Master of Science in Information Technology and Management

We are accepting applications for Fall 2017, Spring and Summer 2018!
89% of Graduates Employed within 90 Days of Graduation
No. 16 in the Nation, 2017 US News and World Report

The Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MS ITM) is a 36 semester credit hour STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree program (18-24 months) that prepares students to better understand the complex world of Information Technology, its management and issues that occur at the interface between IT and business.

The features that set the UT Dallas MS ITM program apart are the breadth of the curriculum and its flexibility (many of these courses are offered in evening and online). The program also offers opportunities for students with special interests to concentrate in a specific track within the IT area, such as:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Cyber Security Management
  • IT Consulting and Services Management
  • Healthcare Systems

MS in Information Technology and Management at UT Dallas To apply for this degree program, an undergraduate degrees is required (all majors are considered).

Obtaining certifications in specific areas of IT can enhance career prospects.

The program offers courses that will prepare students to take exams for other popular certification exams such as:

  • Certified IS Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • CompTIA Security+
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Connect with the Director

The MS in Information Technology and Management prepares students for managerial and technical careers in the field of information technology (IT). Our broad-based curriculum, world-class faculty, outstanding students, and proximity to industry-leading organizations are several factors facilitating the success of our students and alumni. U.S. News & World Report recently ranked the program No. 16 nationwide.

While we are proud of our high ranking, we are not standing still. New facilities, faculty, programs and industry partnerships are some of the areas in which we are expanding and growing. The best and brightest students from around the world continue to choose UT Dallas as a place to acquire knowledge, uncover new opportunities and develop life-long relationships. Please take a few minutes to browse our website and learn more about the UT Dallas ITM experience.

Mark Thouin, PhD Director, Information Systems Programs

Degree Plan

Students should complete 36 semester credit hours that satisfy the following requirements.

Core Courses
Business Core Courses (9 semester credit hours) IT Core Courses (12 semester credit hours)*
Students must take at least three of the following courses: Students must take the following courses:

*Students who have an undergraduate degree in MIS or Computer Science and have taken equivalent undergraduate courses may substitute MIS 6316, MIS 6323 and MIS 6326 with other MIS courses by requesting waivers.

Elective Courses
IT Electives (9 semester credit hours)Free Electives (6 semester credit hours)
Complete 9 semester credit hours from courses that have an MIS prefix, excluding MIS 6320 and MIS 6204. Any course from the set of IT electives may be used as a free elective. In addition, any course from the set of business core courses, or any other graduate level business course, except MIS 6204 and MIS 6320 may be used as a free elective.
Please click here for a complete list of electives. Please click here for a complete list of course offered by JSOM.


The Enterprise Systems track is recommended for students interested in developing and managing large-scale applications and IT infrastructure. The students are advised to obtain SAP certifications.

  • MIS 6332 Advanced ERP: Configurations
  • MIS 6338 Accounting Systems Integration and Configuration
  • MIS 6369 Supply Chain Software (SAP APO)

The Business Intelligence and Analytics track is recommended for students interested in managing large-scale data and analyzing them to develop sound business strategies. Students completing OPRE 6301, MIS 6324, MIS 6334, and MIS 6309 with a 3.0 average will receive the SAS-UTD Graduate Certificate in Data Mining and Business Intelligence.

The Cyber Security Management track is recommended for students interested in cyber security risk management. These students are advised to obtain certifications such as CISA, CISSP, CISM, and Comp TIA Security+.

  • MIS 6337 Info. Technology Audit & Risk Management
  • ACCT 6384 Analytical Reviews using Audit Software

The IT Consulting and Services Management track is recommended for students interested in IT consulting and project management. These students are advised to obtain certifications in TOGAF and ITIL.

  • BPS 6360 Management and Organizational Consulting
  • MIS 6372 IT Services Management
  • ENTP 6375 Technology and New Product Development

The Healthcare Systems track is recommended for students interested in managing IT in the healthcare domain.

  • HMGT 6320 The American Healthcare System
  • HMGT 6327 Electronic Health Records Applications

Download MS Information Technology Management Electives

Online Courses

The Management Information Systems area offers many courses online. These online courses are available to all students whether they are doing most of their coursework online or on campus. A student can complete the MS ITM program entirely by online courses. The titles of the MS ITM courses taught online are provided in the table below. The table also indicates when the courses will be available. Please be aware the schedule may change.

Please note ITSS 3300 and MIS 6204 will not count towards a MS ITM degree.

List of Online Courses
Course Title SU 17 FA 17 SP 18 SU 18
ITSS 3300 Information Technology for Business Y
MIS 6204 Information Technology for Management Y Y Y Y
MIS 6302 Information Technology Strategy and Management Y
MIS 6308 Systems Analysis and Project Management Y Y Y
MIS 6309 Business Data Warehousing Y Y Y
MIS 6316 Data Communication Y
MIS 6317 Healthcare Informatics Y
MIS 6319 Enterprise Resource Planning Y Y Y Y
MIS 6320 Database Foundations (will not count towards MS ITM) Y Y
MIS 6323 Object Oriented Programming Y Y
MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS Y Y
MIS 6326 Data Management Y Y Y Y
MIS 6330 Information Technology Security Y
MIS 6334 Advanced Business Analytics with SAS Y Y
MIS 6338 Accounting Systems Integration and Configuration Y Y Y
MIS 6339 Analytical Reviews Using Audit Software
MIS 6345 High Performance Analytics Y
MIS 6360 Agile Project Management Y Y Y Y
MIS 6364 Enterprise IT Architecture Y Y
MIS 6369 Supply Chain Software Y Y Y
MIS 6380 Data Visualization Y

Employment Information

Employed Alumni Highlights

2015-2016 Employment Highlights

298 companies employed our graduates in a wide range of industries.

Top 10 Companies 2015-2016
Company NameNumber of Employed
Bank of America 12
Ericsson 8
Sabre 8
The University of Texas at Dallas 5
Deloitte 4
Infosys 4
MedeAnalytics 4
Walmart 4
Capital One 3
Top 10 Positions 2015-2016
PositionNumber of Employed
Business Analyst 36
Data Analyst 23
Business Intelligence Analyst 9
Programmer Analyst 7
Software Developer 7
Data Scientist 6
Software Engineer 6
IT Analyst 7
Financial Analyst 3
Risk Analyst 7

Employment Rates within 90 Days of Graduation

ITM Employment Graph

Resume Resources

Internship Information

The Information Systems area and the Career Management Center in the Naveen Jindal School of Management work with local companies to develop internship programs for students. Often these internships convert into full-time jobs.

Fall 2016 Internship Statistics
Class Statistics Percentage or Number
Number of Internships 226
Average Hourly Salary $20.23
Average Number of Hours per Week 38
% of Internships in Texas 66%
% of Internships outside Texas 34%
Top 5 Companies
Company Number of Interns
Ericsson 11
Mede Analytics 9
Southwest Airlines 9
Copart 6
Rexel USA 3
Top 5 Positions
Position Title Number of Interns
Business Intelligence Intern 11
Business Analyst Intern 13
Data Analyst Intern 11
IT Intern 5
Big Data Intern 3

Total Number of Internships

Note to international students: International students are eligible to work on a curricular internship for a maximum of 12 months while they remain students. Since the MS ITM is an approved degree under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, graduating students are eligible to work for up to 36 months under the Optional Practical Training program. Please contact the Office of International Student Services for details about these programs.

See Internships available at UT Dallas #hireJSOM

We encourage all of our students to make internships a part of their educational experience. We like to engage our industry partners each semester by sending them an electronic resume book of our ITM students seeking an internship. Please use the following to update your resume:

Student Profiles & Statistics

MS ITM Student Profile as of Fall 2016
Class Statistics Percentage or Number
Students in Program 1,188
Full-time/Part-time Full-Time 74%, Part Time 26%
Gender Male 65%, Female 35%
Age 21-22: 10%
23-24: 29%
25-26: 36%
27-28: 14%
29-30: 5%
31+: 6%
Average GMAT 577
Prior Work Experience 2.9 years*
Citizenship India 76%, China 11%, USA 10%, Other 3%

* Work experience is not required for joining the MS ITM program.

Student Involvement

Student Leader of the Year Award Presented to MS ITM Student

Pavan Kanteti
Pavan Kumar Kanteti

Annual awards highlighting UT Dallas’ commitment to help students develop leadership skills and gain community service experience were presented this spring through Student Leadership Programs. MS ITM student Pavan Kumar Kanteti received the Student Leader of the Year Award. One of his nomination letters said that Pavan “has impressed me with his leadership, hard work, ability to organize and encourage students, and his contributions to effect positive change in the University community.”

ITS Team Finishes Fourth at CoMIS Case Competition

Contributed by Luis Garcia Fuentes, Barron Fuentes, Libni Wheeler and Dr. Kelly Slaughter

ITS Case Competition Winners
Left to right: Barron Fuentes, Libni Wheeler and Luis Garcia Fuentes at the University of Minnesota

Naveen Jindal School of Management undergraduate students Barron Fuentes, Luis Garcia Fuentes and Libni Wheeler placed fourth out of 11 teams in the annual CoMIS Case Competition, held March 30 to April 2 at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis. Competing against teams from other U.S. universities, the UT Dallas team presented its case to a panel of industry judges.

Coached by Dr. Kelly Slaughter, clinical associate professor of information systems, the team learned from “a body-language expert who taught us how to present confidently,” Fuentes said. They also delivered practice presentations to industry professionals to prepare themselves.

Wheeler said she enjoyed networking with executives from local companies such as Target, Optum and Travelers.

Garcia Fuentes noted that in addition to the networking opportunities, he was able to “make lasting friendships with other IS majors from around the country.”

Fuentes encouraged fellow students to make the most of their time at UT Dallas. “Sprint out of your comfort zone and get involved in activities that are difficult,” he said. “You will be rewarded with amazing experiences and will meet other outstanding students along the way.”

All agreed it was the best experience of their academic careers, and they thanked Slaughter and the ITS program for making it possible.

First IAS Analytics Challenge Held

Contributed by Vinay Acharya, MS ITM student

IAS Analytics Challenge

Back row, left to right: Bill Hefley, Ted Ingram, Greg MacDonald, Robert Lockwood, Dhiren Parbhoo, Barry Lovalvo, Kashif Saeed. Front row, left to right: Abhinav Surabhi, Anshi Verma, Ashwin Mutalik, Hemchandra Joijode, Tanu Aggarwal, Vinay Acharya, Tong Wu, Varun Sriram, Sandeep David Golkonda, Ajay Vasudevan

The Intelligence Analytics Society on April 2 conducted its flagship event of the year, the IAS Analytics Challenge. All Jindal School students were eligible to participate, and 10 of 61 participating teams continued to the second round. Teams were provided a large data set and allowed to use any software application to analyze and present their insights using a PowerPoint presentation. Prize money of $1,500 was split among the top three teams.

First Place Team Second Place Team Third Place Team
Shantanoo Bhandge Eswar Sai Santosh Bandaru Havish Garimella
Mohit Purswani Chaitanya Krishna Reddy Charabuddi Srinivas Devineni
Tanu Kalra Pingali Venkata Praveen Ameesha Chhabra
Viral Shah Harshavardhan Vardhappagari Reddy Shobhit Gupta
Jania KesarwaniLavakumar Bada Reddy Dinesh Kumar Muthusamy

The team’s presentations were assessed by a panel of judges that included industry experts and JSOM professors. Ted Ingram, Robert Lockwood, Dhiren Parbhoo and Barry Lovalvo, all from Armeta Solutions, were some of the industry representatives. Ingram and Lovalvo served as judges.

The club thanks these industry experts and all faculty members who served as judges as well as all students who assisted with the event. In addition, the club recognizes the IS faculty member contributions of Drs. Kelly Slaughter, Russell Torres, Srinivasan Raghunathan, Sumit Sarkar, Indranil Bardhan, Ravishankar Narayan and Zhiqiang Zheng and staff member Marjorie Wu for helping to make this event a success.

MS ITM/MBA Graduate Intern Designs Her Future

Fei Cen
Fei Cen

Fei Cen started working on dual degrees — a master’s in information technology and management and an MBA — at the Jindal School in fall 2015 and plans to graduate in spring 2017. She received her bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China.

“I found the ITM program at UT Dallas to be excellent, not only because of its plentiful, high-quality technology-management courses and its increasing ranking in recent years, but also because it is suitable for my professional interest and career plan,” Cen said. “With more and more companies moving to Dallas, UT Dallas students can find plenty of job opportunities.”

Cen will join Southwest Airlines this summer as a digital marketing intern. She serves as the media and communications team lead of the Project Management Club at UT Dallas.

She noted that various professional clubs founded by ITM students regularly host programing training sessions and speaker workshops, which has helped her build programing skills and expand her network. She also has used workshops provided by the JSOM Career Management Center to prepare for job interviews.

Cen joined Microsoft’s Bing multimedia team in July 2014 in Beijing as a UX designer intern and continued there until she graduated from Zhejiang University the next spring with her master’s degree in design studies.

“I was responsible for the Bing Videos search page and watch page design,” Cen said. “I also initiated a user study investigating the strength and weakness of Bing Videos to guide future product development. During my internship, I participated in four different projects and worked with five project managers. I would regularly discuss my proposals with project managers and developers, online conference with colleagues in the U.S., and conduct user tests on different design versions.”

Excel Lab Conducts Certification Training Info Sessions

Contributed by Udit Mittal, MIS Lab teaching assistant

Udit Mittal
Udit Mittal

To keep students informed of the constant changes in Microsoft Excel, the Management Information Systems Lab (also known as the Excel Lab) conducted information sessions on April 8 and 9. The lab operates under the supervision of Dr. Mark Thouin, director of the MS in ITM program, and the information sessions were held in collaboration with the MIS Club.

Arvind Uppaluri

The first day’s session involved basic assumptions, prerequisites and applications of Excel. The second day included advanced applications of Excel. The instructors covered topics on the transformation, extraction, loading and reporting of data. Eighty-five students attended both days.

The sessions aimed to cover advanced topics required for Expert Excel Certification and were presented by MIS Lab Teaching Assistant Udit Mittal and ITM graduate student Arvind Uppaluri.


“It was quite fascinating to see that such deep insights of Excel were provided within a very short span of time.” Shashank Jain, vice president, Enactus

“The session delivered was in synchrony with company standards and expectations from a student and would really help to stand out in a competitive market.” Zulqarnain Sourathia, undergraduate student

“The session was really helpful and should happen every semester. But also need … more examples on difficult topics.” Christine Mankarious, undergraduate student