Virginie Lopez-Kidwell

Assistant Professor
Organizations, Strategy and International Management
(972) 883-2298
PhD, University of Kentucky, 2013
MS, University of Kentucky, 2007
BS, Virginia-Tech, 2001
OBHR 3310 Organizational Behavior
Current / Recent Research
Emotional and Interpersonal Dynamics
Social Networks
Emotional Intelligence
Social Perception & Influence

Recent Publications:
Smith, J., Halgin, D., Lopez-Kidwell, V., Labianca, G., Brass, D, & Borgatti, S. (2014). Power in politically charged networks. Social Networks, 36: 162– 176.
Lopez-Kidwell, V., Grosser, T., Dineen, B., & Borgatti, S. (2013). What matters when: A multi-stage examination of factors contributing to job search effort. Academy of Management Journal, 56 (6): 1655-1678.
Sterling, C., Lopez-Kidwell, V., Labianca, G., & Moon, H. (2013).  Managing Sequential Task Portfolios in the Face of Temporal Atypicality and Task Complexity. Human Performance, 26 (4): 327-51.
Grosser, T., Lopez-Kidwell, V., Labianca, G., & Ellwardt, L. (2012). Hearing it through the grapevine: Positive and negative workplace gossip. Organizational Dynamics,41 (1), 52-61.
Grosser, T., Lopez-Kidwell, V., & Labianca, G.  (2010). A social network analysis of positive and negative gossip in organizational life. Group & Organization Management, 35 (2): 177-214. *Paper cited by: Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2010.
Awards and Recognition
NSF Fellowship, Doctoral Consortium OCIS Division, AoM, 2012
Best Student Convention Award, Human Resource Division, AoM, 2011
NSF Fellowship, Political Networks conference, University of Michigan, 2011
Doctoral Consortium, Organizational Behavior Division, AoM 2011 
Barry Armandi Award for Best Student Paper, Mgmt Education Division, AoM, 2010
Best Paper Proceedings, Organizational Behavior Division AoM 2009 & 2011       
Doctoral Research Challenge Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 2009 & 2012
Luckett Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 2009 & 2011
Women’s Club Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 2009
Professional Organizations
Academy of Management
International Network for Social Network Analysis
Beta Gamma Sigma
List of Published Works