Professional Program in Finance (PPF)

The Professional Program in Finance (PPF) is designed for exceptional undergraduate finance students within the Jindal School of Management who are interested in pursuing top-flight careers in finance. The purpose of the PPF is to prepare these top students, through mastery of technical and professional skills, to perform at the highest levels in the most dynamic and attractive jobs in the market.

PPF Benefits to Students:

  • Smaller, focused classes with other PPF students, taught by the most skilled faculty
  • Increased access to networking opportunities, internships and full-time jobs in finance
  • Focus on functional skills that translate directly to job placement and career success
  • One-on-one mentorship from experienced professionals and the director
  • Additional leadership and social opportunities above and beyond the traditional undergrad experience
  • Connect with the Director
  • PPF Admission Requirements

Connect With Director

My goal as director of the Professional Program in Finance is to help develop our best finance students into exceptional finance professionals. We achieve this through dedication and continuous improvement of technical and professional abilities.

If you are interested in joining the program or would like to find out how you can recruit the top finance students from the PPF, please contact Alex Treece.

Alex Treece Director, Professional Program in Finance

PPF Admission Requirements

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the PPF.

Please note that satisfaction of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the PPF program, which is based on both quantitative and qualitative factors.

  • Minimum sophomore standing (a sophomore is a student who has successfully completed 30 to 53 semester credit hours) as of the fall semester with at least two fall and two spring semesters remaining (full year juniors) by the time the application is submitted
    • As of fall 2016, if you are scheduled to graduate from spring 2018 to spring 2019, you are eligible.
  • Minimum grade of B in FIN 3320 – Business Finance
    • Sophomore-level students may have not taken this course yet. If not, completing the course with a grade of B or higher will become a requirement to stay in the PPF.
  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 grade-point average (GPA)
  • Application deadline is September 30. Selected applicants will go through one in-person interview with the PPF director, which will determine final acceptance into the program.