Master of Science in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance (MS FIN) degree is 36 semester credit hours (18 – 24 months) that provides students with the advanced knowledge needed for finance careers, including financial analysis, corporate finance, investment banking and real estate. 

MS Finance Program Highlights:

  • Start any semester: fall, spring or summer
  • Full time or part time program
  • Average completion time is 18- 24 months
  • Choice of electives and concentrations, including Financial Analyst, Corporate Finance/Investment Banking and Real Estate Finance.
  • Prepare for professional certifications, including the CFA® exams and CCIM® designation.
  • Tuition is approximately $26,000 – $30,000 for in-state and $51,000 – $55,000 for out-of-state.  

Scholarships are available for new and continuing students.

MS in Finance To apply for the finance degree program, an undergraduate degree is required (all majors are considered).

  • Connect with the Director
  • Degree Plan
  • Student Profiles and Employment
  • Student Testimonials
  • Peer Mentors
  • Student Involvement

Connect with the Director

The MS Finance degree prepares students for careers in finance and real estate, including positions as a financial analyst, valuation associate, investment manager and more.  Our flexible program allows students to tailor their electives to fit their career goals and includes courses to prepare for certification exams such as the CFA®.  With a world-class faculty, our students develop the skills needed to make financial decisions in a rapidly changing business environment.  

Our students build leadership and analytical skills through competitions, the student-run global investment fund and student organizations.   They can receive training and certification on key financial databases, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon and others.  

Please browse our website to learn more about what the MS Finance Flex program has to offer.

Carolyn Reichert, PhD Director, MS Finance Program

Degree Plan

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The MS in Finance Flex has specific core and concentration courses for developing in-depth knowledge in a specific area of financial management. Students are encouraged to review the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for the most updated curriculum details.

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Core Courses

18 semester credit hours

Elective Courses

18 semester credit hours

3 Concentrations

18 semester credit hours

Student Profiles and Employment

Fall 2017 MS Finance Student Profile
Class Statistics Percentage or Number
Students in Program 271
Gender Male: 55%, Female: 45%
Average Age 25
Average GMAT/GRE 608/311
Average GPA 3.30
Country of Origin China: 46%, USA: 32%, Taiwan: 6%, Other: 16%

Our graduates work with a variety of firms across many different industries, including:

  • AXA Advisors
  • Citi
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • JP Morgan
  • Pacific Northern
  • Sabre Corp Northern
  • Verizon
  • China Securities Co., LTD
  • Comerica Bank
  • Deloitte China
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Raytheon
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Our students were hired for a variety of positions, including:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Investment Manager
  • Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Financial Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Real Estate Analyst
  • Controller

Student Testimonials

Peter Bellino

Peter Bellino

Allen, TX – Class of Fall 2015

“After growing up nearby, I chose UT Dallas due to the reputation of being more technical- and research-focused institution. The Master of Science in Finance program within the Jindal School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas was challenging, yet very rewarding due to the quantitative focus that my studies followed, integrating the science of finance and statistics with the technology required to model and analyze financial data to enable more accurate forecasting.

“The administration and faculty were eager to provide students with opportunities for growth, both academically and professionally. Numerous on-campus organizations, like the Financial Leadership Association and the Real Estate Club, were invaluable for networking and meeting like-minded professionals dedicated to asset management and corporate finance. Additionally, sponsored competitions related to equity and derivatives trading, corporate turnaround management, security analysis, and financial modeling reinforced the skills required to be successful in my post-graduate career. With a diverse mix of students, perspectives from across the globe helped to influence my studies. I found my classmates to be competitive, yet willing to collaborate in order to deliver a superior-quality project or presentation.

“From this program, I take with me an expanded knowledge and renewed passion for finance, a network of friends and colleagues that traverses the globe, and the ability to better understand the impact that capital and investments have in economies around the world, all while staying engaged in the community in which I grew up in.”

Peter, who graduated with an MBA and MS in Finance in December 2015 grew up in nearby Allen, Texas and is currently working in the risk management industry.

Monty Hsu

Chun-Pin “Monty” Hsu

Taipei, Taiwan – Class of Spring 2015

“MSF Program at UT Dallas provides students with flexible curriculum to fit our special needs. I was able to leverage this advantage to complete multiple certificate exams, internships and a master degree within two years. A wide range of finance courses with six in-depth concentrations allowed me to develop necessary skills and knowledge in the real world. Professors and faculties care students, listen to our needs, and give customized and professional advice for career planning. Finance Leadership Association holds speaker events, panels, and workshops twice a week to allow members to get access to strong professionals and alumni network in finance. You wouldn’t be surprised if celebrities sharing their thoughts on campus, such as Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks’ Owner. As one of the most competitive programs in Dallas, one of the fastest growing areas nationwide, I strongly recommend UTD Finance program”.

Monty Hsu (MS Finance, Class of 2015) works as a Financial Analyst in Mercer Capital, where he provides valuation advisory services for depository institutions, transactions, tax purposes, litigation support, and financial reporting.

Monty Hsu

Zhouli “Pye” Yuan,CAIA

Zhoushan, China – Class of Spring 2014

“I feel honor and fortune to join UT Dallas MS Finance program, which equipped me with both knowledge and other soft skills for real world challenge and career. MS Finance program at UT Dallas offers great choices of tracks and courses. It cover most sectors in current financial industry such as real estate investing, private equity investing and corporate finance management. One track even helps students to prepare for CFA certification exam. Faculties are professional and passionate to share knowledge and career advices with students.

“Financial Leadership Association is also a valuable asset to student in MS Finance program. The organization organizes speaker events, panels, real case competitions and field trip to help students connecting to professionals in the industry. The competitions help students to apply what they learn from class to the real case and is judged by professionals in its industry.

“Upon my graduation, I feel well prepared for my career and I highly recommend MS Finance at UT Dallas to anyone who desire a career in finance.”

Pye Yuan, CAIA (MS Finance, Class of 2014) works as an Investment Analyst in Boy Scouts of American Asset Management, LLC, where he manages and monitor 2 billion assets for defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan, endowment, general liability insurance program and employee welfare benefit plan.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are a student directed mentoring program.  Mentors are students who are more experienced, who “know the ropes” across campus and who are in a position to guide, advise and assist less experienced student mentees who are newer to UTD.  Mentees look to mentors to provide advice on academic issues related to their major, advice on student life issues, student organizations and activities.  For the mentee, mentors serve as a trusted advisor and a confidant.  Please email mentorMSF@utdallas.edu if you are interested in contacting one of our mentors or learning more about the program.

Andre – USA

Andre – USA

Washington, DC – Summer 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Computer Engineering
Areas of Interest: Financial Planning and Analysis, Business Analytics & Real Estate
Hobbies: Tennis, Travel & Vegan Cooking

I am currently in my second year of the Master of Science in Finance Flex Program. I studied computer engineering in undergrad and have worked in various analytical roles in the software industry for several years. During my career, I have really enjoyed using data to discover new or overlooked business opportunities and making tangible changes in the operational efficiency of the companies I’ve worked for. I plan to continue along this path by completing my MSF degree and obtaining a financial planning & analysis role after graduation. In my spare time I enjoy playing in tennis leagues (3.5 level) and traveling (25 countries so far).

Carol - Taiwan

Carol – Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Spring 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Accounting
Areas of Interest: Financial Analysis, Accounting
Hobbies: Sports, Traveling

Before pursuing my MS Finance degree at UTD, I worked as an auditor for more than two years. I changed my field due to my passion and interest in finance. I am an easygoing person and love outdoor activities. I like to help others and make new friends. If you have any questions about the MS Finance program or anything, feel free to contact me.

Chen - China

Chen – China

Fujian, China – Fall 2017, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Economics
Areas of Interest: Firm Valuation, Financial Modeling, Financial Information Analysis
Hobbies: Swimming, Traveling, Movies

I am currently in my graduating semester of the M.S Finance program. I serve as a teaching assistant, Business English Immersion Program (BEIP) Ambassador and member of the Dean’s Council and Financial Leadership Association. Pursuing the M.S Finance program at UTD is the best decision I made since I moved to the U.S.A several years ago. At UTD, I not only learned comprehensive finance knowledge and analysis skills, but also get so many opportunities to participate in competitions, speaker events and student organizations, which helps to improve my communication skills, grow my professional network and build team-work and leadership. Moreover, I met a lot of excellent professors and staff at UTD who support students’ academic and career development with their greatest efforts. The M.S Finance program offers a wide range of courses covering corporate finance, financial analysis, real estate, business analysis programming and risk analysis. You can always tailor the degree plan to fit your own academic interest and career goals.

I am passionate for advising students on academic and career preparation plans, and I strongly encourage graduate students to explore all the opportunities at UTD and JSOM, and get more involved. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about course selection, campus life, professional certificate exam preparation and career paths. I will be happy to share my experience with you.

Haoming – China

Haoming – China

Fujian, China – Fall 2017, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Investment
Areas of Interest: Fintech, Financial Investment, Risk Management
Hobbies: Biking, Hi-Fi Music, Data Analytics

After 4 years of bachelor study in the investment area, I realized I needed further knowledge and technique for my financial investment career. So, I came to UT Dallas to pursue my MS Finance degree. UT Dallas is definitely a great place for me to explore my academic and career development, because school has provided students with various professional resources. Given the big data surge all over the world, I am trying to focus my studying on Fintech, a new popular topic combining finance knowledge and big data tools to do investment and other financial activities. Luckily, UT Dallas offers not only excellent financial courses but also a variety of mainstream data analytics courses. If you have questions regarding MS Finance program or want to discuss more financial topics with me, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Khiem – Vietnam

Khiem – Vietnam

Vietnam – Spring 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Finance
Areas of Interest: Investment Management/Financial Analysis
Hobbies: Table tennis, Basketball, Watching movies, Cooking

I am an optimistic individual. I am interested in financial valuation and financial modeling. I’d like to meet and help new students to quickly adapt to the environment at UTD because I know how frustrating it would be joining a new program. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Nishan – USA

Nishan – USA

Plano, Texas – Fall 2017, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Finance, concentration in investments
Areas of Interest: Investment banking
Hobbies: Working out, Yoga, Meditation, Occasionally Gaming

Hello, my name is Nishan and my hometown is Plano, Texas. My undergraduate degree was in Finance, with a concentration in investments. However, I graduated magna cum laude in the Spring of 2017. My area of interest is in investment banking and I would like a career in this field. I am a hard working student who wants to become successful in the field of finance. I love helping people and giving advice where it is needed. I would like to help assist a mentee with their journey through UTD. It would make me beyond happy if I can get someone where they need to be in school and gear them up to be very successful in their field of study.

Shireen - Pakistan

Shireen – Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan – Spring 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Bachelors in Business Administration – Finance, Institute of Business Administration
Areas of Interest: Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Valuation, Market Research
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music

I worked as a teaching assistant in Spring 2016 for business finance and risk management related courses. Currently, I am working as a finance tutor at the trading lab. I am the Director of Finance at the Consulting Club and Director of Economic Impact for LEAP UT Dallas. Taking the officer positons in the societies allows me to apply knowledge in a business setting, as well as develop the communication, organization and numeracy skills I have acquired through my academic learning. Moreover, it helps nurture qualities like commitment to work, flexibility and enthusiasm to learn more. UT Dallas MS Finance program comes under the top 15 finance programs in the USA. It promises a lot of growth and learning opportunities. The various societies at UTD allow you to participate in many competitions, like case studies and trading challenges that will prepare you to enter the work place with greater confidence and skills. UT Dallas has been a second home to me. I would encourage interested students to contact me to get to know more about the program and my experience at UT Dallas.

Shunchao - China

Shunchao – China

Shanghai, China – Fall 2017, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Business Management
Areas of Interest: Financial Analysis, Risk Management
Hobbies: Movies, Basketball

I am a full time MS Finance student at UTD. Currently I’m taking full-time classes while working on campus as a Finance Lab student worker. Financial valuation and risk management are my academic interests and they are my potential careers. My goal is to broaden my horizons in the finance field. Also, I have learned how to use models and other forecasting methods to evaluate the stock’s intrinsic value. You can always find me in the JSOM Trading Lab!

Siyu – China

Siyu – China

Jiangxi, China – Fall 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Finance
Areas of Interest: Finance, Real Estate, Business Analytics
Hobbies: Cooking, Photography, Watching movies, Listening to music

I currently serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in JSOM. With enthusiasm for finance, I dedicated myself to many professional courses concerning financial analysis and real estate. Impressed by the warmhearted continuing students when I was a new student one year ago, I would also be pleased to answer any questions you may have and help new students as much as I could. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions at all, and I would love to share with you so many amazing experiences I have had here.

Xiaoran – China

Xiaoran – China

Guangzhou, China – Fall 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Economics
Areas of Interest: Economics, Valuation, Portfolio Management
Hobbies: Badminton, Basketball, TV Drama, Rap Music

As an undergraduate student, I studied economics and got my bachelor degree at Indiana University. I am now a dual major graduate student in Finance and Business Analytics. I would like to meet new students and help them to achieve their success at UTD. I hope I can give you some great advice so that you can reach your academic goals while enjoying your life as a student at UTD.

Yanchao – China

Yanchao – China

Henan, China – Fall 2017, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Economics
Areas of Interest: Financial Analysis, Investment, M&A
Hobbies: Reading, Music, Movies, Gaming, Working out, Cooking

I graduated from State University of New York College at Buffalo with a bachelor degree of science in Economics. Now, I am pursuing the MS Finance degree at UT Dallas. I was deeply attracted by all the financial courses I was taking. My desire of pursuing a career in finance has emerged and was getting more and more intense day after day. I’m interested in Financial Analysis and Investment. I’d like to share my experience with you, feel free to contact me.

Yuan – China

Yuan – China

Zhejiang, China – Spring 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Business Administration
Areas of Interest: Corporate Finance / Financial Analysis
Hobbies: Baseball, Traveling

Prior to beginning to study at UT Dallas, I practiced business analysis in the consumer goods and services sector for 6 years. Now I am a full-time student in the MSF program. I am a passionate and optimistic person. I’d love to share my experience and help others adjust quickly so they can explore their passions and achieve their goals at UT Dallas.

Yu-Chi – Taiwan

Yu-Chi – Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan – Spring 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Bachelors in Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics
Areas of Interest: Financial Analysis, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Method in Finance
Hobbies: Jogging, Listening to music, Baking

I am currently in my second year pursuing the MS in Finance degree at UT Dallas. I learned a lot of financial knowledge and skills through the first year. In the meanwhile, I had a lot of interesting experiences in the United States that are different from Taiwan. This year, I set my sights on passing CFA level 1 exam and getting more involved in UT Dallas. I am looking forward to meeting and helping people.

Zhiyang – China

Zhiyang – China

Yichang, China – Spring 2018, expected graduation

Undergraduate Major: Finance and Information System
Areas of Interest: Financial Management and Financial Modeling
Hobbies: Dancing, Traveling, Photography and Swimming

I am a second-year student in the Master of Finance program at The University of Texas in Dallas. I enjoy helping other people and volunteering. I have worked at the Dean’s Council as a marketing assistant for one semester. My friendliness and warm heart have earned me many compliments and new friends.

Student Involvement

Our students have many opportunities to reinforce their academic learning with leadership experience, team interactions and industry networking. Competitions, the UT Dallas Student Investment Corporation, student organizations, employer events and the Finance Trading Lab allow students to build practical experience while gaining additional communication and analytical expertise.

Case Competitions

MS Finance Case Competitions

UT Dallas participates in a number of competitions, including the CFA® – Investment Research Challenge, the ACG – Association for Corporate Growth and the SAC – Security Analysis Competition. The Finance Trading Lab hosts the UTD Securities Trading Competition each long semester. Our students have the opportunity to participate in team or individual competitions focused on a wide range of financial activities, including valuation, trading and financial modeling.

UT Dallas Student Investment Corporation

Student Investment Corp

Students are given an opportunity to earn course credit and add an internship to their resume by managing real investments. This class gives students an ongoing, structured way of learning how to manage a portfolio.

Student Organizations Teach Leadership Skills and Industry Knowledge

Student Organisations

Student organizations help bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing activities such as competitions, workshops, industry speakers and social events. Student organizations include:

  • Financial Leadership Association (FLA)
  • Real Estate Club
  • Energy Association
  • LEAP (microfinance)

Industry Visits Connect Students With Employers

Student Investment Corp

Industry guest speakers and networking events give students the opportunity to network with potential employers while learning about different finance careers and potential internship programs. Recent guests include:

  • Santander Bank
  • Telos Capital Advisors
  • PwC
  • Wells Fargo Financial
  • JP Morgan
  • Comerica
  • ALM First Advisors
  • AT&T
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Capital One
  • State Farm
  • Goldman Sachs

Naveen Jindal School of Management Finance Trading Lab

Trading Lab

Our student-run lab provides students the opportunity to develop financial trading skills and provides access to various electronic business databases including Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, SDC Platinum, Thomson Reuters Eikon™ and WRDS-Wharton Research Data Services. The lab also hosts the UTD Securities Trading Competitions each semester giving students the opportunities to win cash awards.

Social Events

MS Finance Social Event

Social events include the Mix and Mingle and the Graduation and Awards Banquet. Our students can interact with peer mentors, faculty, staff and each other.