Finance Seminars

The Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas is privileged to host academic experts presenting their latest research on the most relevant topics facing our discipline today.

For information about attending, please contact Denise Dobbs.

UTD Finance Seminar Schedule Spring 2018

Please see below for our seminar schedule in the coming spring. We will also schedule seminars for the job market candidates at the beginning of next semester.

Seminar Speakers
Date Name of Speaker (School)
Friday, 1/19/2018 Adolfo de Motta (McGill University)
Friday, 2/16/2018 Ron Kaniel (University of Rochester)
Friday, 3/9/2018 Lu Zhang (Ohio State University)
Friday, 3/30/2018 Dave Denis (University of Pittsburgh)
Friday, 4/6/2018 Felipe Varas (Duke University)
Friday, 4/13/2018 Jonathan Karpoff (University of Washington)
Friday, 4/20/2018 Mark Westerfield (University of Washington)

UTD Finance Seminar Schedule Fall 2017

Default seminar time in Fall:
Wednesday is 12:00 am – 1:00 pm Room 14.501
Friday is 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Room 2.717

Last updated: August 17, 2017

Seminar Speakers
Date Name of Speaker (School)
Friday, 9/1/17 Paul Irvine (TCU)
Paper | CV
Friday, 9/8/17 Zhiguo He (Chicago Booth)
Paper | CV
Friday, 9/22/17 Benjamin Keys (Wharton)
Friday, 9/29/17 Min Kim (University of New South Wales)
Paper | CV
Friday, 10/6/17 Dragon Tang (Hong Kong University)
Friday, 10/20/17 Gustavo Manso (Berkeley)
Paper | CV
Friday, 10/27/17 Lubo Litov (Oklahoma University)
Paper | CV
Friday, 11/03/17 Dexin Zhou (Baruch College)
Paper | CV
Friday, 11/10/17 Lu Zheng (University of California)
Paper | CV
Friday, 11/17/17 Debarshi Nandy (Brandeis University)
Paper | CV
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