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Master of Science in Information Technology and Management

Master of Science in Information Technology and Management, Apply

We are accepting applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2017!

Master of Science in Information Technology and Management, Graduates

92% of Graduates Employed within 90 Days of Graduation

Master of Science in Information Technology and Management, US News

No. 16 in the Nation, 2016 US News and World Report

Master of Science in Information Technology and Management, Best Masters

No. 13 in the Nation, 2016 Best Masters, Eduniversal

Master of Science in Information Technology and Management, Internships

634 internships in 2014-2015

The Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MS ITM) is a 36 semester credit hours STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree program (18-24 months) that prepares students to better understand the complex world of Information Technology, its management and issues that occur at the interface between IT and business.

The features that set the UT Dallas MS ITM program apart are the breadth of the curriculum and its flexibility (many of these courses are offered in evening and online). The program also offers opportunities for students with special interests to concentrate in a specific track within the IT area, such as:

  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Enterprise systems
  • Cyber Security Management
  • IT consulting and Services Management
  • Healthcare systems

MS in Information Technology and Management at UT Dallas To apply for this degree program, an undergrad business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

Obtaining certifications in specific areas of IT can enhance career prospects. The program offers courses that will prepare students to take exams for certification such as UT Dallas/SAS Data Mining and Business Intelligence, and SAP Consultant certifications can be completed by taking courses/programs at UT Dallas. Other popular certifications include Certified IS Auditor (CISA), CISSP, CISM and CompTIASecurity+. Various courses available in MIS will help prepare students for these certification exams.

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  • Employment Information
  • Internship Information
  • Student Profiles & Statistics
  • Student Involvement

The MS in Information Technology and Management prepares students for managerial and technical careers in the field of information technology (IT). Our broad-based curriculum, world-class faculty, outstanding students, and proximity to industry-leading organizations are several factors facilitating the success of our students and alumni. U.S. News & World Report recently ranked the program No. 16 nationwide.

While we are proud of our high ranking, we are not standing still. New facilities, faculty, programs and industry partnerships are some of the areas in which we are expanding and growing. The best and brightest students from around the world continue to choose UT Dallas as a place to acquire knowledge, uncover new opportunities and develop life-long relationships. Please take a few minutes to browse our website and learn more about the UT Dallas MIS experience.

Mark Thouin, PhD

Director, Information Systems Programs

For admissions related questions, please contact som-grad@utdallas.edu

Students should complete 36 semester credit hours that satisfy the following requirements.

degree plan
Business Core Courses (minimum of 9 hours) IT Core Courses (12 hours)*
Students must take at least three of the following courses: Students must take the following courses:

*Students who have an undergraduate degree in MIS or Computer Science and have taken equivalent undergraduate courses may substitute MIS 6316, MIS 6323 and MIS 6326 with other MIS courses by requesting waivers.

IT Electives (minimum of 9 hours)Free Electives (minimum of 6 hours)
Complete 9 semester credit hours from courses that have an MIS prefix, excluding MIS 6320 and MIS 6204. Any course from the set of IT electives may be used as a free elective. In addition, any course from the set of business core courses, or any other graduate level business course, except MIS 6204 and MIS 6320 may be used as a free elective.
Please click here for a complete list of electives. Please click here for a complete list of course offered by JSOM.


The Enterprise Systems track is recommended for students interested in developing and managing large-scale applications and IT infrastructure. The students are advised to obtain SAP certifications.

  • MIS 6332 Advanced ERP: Configurations
  • MIS 6338 Accounting Systems Integration and Configuration
  • MIS 6369 Supply Chain Software (SAP APO)

The Business Intelligence and Analytics track is recommended for students interested in managing large-scale data and analyzing them to develop sound business strategies. Students completing OPRE 6301, MIS 6324, MIS 6334, and MIS 6309 with a 3.0 average will receive the SAS-UTD Graduate Certificate in Data Mining and Business Intelligence.

The Cyber Security Management track is recommended for students interested in cyber security risk management. These students are advised to obtain certifications such as CISA, CISSP, CISM, and Comp TIA Security+.

  • ACCT 6336 Info. Technology Audit & Risk Management
  • ACCT 6384 Analytical Reviews using Audit Software

The IT Consulting and Services Management track is recommended for students interested in IT consulting and project management. These students are advised to obtain certifications in TOGAF and ITIL.

  • BPS 6360 Management and Organizational Consulting
  • MIS 6372 IT Services Management
  • ENTP 6375 Technology and New Product Development

The Healthcare Systems track is recommended for students interested in managing IT in the healthcare domain.

  • MIS 6317 Healthcare Informatics
  • MIS 6330 Information Technology Security
  • MIS 6324 Business Intelligence Software & Techniques
  • HMGT 6320 The American Healthcare System
  • HMGT 6327 Electronic Health Records Applications

Download MS Information Technology Management Electives

Online Courses

The Management Information Systems area offers many courses online. These online courses are available to all students whether they are doing most of their coursework online or on campus. A student can complete the MS ITM program entirely by online courses. The titles of the MS ITM courses taught online are provided in the table below. The table also indicates when the courses will be available. Please be aware the schedule may change.

Course Title SU 16 FA 16 SP 17 SU 17 FA 17
ITSS 3300 Information Technology for Business Y Y Y
MIS 6204 Information Technology for Management Y Y Y
MIS 6302 Information Technology Strategy and Management Y
MIS 6308 Systems Analysis and Project Management Y Y Y Y Y
MIS 6309 Business Data Warehousing Y Y Y Y Y
MIS 6316 Data Communication Y Y
MIS 6317 Healthcare Informatics Y Y Y
MIS 6319 Enterprise Resource Planning Y Y Y Y Y
MIS 6323 Object Oriented Programming Y Y Y
MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS Y Y Y
MIS 6326 Data Management Y Y Y Y Y
MIS 6330 Information Technology Security Y Y
MIS 6334 Advanced Business Analytics with SAS Y Y Y
MIS 6338 Accounting Systems Integration and Configuration Y Y
MIS 6339 Analytical Reviews Using Audit Software Y Y
MIS 6360 Agile Project Management Y Y
MIS 6369 Supply Chain Software Y Y

The Information Systems area and the Career Management Center in the Naveen Jindal School of Management work with local companies to develop internship programs for students. Often these internships convert into full-time jobs. The Career Management Center also organizes career fairs to connect students with employers for full-time jobs. Companies that have recruited our students in the recent past include:


American Airlines
Bank of America
Baylor Healthcare
Bell Helicopter
Capital One
Computer Associates
Continental Airlines
Dart Container Corporation

DFW Technology
Dun & Bradstreet
Ernst and Young
L&T Infotech

Rockwell Collins
Sabre Holdings
State Farm
Stanford University
Thomson Reuters

Employment Rates within 90 Days of Graduation

ITM Employment Graph

Resume Resources

The Information Systems area and the Career Management Center in the Naveen Jindal School of Management work with local companies to develop internship programs for students. Often these internships convert into full-time jobs. The Career Management Center also organizes career fairs to connect students with employers for full-time jobs. Companies that have recruited our students in the recent past include:

Spring 2016 Internship Statistics

Number of Internships246
Average Hourly Salary$20.48
Average Number ofHours per Week36
% of Internships in Texas77%
% of Internships outside Texas23%

Spring 2016 Internship Industry

Total Number of Internships

Total Number of Internships

Note to international students: International students are eligible to work on a curricular internship for a maximum of 12 months while they remain students. Since the MS ITM is an approved degree under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, graduating students are eligible to work for up to 29 months under the Optional Practical Training program. Please contact the Office of International Student Services for details about these programs.

See Internships available at UT Dallas CareerWorks

We encourage all of our students to make internships a part of their educational experience. We like to engage our industry partners each semester by sending them an electronic resume book of our ITM students seeking an internship. The submission deadlines for resumes are the last day of September, February, and June for each respective semester. Submit your resume using the links below:

MS ITM Student Profile as of Fall 2015

Class Statistics Percentage or Number
Students in Program 1,040
Full-time/Part-time Full-Time 72%, Part Time 18%
Gender Male 65%, Female 35%
Age 21 to 22: 8%, 23 – 24: 28%, 25 – 26: 37%, 27 – 28: 15%, 29 – 30: 5%,31+: 7%
Average GMAT 577
Prior Work Experience 2.9 years*
Citizenship India 70%, China 16%, USA 10%, Other 3%

* Work experience is not required for joining the MS ITM program.

BIAT Club Hosts Tableau Group Software Launch and Makes Presentation at Ericsson

The Business Intelligence and Analytic Tools Club at UT Dallas hosted two events this spring:

Tableau Group’s Launch of Version 9.0
The North Texas Tableau Group launched the Tableau version 9.0 software on March 11 on the UT Dallas campus. More than 120 people attended the event, including analytics professionals from the DFW area as well as UT Dallas students, faculty and staff. They viewed a hands-on demonstration via a live webcast. The audience also heard from industry professionals about their day-to-day challenges and business problems and how Tableau 9.0 helps solve these problems, adding value for the businesses and their customers.

Lohit Singh

Lohit Pratap Singh, ITM grad student and BIAT Club member who coordinated the event, said, “Tableau is gaining popularity at a very fast pace in the analytics market. Gartner, the IT research and advisory firm, has placed Tableau at the topmost position in their magic quadrant four years in a row. We wanted to gather Tableau enthusiasts and practitioners from the DFW area under one roof [to] discuss the latest best practices and ideas with the students here at UT Dallas.”

Ravi Chaubey

Ravi Chaubey, ITM grad student and president of the club said, “This launch gave BIAT brand value and recognition in the DFW area. It provided us an opportunity to show our work to industry people and made us popular among students for bringing such an event to the campus. We will be conducting North Texas Tableau User Group monthly meetings … and will talk about business cases and issues in industries related to analytics and visualization.”

Ravi Narayan

Dr. Ravi Narayan, MS in Business Analytics program director and club advisor, said, “The students have put in a tremendous amount of effort to host an event like this. All those present benefited greatly.”

BIAT Club Visits Ericsson
The BIAT Club reached out to professionals from Ericsson’s Plano, Texas, office to present different types of business analytics software and demonstrate how they could be implemented at Ericsson.

More than 40 BIAT Club members participated in the April 13 visit. Prior to the visit, the club had contacted Ericsson’s data visualization team to learn more about the user perspective. Based on team responses, the club made a presentation on how the team could implement analytics within an organization. The club members presented six sessions on topics including data visualization, SAP HANA, SAP Lumira and R programming.

Chaubey said, “We wanted to have a hands-on experience in a corporate environment for our club members. Not only did this visit help the students get exposure to the telecom industry, but the team at Ericsson benefited by our presence.”

ITM Student Ambassadors Conduct Webinars

ITM Student Ambassadors
ITM Student Ambassador team webinar presenters: front row Maitri Buch (left) and Tanvi Mehta; and back row (left to right) Anuj Gulati, Ishan Dindorkar, Valay Raval and Rohan Patil

What is it like to go to school at UT Dallas? How do I register for classes when I arrive? These and many other questions were answered at live webinars conducted in the spring for newly admitted fall 2015 students in the Master of Science in Information Technology and Management program.

The MS in ITM program’s Student Ambassador team — Maitri Buch, Ishan Dindorkar, Anuj Gulati, Tanvi Mehta, Rohan Patil and Valay Raval — led this initiative under the guidance of graduate programs director Dr. Mark Thouin. The webinars were conducted every two weeks through the spring semester to ensure that all international students coming to UT Dallas for the ITM program got an overview of the program, its classes, registration holds and other important factors before their arrival in the United States.

Mark Thouin
Mark Thouin

Thouin said, “Our main focus was newly admitted students to the program. There are a number of students across the globe who want to get answers to their questions before they make the transition into this program.”

“I wish there was something like this before I came here,” said Buch, who came to UT Dallas from India. “It is such a relief for students to have their queries resolved before they come to UT Dallas. Many of their anxieties come to rest when they hear from students who are here and learn from their experiences.”

More than 140 students attended the webinar, which used the AnyMeeting platform. The team gave a short presentation about UT Dallas, the Naveen Jindal School of Management and the ITM program, followed by a Q&A session with the students. Each webinar session lasted about an hour.

Valay Raval, an ITM student interning at Ericsson, said, “This is a huge bonus for the students. All the students who are admitted will get timely advice on how to proceed with their classes and registration processes, as well as apply for several scholarships offered by JSOM.”

Project Management Club Launched

Shipali Sharma
Shipali Sharma

Last fall, MS in ITM student Shipali Sharma founded the Project Management Club under the guidance of graduate programs director Dr. Mark Thouin.

“Not many students are aware of the project management field,” said Sharma, now club president. “Our goal is to spread awareness of the field and bring interested students on to a common platform.”

The club also wants to reach out to students who have experience and are certified in this field so that they can help educate other students interested in project management certification, Sharma said

Thouin said the club offers “a great platform for students who want to acquaint themselves with different aspects of project management principles.”

The club has more than 40 members and has conducted eight Project Management Professional certification study sessions led by a PMP-certified student. The club also has conducted two leadership workshops to organize group activities and build skills in communication, presentation and public speaking. The club works closely with the Project Management Institute’s Dallas chapter, which has provided several speakers from the chapter who have spoken to club members on the latest trends in project management.

Alumni Highlight

Surekha Chandramouli, Senior Data Analyst at Ernst and Young

Surekha Chandramouli
Surekha Chandramouli

Surekha Chandramouli is a 2012 graduate of the MS in Information Technology and Management program at UT Dallas.

Q: Where do you work, and how long have you been working for this company?
I have been working for Ernst and Young LLP for the last three years after graduating from UT Dallas.

Q: How did you find the opportunity?
I contacted a recruiter at Ernst and Young through LinkedIn and expressed my interest in joining the data analytics group. He immediately initiated the recruiting process.

Q: Briefly describe your job duties and responsibilities.
As a senior data analytics consultant, my primary duties involve collaborating with the client to understand requirements, performing data quality analysis, and finally, presenting the results to the client in the form of dashboards and making recommendations based on analysis.

Q: Describe your typical day at work.
A typical day at work involves having a status call with the client and keeping them posted on the progress and updates, if any. I prioritize the tasks at hand and start working on them. I have regular touch points with the client and EY teams to track progress.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?
The most interesting part about working for a “Big Four” consulting firm is the opportunity to work with clients from different industries and expand my network. In addition, I have the opportunity to explore cities across the country while traveling for my work.

Q: How did your education and experience at UT Dallas prepare you for your job?
A few courses that I took … helped me realize where my interests lie and what I would like to do on a daily basis. Services offered by the Career Center like résumé critiquing and mock interviews prepared me and made me more confident when I faced a real interview.

Q: What would you advise current students do to make the most of their time at UT Dallas?
I feel the most important thing students should do is to find out where their interests lie and work toward enhancing their skills in that area to be able to secure a job. Students should also stop being conservative about networking with family and friends but also network with recruiters from companies. Having an updated profile on LinkedIn is very important.

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing in your time away from work?
I love traveling to new places, biking and sometimes just lazing around at home due to hectic travel schedules.

IAB Meeting – Melissa Arnoldi of AT&T

Melissa Arnoldi, senior vice president of AT&T’s Technology Solutions and Business Systems Strategy organization, was the guest speaker at the Information Systems Industry Advisory Board meeting in April. With an audience of board members, UT Dallas faculty, ITM graduate and ITS undergraduate students, she discussed AT&T’s perspective regarding the dramatic changes occurring in the collection and use of data in the telecommunications industry. During a Q&A session, she also provided insights to the students for managing their careers.

The meeting was followed by updates from the directors of the graduate and undergraduate programs and with news on recent rankings, placement rates, average starting salaries, enrollments and makeup of the programs’ student body.

SUG Meetings Feature Guest Lecturers from Elo Touch and Nike

Lou Thompson
Lou Thompson

The SAP Users Group meets several times each fall and spring semester to bring local industry experts to campus to speak to group members.

Elo Touch has hired two from the UT Dallas MS ITM program this spring. Chandni Bhowmick graduated in May and is handling business intelligence functions. Krishna Rudraraju, who expects to graduate this summer, is an intern. “These hirings, as well as the session itself, were due in large part to the work of alumnus Siddharth Choudhary, Elo Touch employee and a spring 2011 graduate of the MS ITM program,” said Dr. Luell (Lou) Thompson, who teaches Enterprise Management Systems and is faculty advisor for the SAP Users Group. Thompson regularly coordinates these and other information sessions and activities.

“Alumni provide a connection from the industry to the University and also act as role models to the students, motivating them to complete the program and gain the qualifications such companies seek,” Thompson said.

Jayesh Dongre, a 2010 graduate of the MS in ITM program, presented an information session in February about Nike that focused on the topic of product owner for retail performance analytics. The main discussion included strategies that depict how analytics work for projects within Nike.

Thompson said that those interested in SAP should know that the SAP Users Group has developed a new monthly publication to inform subscribers of SAP product updates in addition to the semester publication of the SAP Users Group Newsletter.

“In addition,” Thompson said, “SAP now offers free online courses on a new platform, SAP S/4HANA. Courses such as Driving Business Results with Big Data and Application Development for SAP Business ByDesign, among many others, provide general introductory training through a global rollout website. A simple registration process is required. While these sites are good for getting acquainted with SAP or catching up with SAP innovations, they do not replace the in-depth SAP training that the Jindal School offers,” Thompson said.