BSBA with Real Estate Concentration

BSBA Degree in Real Estate

The real estate industry has always been a dynamic part of the Texas economy – and that’s still true today. Professionals who can analyze real estate investments, assess risk and organize financing are in demand. Those who graduate with real estate skills may pursue careers across a range of specialties including broker, property manager, appraiser, investment analyst, asset manager, developer and real estate credit underwriter. Motivated students may use many of their real estate classes to fulfill requirements for the Texas Real Estate Commission’s licensure.

Any UT Dallas student interested in a real estate career may join the Real Estate Club. Members get to meet UT Dallas alumni and executives in the industry and take part in student competitions, get help with internships and advise on securing employment after graduation.

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The real estate world is complex with so many interconnected and moving pieces that it’s tough for those without training to grasp the scope of issues in this profession. This concentration is designed to expose students to industry specific knowledge and provide them the skills to understand issues of value and market dynamics – information that will help them regardless of their current field of study or ultimate career goal.

An understanding of real estate is important to those heading for careers in finance, construction, transportation, investments and retail and would be valuable electives. Whether you are pursuing a career in real estate or simply looking for an interesting elective, we have courses within the real estate degree program which are designed to meet your needs and help you understand this dynamic environment.

George DeCourcy

Associate Director, Real Estate Programs

Concentration requirements (12 hours):

Concentration electives (select 12 hours from):

  • any upper lever JSOM course
  • PA/GEOG 3377
  • GISC 4385

Finance students may focus their studies on the Real Estate track. These students should consult with their Finance coach or an academic advisor, about course selection and progression. These are suggested courses for Finance students:

Our students want internship opportunities.

Real estate representatives are encouraged to consider UT Dallas students for internships. The rigorous coursework our students complete will bring your organization up-to-the-minute skills that you may tap for a short project or as a long-term resource. Contact one of our Career Management Center professionals to discuss your internship opportunities.

Permanent or Contract Positions

Many employers set up interview sessions at UT Dallas. We will provide you with a separate room and several candidates to interview. Our staff will screen interviewees and make your hiring process efficient and effective. Contact the Career Management Center for information.

Do you have time to be a mentor?

Even if you are not ready to bring on an intern or employee, we encourage you to get involved with a student in an informal mentor arrangement. This low-level commitment, as little as several hours a semester, encourages senior real estate professionals to spend time with a student considering a real estate career. You might share stories, help with goal setting or even talk about classwork. Many executives find this to be a rewarding role and students say these informal relationships are invaluable. Contact George DeCourcy if this opportunity interests you.