Virginie Lopez-Kidwell

Assistant Professor
Organizations, Strategy and International Management (OSIM)
(972) 883-2298
PhD, University of Kentucky, 2013
MS, University of Kentucky, 2007
BS, Virginia-Tech, 2001
OBHR 3310 Organizational Behavior
Current / Recent
Emotional and Interpersonal Dynamics
Social Networks
Emotional Intelligence
Social Perception & Influence

Recent Publications:
Smith, J., Halgin, D., Lopez-Kidwell, V., Labianca, G., Brass, D, & Borgatti, S. (2014). Power in politically charged networks. Social Networks, 36: 162– 176.
Lopez-Kidwell, V., Grosser, T., Dineen, B., & Borgatti, S. (2013). What matters when: A multi-stage examination of factors contributing to job search effort. Academy of Management Journal, 56 (6): 1655-1678.
Sterling, C., Lopez-Kidwell, V., Labianca, G., & Moon, H. (2013).  Managing Sequential Task Portfolios in the Face of Temporal Atypicality and Task Complexity. Human Performance, 26 (4): 327-51.
Grosser, T., Lopez-Kidwell, V., Labianca, G., & Ellwardt, L. (2012). Hearing it through the grapevine: Positive and negative workplace gossip. Organizational Dynamics,41 (1), 52-61.
Grosser, T., Lopez-Kidwell, V., & Labianca, G.  (2010). A social network analysis of positive and negative gossip in organizational life. Group & Organization Management, 35 (2): 177-214. *Paper cited by: Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2010.
Awards and
<span>NSF Fellowship, Doctoral Consortium OCIS Division, AoM, 2012<br></span>Best Student Convention Award, Human Resource Division, AoM, 2011<br>NSF Fellowship, Political Networks conference, University of Michigan, 2011<br>Doctoral Consortium, Organizational Behavior Division, AoM 2011&nbsp;<br>Barry Armandi Award for Best Student Paper, Mgmt Education Division, AoM, 2010<br>Best Paper Proceedings, Organizational Behavior Division AoM 2009 &amp; 2011 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Doctoral Research Challenge Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 2009 &amp; 2012<br>Luckett Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 2009 &amp; 2011<br>Women’s Club Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 2009<br>
Academy of Management
International Network for Social Network Analysis
Beta Gamma Sigma