Master of Science in Business Analytics

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Ranked No. 9, TFE 2017 MSBA Rankings

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS BUAN) is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management that provides students with a broad foundation in Business Analytics and Data Science. The program prepares students for jobs in Data Science, Big Data, and Analytics. The core courses are designed to provide the foundation of tools and techniques to be used in the analytics domain whereas the electives allow for business application of the core techniques in Finance, Marketing, Healthcare, IT, and Operations.

The feature that sets the Business Analytics program apart is the flexibility to select elective courses in the following areas:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Decisions and Operations Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Financial Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • I.T. Analytics
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    MS in Business Analytics at UT Dallas To apply for this degree program, an undergraduate degree is required (all majors are considered).

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    • Degree Plan
    • Student Profiles and Employment
    • Student Achievements
    • Student Involvement
    • Student Leaders

    Connect with the Director

    The MS in Business Analytics prepares students for Data Science, Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence careers. We have kept our degree plan abreast with the latest trends in Data Science by including courses in R, Python, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Our strong industry relationships, academic partnerships, and student’s accomplishments in Analytics competitions are the highlights of the program.

    We are committed to our students personal and professional growth. The program management and the Business Analytics Leadership council plays an active role in arranging events that help our students grow technically, personally, and professionally. Please visit our Student Involvement page for additional information.

    Please take a few moments to explore our website and learn what Business Analytics @ UT Dallas has to offer.

    Kashif Saeed Director, MS Business Analytics Program

    Degree Plan

    UT Dallas Catalog icon

    The MS in Business Analytics has specific core and elective courses for developing in-depth analytics knowledge in a specific industry domain. Students are encouraged to review the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for the most updated curriculum details.

    Download Degree Plan

    Core Courses

    18 semester credit hours

    Elective Courses

    18 semester credit hours

    6 Tracks

    • Data Science
    • Decisions and Operations Analytics
    • Financial Analytics
    • Healthcare Analytics
    • IT for Analytics
    • Marketing Analytics
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    Did you know?

    The MS BA program has academic and certification partnerships with Cloudera and EMC² which provides you with discounts on certifications.

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    Student Profiles and Employment

    MS in Business Analytics Student Profile as of Fall 2017
    Class Statistics Percentage or Number
    Students Enrolled 700
    Gender Male: 429 (61%) | Female: 271 (39%)
    Average Age 27
    Average GMAT/GRE 626/313
    Country of Origin India 56% | China 21% | US 14% | Other 9%

    Many of our graduates go on to work with major companies across all domains. A sample of these companies is listed below:

    • AIG
    • Amazon
    • AmerisourceBergen
    • Bank of America
    • McKinsey & Company
    • Groupon
    • Target
    • PayPal
    • Deloitte
    • HP
    • Essilor
    • Ericsson
    • Citigroup
    • Southwest Airlines

    Positions for which our students were hired included

    • Data Scientist
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Data Engineer
    • Senior Data Analyst
    • Big Data Engineer
    • BI Consultant
    • Risk Analyst
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Pricing Analyst
    • Purchasing Analyst
    • Financial Analyst
    • Engagement Manager

    Note to international students: International students are eligible to work on a curricular internship for a maximum of 12 months while they remain students. Since MS-BA is an approved degree under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, graduating students are eligible to work for up to 36 months under the Optional Practical Training program. Please contact the Office of International Student Services for details about these programs.

    MS Business Analytics Full-Time Placement Statistics: Fall 2015, Summer 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2016
    MS Business Analytics Internship Placement Statistics: 2016-2017, 2015-2016

    Student Achievements

    Adobe Analytics Challenge

    For over 10 years, this competition has been a unique analytics-focused business case competition where university students are given the opportunity to use Adobe’s industry-leading analytics products and access to real-world data from leading organizations such as Starwood, Lenovo, Condé Nast, Comcast, Overstock.com, and Backcountry.com.

    300+ teams from top 50 Business Schools participate in the Abode Analytics Competition. University of Texas at Dallas Business Analytics students have been participating in this competition for 2 years now and they have made it to the Semi Finals two times in a row.

    Semi-finalist, 2016 – Yashwant Vadlamani, Mounika Akumalla, and Dhanalakshmi Vellaichamy

    Adobe Analytics 2016

    Semi-finalist, 2016 – Monika Soni, Janelle Manuel (MBA/MSBA), and Sahiba Miglani (Marketing)

    Monika Soni

    Monica Soni

    janelle manuel

    Janelle Manuel

    Semi-finalist, 2015 – Vijayan Nagarajan, Subin Kuriyil and Narendhar Vatikutti

    Vijayan Nagarajan

    Vijayan Nagarajan

    Subin Kuriyil

    Subin Kuriyil

    Narendhar Vatikutti

    Narendhar Vatikutti

    Copart DataThon 2016

    October 2016 started off with students from UTD’s Master’s in Business Analytics (MSBA) taking part in the Copart DataThon competition. Copart sells more than one million vehicles each year with almost 50,000 available for bidding every day. With customers all over the world, Copart made available tons of data for students to slice and dice and identify interesting patterns, giving the students a chance for hands-on experience on real industry data.

    With more than 40 teams competed for top three slots. 6 teams were shortlisted for the final round and were invited to Copart’s Dallas office to present before a panel of judges that included senior leaders, VPs, and Directors, and analytics managers of Copart.

    1st Place – Shruti Jain, Mohit Mundra, Akshay Kher, Elsa Jose

    Business Analytics Copart winners 1st place

    2nd Place – Advait Vaidya, Tina Sharma, Sonam Jain, Aniket Sanghvi

    Business Analytics Copart winners 2nd place

    3rd Place – Hao Jiang, Keerthana Ashok Kumar, Vishvajeet Rathore

    Business Analytics Copart winners 3rd place

    Business Idea Competition 2015

    From Indian food trucks to automated parking systems, UT Dallas students shared new business ideas that they hope will meet consumer needs, attract financial backers, and launch them into a successful career.

    Nearly 300 students participated in the 2015 Business Idea Competition, which was organized by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. The annual competition gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to develop and present their business ideas while competing for $20,000 in cash and scholarship prizes.

    Semi-finalist – Vijayan Nagarajan, Subin Kuriyil, Narendhar Vatikutti

    Vijayan Nagarajan

    Vijayan Nagarajan

    Subin Kuriyil

    Subin Kuriyil

    Narendhar Vatikutti

    Narendhar Vatikutti

    IAS Analytics Challenge Competition

    Intelligence and Analytics Society is a University of Texas Dallas organization working under the leadership of Dr. Ravi Shankar. IAS held their poster Analytics competition in Spring 2016 and several ITM and Business Analytics teams participated in it. Business Analytics teams won the First and Second prizes in the poster competition.

    1st Place, IAS Analytics Competition 2016

    Business Analytics poster contest winners 2nd place

    Viral Shah, Tanu Kalra, Shantanoo Bhandge, Mohit Purswani, Jania Kesarwani

    2nd Place, IAS Analytics Competition 2016

    Business Analytics IBM Watson analytics contest winners 2nd place

    Eswar Sai Santosh Bandaru, Chaitanya Krishna Reddy Charabuddi, Harshavardhan Vardhappagari Reddy, Pingali Venkata Praveen, Lavakumar Bada Reddy

    IBM Watson Competition / Operations Management Poster Competition

    The IBM Watson Competition is an AI and cognitive computing competition challenging teams globally to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world’s grand challenges. The solutions contribute to the enrichment of available tools and data sets for the usage of innovators everywhere. The goal is also to accelerate the understanding and adoption of AI’s most promising breakthroughs.

    2nd Place, IBM Watson Competition

    Business Analytics IBM Watson analytics contest winners 2nd place

    Mohit Mundra, Akshay Kher, Saumya Sethi

    2nd Place, Poster Competition 2015

    Business Analytics poster contest winners 2nd place

    Vijayan Nagarajan, Subin Kuriyil, Narendhar Vatikutti, Shikhar Tanwar, Hemanth Gonela

    Rang Technologies Data Science Challenge

    Rang technologies, a company focused on Data Science and Analytics solutions, offered a data mining competition in which 86 universities and 278 teams participated. This Kaggle style competition was held in April 2016.

    3rd Place, Rang Technologies Data Science Challenge 2016

    Udayachandar Kadiyala

    Udayachandar Kadiyala

    Student involvement

    Challenges and Case Studies

    Leadership Council Events

    • 8A Side Cricket Tourney
    • Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Internship Panel Discussion
    • Principles of Effective Communication
    • Interview Etiquette

    Social Events

    Masters of Science in Business Analytics Social Events, Jindal School, UT Dallas

    FUN Event with the Director – Fall 2016

    FUN Event with the Director – Fall 2016

    Mentor-Mentee Mixer

    Mentor-Mentee Mixer – Fall 2016

    Mentor-Mentee Mixer – Fall 2016

    FUN Event with the Director

    FUN Event with the Director – Summer 2016

    FUN Event with the Director – Summer 2016

    FUN Event with the Director – Summer 2016

    FUN Event with the Director – Summer 2016

    Sporting Events

    Student Leaders


    Shravya Shanmukh

    With 5 years of experience in Information Technology & Services, I have worked across multiple business units in different capacities. I started my career as a Business Analyst and went on to be a Client Services Manager in London, United Kingdom. In this role, I solely managed some key European customers. Working with multiple business stakeholders in different project areas enabled me to develop sound business acumen, learn the art of people management, inculcate a sense of accountability and lead a team towards an identified goal. Skills like negotiating techniques, crafting commercial models, optimizing project costs and selling business models and solutions are some of my strengths.

    The power of driving business strategies with the help of insights generated from an amalgamation of technology and data has always intrigued me. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Analytics to develop strong technical and analytical skills. These skills along with my managerial experience will help me emerge as a specialist in designing, articulating and providing key business solutions by leveraging data as a strategic asset. On a personal front, I am a travel enthusiast and a social media buff. I love meeting new people and learning from a varied mix of tradition, value, expertise and experience that they bring.

    zhifei zhai

    Zhifei Zhai

    Hello all, my name is Zhifei Zhai, and I go by Janet. It’s a great honor to be a member of BA Leadership Council. I started my MS Business Analytics program at UTD in fall 2016. Prior to this, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in German at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Master’s degree in Accounting at Boston College. My work experience in various industries – manufacturing, public accounting, consulting, and research institute made me aware of the significance of data analysis in decision making. Therefore, I decided to pursue my second Master degree in Business Analytics. At UTD, there are industry-specific tracks from which graduates can choose based on their background and interest, and a handful of opportunities for students to connect with professionals and land dream internship and full-time employment. I am more than happy to contribute to a higher level of BA program by using my skills to promote our program while providing events that will benefit my peers.

    tina sharma

    Tina Sharma

    I am Tina Sharma and I started my Masters in Business Analytics in Fall 2016. Before this, I was working as a product manager in a leading software product company. As part of my job, I was required to make critical product and market decisions. I led the product life cycle right from the conceptualization through design, development and product launch for 3+ products. Having worked for 5 years, I gained functional and business expertise and wanted to enhance my technical skills in the field of analytics.

    The main reason for Business Analytics program at UT Dallas being my preferred choice is that this program is a perfect blend of business and technical courses. Additionally, the elective courses offered in this program gives the students a good variety of industry specific tracks to choose from.

    The university has many activities for students to engage in and get an enriching exposure. There are networking events, volunteering, competitions and organizations that give students the opportunity to succeed and enhance their skills.

    Apart from my academics, I have a keen interest in volleyball and swimming. The UTD recreational sports facilities gives me the opportunity to pursue my interests in these sports. I am glad to be a part of the Business Analytics leadership council at University of Texas at Dallas and am happy to help the current and prospective students if they have any questions.

    pratik dengle

    Pratik Dengle

    I am Pratik Dengle from Mumbai, India. I am a pursuing a dual degree program MS-MBA in Business Analytics at UTD. My educational background has been in the field of Commerce and Business Management achieving a Bachelors as well as a Master’s Degree.

    After working for about two years in the Business Development domain, I felt an urge to augment my knowledge base by learning the application of Analytics in the field of marketing. It was my inquisitiveness to explore new domain knowledge in Business and experience the work culture in a foreign land, which brought me to the United States.

    The MS-BA Program at UTD aptly covers the Analytical, Technical and Business aspects of modern day business operations. The program flaunts a flexible approach as it offers a plethora of electives to choose from, which makes it a well-balanced and versatile program.

    My experience till date at UTD as a MS BA student and as a future professional has been extremely valuable. The professors here are a perfect blend of academic and professional excellence. This program also gave me an opportunity to interact with students from varied cultures.

    Apart from my academics, I have been a professional cricketer for over 10 years and represented team Bahrain at an international level, team Mumbai and team Maharashtra at National level in India. I am also glad to have represented the UTD cricket team in the Inter University Amercian College Cricket League, and was subsequently selected for the ACC USA XI.

    Having served as a Student Ambassador for over a semester, I am glad to be now inducted in the BA Leadership Council. I look forward to continue working towards the growth and betterment of the program.

    vivek vilas patil

    Vivek Vilas Patil

    I am Vivek Patil, a Master’s student in Business Analytics at UTD, enrolled in Fall 2016. I have done my Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science and MBA in Finance from the University of Mumbai, India. I have worked extensively in the fields of IT and Finance and have about 3 years’ worth experience working for various clients in many different domains. I realized that, to make wise decisions with respect to Finance and to solve real time problems efficiently in business, I would require great data analysis skills and knowledge of statistical tools. This motivated me to choose the Business Analytics program at UTD. I am learning the critical courses in depth under leadership of the best professors and a dedicated program director of Analytics course. The course structure is flexible and the curriculum design covers 3 major fields – technical, statistics and business. I feel very fortunate to have such phenomenal director and faculty members who add valuable insights in the field of Analytics with their extraordinary industry background, superior knowledge base and vast experience. The program provides exposure in the fields of big data, data mining, machine learning and statistical modeling and gives opportunities to get hands-on experience in analytical tools through a number of events and workshops. I strongly recommend this top-notch program to all those who are planning to explore the Data Analytics world and would like to have a cutting-edge in the real business world.

    rose zihan zhang

    Rose Zihan Zhang

    I’m from Beijing, China. I got my MBA in Hong Kong, including a visit to UT Austin as an exchange student. For the past few years I’ve been working for multinational banks in Hong Kong, where I communicated daily in three different languages.

    Hong Kong’s working style is demanding, and it taught me to use professionalism, a sense of responsibility and team spirit when dealing with diverse groups of people from all over the world.

    I travel extensively, developing connections wherever I go, and always embracing new perspectives in my desire to be a world citizen. Both my personal and professional experiences have helped shape my inquisitive and humorous personality.

    I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve as a Business Analytics Leadership Council member. I believe I can add value to our program by further strengthening networks with industries, increasing interactions with other organizations on campus, and hopefully helping everyone to meet career expectations better.

    To quote Jeff Weiner, together let us ‘dream big, get things done, and know how to have fun’!

    shiva abhishek akella

    Shiva Abhishek Akella

    Namaskar! Im Shiva Abhishek from Navi Mumbai India, I earned my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from National Institute of Technogloy. I did a brief stint of teaching mathematics for high school students preparing for competitive exams, I furthered my career by working for Oil & Gas industry(Reliance) by using analytics to solve production scenario cost problems, this role further matured ,when I was made responsible to lead a team of 5 as Business Analyst at Reliance Jio one of Indias largest telecom players where I was responsible for web analytics and market entry strategies and customer segmentation. I’m so excited to start my next leg of my journey pursuing MS in Business Analytics at UTD, I hope to be a part of the growth story of the analytics program at JSOM contributing in any and every way possible.

    I love meeting people, discussing startups and disruptive technology, I spend my leisure time in quiet contemplation on the fine tuning of the universe, learning music, discussing physics and metaphysics or just tripping on Pink Floyd.

    manjari raj

    Manjari Raj

    Hi, I am Manjari and I started my MS in Business Analytics in fall 2015. I worked as an analyst with an insurance firm prior to my Masters. My journey as an analyst began the very moment when data started making sense to me. I gathered – the more you dig the data the more information it reveals. My interest in decoding the data further encouraged me to enhance my skill set by undergoing a rigorous, in-depth and robust training.

    My eagerness to learn propelled me to enroll in Business Analytics program at UT Dallas. I chose UTD after enough brainstorming and weighing what UTD had to offer, particularly flexibility with specialization selection, correct blend of business and computational analysis techniques and eminent professors. Since the first moment I came to UTD I was met with nothing but energy, opportunity and enthusiasm. My experience with UTD has been extremely positive and I am proud to say that I made the right decision choosing UTD. The Business Analytics Master’s program at UTD has validated my interest in data and provided me with the requisite credentials to advance in the field.

    Abhishek Mishra

    Abhishek Mishra

    I joined UT Dallas in Fall 2016, so far every day here as presented me with a unique opportunity to learn something new and get to know some of the best professors who always have an answer to my never-ending list of questions. The Business Analytics program at UT Dallas is one of the most flexible programs in Business Analytics around the globe. It gives you the freedom to decide not only the length of the program but also gives you an opportunity to specialize in a number of different tracks or you can mix courses from different tracks if you want.

    Before joining UT Dallas for my Masters in Business Analytics, I earned my undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad in India. After that, I worked with Samsung Research, Snapdeal and MakeMyTrip and gained valuable experience in the field of software development and analytics. As I have always been more interested in deriving the business value out of data rather than research part of the things, I decided to join Business Analytics program at UT Dallas.

    I am excited to be a part of the Business Analytics Leadership Council as it gives me an opportunity to contribute towards improving the competitiveness of the Business Analytics program.

    Dinaz Malik

    Dinaz Malik

    I am Dinaz Malik and I commenced my journey as a Masters student of Business Analytics in Spring 2017. I hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering which was completed in India.

    As an undergraduate I was offered an internship at one of the leading financial services of the world. This was converted to a full time offer where I spent one year as a software developer. At my one year stint as a software developer, I fathomed the importance of data in contemporary corporate scenario. Hence, was inspired to pursue graduate studies and was fortunate to be offered a place at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. It is here that I was exposed to the numerous possibilities that can be achieved with the help of massive amount of data available.

    What I lack in terms of work experience, I make up for with my inquisitiveness and a keen eye for technology. Despite being at a nascent stage in the field of data analytics and data sciences, I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend at analyzing and visualizing datasets. Apart from my eagerness to be technically adroit, I enjoy spending my time at the UTD Activity center playing squash and swimming. As a person who loves the outdoors, I am any time up for travelling and exploring new places.

    I am excited about this journey that I am embarking with the Business Analytics program at UTD and willing to help anyone who would need my guidance.

    Akash Joshi

    Akash Joshi

    ‘Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.’

    Hi, I am from Gujarat, India. I am a Business Analytics graduate student at UT Dallas since fall – 16. I have under graduation degree in Electronics and Communication major. I have 3 years of experience in Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Programmer Analyst. I have been working on BI, ETL and Data Warehousing.

    The amount of raw data generated by current web community is enormous where Terabyte is becoming obsolete and Petabyte is the new standard. The industry is striving towards creating highly scalable systems to process this data, i.e. Big Data. As a system builder, I wanted to develop scalable systems and design algorithms that can provide useful insights into those petabytes of data. My experience in Cognizant Technology Solutions in the field of Business Intelligence has strengthened this conviction and inspired me to pursue further research in the area of Data Science, combining area of analytics with business knowledge. This was the reason for which I landed up with MSBA program at UTD.

    As a proud member of Business Analytics Student Ambassador committee, I would love to work along with the Program Director, Program Manager and BA Leadership Council. Our goal is to take this program to the new heights and to give the best that we can to the current UTD MSBA students. I would be more than happy if I can be helpful in any manner to the prospective students of this program.

    Advait Vaidya

    Advait Vaidya

    “Hi, I am Advait from Mumbai, India. I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani – Dubai. I have over 2 years of business experience working as a software sales executive at Ingram Micro Middle East. Apart from managing the B2B software sales I was also tasked with business analysis and business strategy planning. It was then that I realized the importance of Data and the value it can bring to an organization if used correctly. The MS Business Analytics program at UTD is perfect for someone who wants to gain expertise in the field of analytics as well as understand its applications and functionality from a business perspective.

    6 months into the program, not only have I gained valuable knowledge but also had the opportunity to apply this in real world data when I participated in the Copart Dataphone held in October 2016. My Team and I won the 2nd Place in this competition. The school also offers several opportunities for students to meet and network with industry professionals which helps us gain knowledge and get feedback that cannot be taught in class.

    Apart from academics, I have a keen interest in playing and producing music. The UTD Musicians network is a great platform for me to meet other students who share the same interest and passion for music.

    I will be happy to help both current and prospective students with any questions that you may have regarding UTD or student life here in Dallas. Cheers!”

    Balasundar Annamalai

    Balasundar Annamalai

    Hello Everyone, I am Balasundar Annamalai from Mumbai, India. I started my Masters in Business Analytics in Fall 2016. After completing my Bachelors in Information Technology, I worked for Tata Consultancy Services Ltd for 2.5 years as a senior developer. Working for the State bank of India project I witnessed how analysis of simple financial information could have significant business impact.

    The Analytics program in UTD provides a wide range of combinations of different domain knowledges along with the latest technologies which are being used in the real time scenarios. This perfect blend of domain and technical knowledge urged me to be a part of this program. The UTD MSBA Faculty are really helpful with their exceptional background and industrial experience. Further, being in the Business analytics program, I always get the opportunity to participate in various real time analytics competitions which helps me understand how analytics work in real time environment. I recommend this program to students who are eager for career opportunities in the analytics domain.

    Apart from academics, I love playing football and gaming. Further, I will be happy to answer any queries regarding course, university and opportunities.

    Jasmine Kaur Sethi

    Jasmine Kaur Sethi

    With the surge in Information Systems, the volume of data produced is exponentially proliferating and demanding professionals to exploit it to bolster business processes. Working as an IT Consultant in India with Honeywell, I realized the dependency of business processes on data analysis catering to constructive and tailor-made solutions.

    Considering the enormous impact of Data Science, I was encouraged to pursue my higher education in the field of Business Analytics from the University of Texas at Dallas. UTD has proven records to stand as the perfect platform to gain expertise in Data Science and translate it into actionable insights.

    The Business Analytics program at UTD focuses on business-specific and technology centric modules in a very structured manner. With a highly flexible curriculum, one can gain insights into the concepts and practices across various domains. It provides the students with opportunities to get familiarized with business setting through network nights and workshops, offering them with a prospect to broaden their scope of study by interacting and networking with the professionals.

    I am confident that having access to the infrastructure at UTD, and learnings from the renowned faculty will refine a student’s technical and leadership skills and provide the knowledge and experience that is required to succeed in analytics. As a current student and an Ambassador with BA, it will be my pleasure to help you with queries regarding the Program tracks, Internships or any university-related questions.

    Rajesh Thumu

    Rajesh Thumu

    Hello, hi..you are reading about Rajesh a graduate student at UTD pursing his MS in business analytics with specialization in data science. Prior to this he was busy 3.3 years analyzing business requirements and doing data analysis using Excel, SAS, and SQL, for the fortune 500 insurance companies at Infosys. During this timeline he realized the significance of data and kind of analytical challenges they pose. Being a naturally a curious person who likes to solve puzzles, it didn’t take much time for Rajesh to fall in love with analytics and end up at UTD.

    Besides his academic and professional interests, he loves philosophy and implementing deep learning techniques using Python.

    Vaidik Natani

    Vaidik Natani

    Hi there! I am Vaidik Natani from India. I started with MS in Business Analytics in fall 2016. While working in the Information Technology industry for about 3 years, I realized that technology and management goes hand in hand and there are tremendous opportunities to be explored at the intersection of these two areas. This ever-growing domain covers all aspects of our lives. Hence, establishing expertise in the subtleties is a crucial task to accomplish. This is where a Master’s program in Business Analytics at UT Dallas came in handy. The Business Analytics coursework and environment at UT Dallas has not just provided me with a global exposure and honed my existing skills but also has helped me venture into unforeseen territories. I am excited to grasp all the opportunities that this program has to offer and harness my knowledge with a concoction of people from every culture, nationality, religion and ideology around me. Given this opportunity to be a part of the program and Business Analytics Leadership Council, I intend to make the best use of it to and utilize the exposure to realize my full potential.

    P.S. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Business Analytics program and or life here at UT Dallas!!

    Aashwin Singhal

    Aashwin Singhal

    Hi I am Aashwin Singhal. I have 3.5 years of professional experience working in different capacities across multiple industries which has ultimately helped me shape my business management skills holistically. In today’s world, it has become imperative for even the most seasoned manager to use tools offered by Business Analytics for taking key decisions. And therefore, this need to be analytically efficient made me pursue MS in Business analytics at UT Dallas.

    While growing up, my keen interest in business led me to pursue an education in business management from Mumbai, India. After my undergraduate, I joined a startup which offers equity broking services. Here I executed various business development strategies. I also worked with an Indian real estate conglomerate where I was instrumental in creating an alternate channel of sales & converting multiple leads.

    My experiences over the past years were enlightening and priceless. Pursuing my master’s in Business Analytics at JSOM is further aiding me in developing three key capabilities – learning tools such as R, SAS & Tableu to be able to churn complex sets of data, strengthening my analytical abilities to derive actionable insights from the data, and learning newer methods to effectively present insights.

    Apart from my academics, I have a keen interest in Table Tennis and have got an opportunity to be a part of the UTD Table Tennis team.

    I am glad to have this wonderful opportunity to serve as a Brand Ambassador for the BA program and am happy to help the current and prospective students in every way possible.

    P.S. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Business Analytics program and or life here at UT Dallas!!

    Deepika Gomatam

    Deepika Gomatam

    Having worked for four years in IT industry, I had the opportunity to closely observe, understand and learn the business practices of the organization. I acquired knowledge of various techniques to gather and analyze large volumes of organizational data, which in turn helps in optimizing business processes at a granular level. I gained hands-on experience working on various data visualization tools to enhance the illustration of metrics and their relationship. I was also involved in client meetings and negotiations, which helped me develop astute decision making skills and an aptitude for project management. This experience helped me appreciate the ubiquitous nature of Statistics and the versatility of Analytics. Furthermore, my father has been my biggest source of inspiration, and with his background in Mathematics and Statistics I had his able guidance to pursue my interest in Analytics.

    This is the era where competition is omnipresent and with my experience in the IT industry, I have understood that innovation plays an imperative role in data analytics. In order to attain success and excellence, innovation has become a prerequisite. The graduate course at UTD is well-structured which gives methodical training to become a skilled problem solver. With the explosion of data in business, I want to be equipped with analytical and leadership skills required to become a proficient business manager and the Business Analytics program at UTD includes courses ranging from Big Data Analytics to Marketing Predictive Analytics which serves as a perfect fit and enables me to broaden my horizons.

    It is great honor to be a Student Ambassador at the University of Texas at Dallas which gives me the opportunity to improve the overall experience of students from diverse backgrounds and culture.

    Archit Satra

    Archit Satra

    Hi, I am Archit Satra from Mumbai, India. I started my master’s in Business Analytics in fall 2016. I chose Business Analytics at UTD because of the course curriculum along with the flexibility and versatility of different domains or industry specific tracks. It is an honor for me to be a part of the BA Leadership Council where I look forward to significantly fulfill my duties and work towards the growth and enhancement of the program.

    I completed my undergrad in Electronics and Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Agartala. I started my professional career as an Engineer with Virtusa India Pvt. Ltd. where initially I worked as a Data warehousing ETL Informatica developer. My job involved providing Business Intelligence solutions on various US healthcare aspects including handling of Finance and Claims data. In light of my dedication to work, I was quickly promoted as the Associate Consultant, where in I managed a team of 5 and successfully was responsible for 3 product releases.

    My work experience of 2 years has been a major inspiration for me, I wanted to learn more and gain better understanding in terms of analytics of data and hence I chose to pursue my masters. Business Analytics has become the solution to the diverse problems faced by business organizations today. By effectively analyzing the repositories of data and making informed decisions, businesses can flourish and overthrow competition.

    Apart from academics, I am a foodie, I love listening to music and having long conversations. I would be very happy to offer help, answer any questions or concerns.

    Ramkumar Subramanian

    Ramkumar Subramanian

    Success has always been a main goal in my life and to fulfill this goal I knew it was essential for me to enter a field that I am passionate for. While i was working as a senior analyst in an IT firm I realized the importance of “DATA” and how it plays a vital role in driving business decisions and company’s growth. This persuaded me to do my masters in the field of analytics.

    For all the professionals out there from different backgrounds, UTD’s Business analytics course offers wide range of specializations in operations, marketing, IT, data science and finance which makes this program stand out from rest of the data analytics courses offered in USA. With this skill set, I am now able to perform underlying data analytic techniques to drive key business decisions and prepare myself to reach out to job positions such as business analyst/data engineer/data scientist roles in all the domains. The professors are of industry standards and provide us with real-world examples of how the concepts we are learning in class are being applied in the business world. These connections show us that we’re learning practical skills we’ll use in our careers.

    I would definitely recommend the Business Analytics program at UTD because it’s a good value for anyone who wants to succeed in Analytics, Data science and Management domains.