MBA degree with concentration in Supply Chain Management.

PhD with Concentration in Operations Management

Operations Management emphasizes the development of models, methods, applications and algorithms as they apply to problems in industrial manufacturing, complex supply chains and services. Students are exposed to deterministic and stochastic modeling and may apply and develop these and new methods to solve problems in their selected topics. Students may combine a major in finance, information systems or marketing with one in operations management/supply chain management.

The goal of the doctoral program in operations management is to educate future practitioners and researchers in the concepts and analytical techniques needed to understand and advance scientific solutions to the problems currently faced by operations managers.