MS Energy Management - Concentration in Energy Risk Management

The Energy Risk Management Concentration is intended for students with the quantitative ability to pursue a career in applying quantitative methods to energy risk management problems and those interested in preparing for GARP’s Energy Risk Professional (ERP) examinations.

The Need for Energy Risk Management Skills

As global energy needs continue to grow and existing energy supply networks become more complex, energy risk management is playing an essential role in companies’ business strategy. From producers managing price and volume risks to consumers aiming to reduce energy expenditures and increase efficiency of energy usage, companies are looking for individuals with expertise in identifying and mitigating energy-related risks.

The Jindal School’s Master of Science in Finance program with concentration in Energy Risk Management trains students for these critical jobs by combining fundamental knowledge of energy markets and commodities with extensive training in quantitative analysis. This combination allows students to effectively analyze and manage financial risk in the energy industry, capitalizing on of one of the newest and most sought-after niches in the industry.

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This rigorous concentration is designed to prepare students for GARP’s Energy Risk Professional (ERP) examination.

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Connect with the Director

With re-emergence of financial volatility in energy markets, risk management has once again taken center stage at energy companies around the world. We designed the Energy Risk Management concentration to give students a deep understanding of energy industry risks in context of financial volatility and changing regulatory environment. Get in touch with us to find out how the Energy Risk Management concentration can help you in your career!

Stephen Molina Director, MS Energy Management Program

Concentration Courses

Core Required Courses for Energy Risk Management Concentration