Issue 46

UTD Coaching News

Turning Passion Into Action

     by Deborah Stewart

I listened in class while one of my teachers coached a fellow classmate. David Matthew Prior was amazingly thoughtful but the powerful questions he asked the classmate made me feel like I was right behind a snow plow making a gigantic path so I could snow ski. He mentioned two books to read. “The Adult Years” and “Life Launch...A Passionate Guide to the Rest of your Life” both by Frederic M. Hudson and the later is co-authored with Pamela D. McLean.  I drove to the library, got the books and with the days being cold and many a cup of hot tea, I began to read. These books presented ideas for how to handle change in life, visioning, life cycles from our twenties to eighty plus, global change, and how to keep winning when the rules keep changing. We all have challenges in life, and many of those challenges involve how to cope with poor leadership either in ourselves or others. We all make mistakes but it is how we reconcile those mistakes that give us character.

We go along in life just trying to do our jobs, not realizing the issues that other people have or what they want to take from us. For me it was delivery of healthcare, dentistry to be specific.  I was so focused on delivery of great dental care, I failed to see the destruction around me and then people committed suicide, caused a divorce,  took over a business with hostile actions, innocent people were fired, and wars were started. Our country has serious problems, but they are just a reflection of the problems close to our own hearts. Unless we learn how to communicate as individuals or groups and have more positive struggles with setting a direction or making a decision, we will continue or get caught in the destruction.

Coaches help ask powerful questions to access the truth and these are skills that the UTD program is further developing in me.  Implementing awareness to the decisions that one makes is developing leadership and the better leaders we are, then we have hope for a better world and energy to fight the good fight. Just think how much talent is wasted. Would it not be better to direct that talent by coaching so that better plans of actions are formulated?  Perhaps the significance of doing it right is best summed up by accepting the leadership role as a privilege and that is a more constructive way to living life and it is a privilege to attend UTD and be inspired by great teachers.  Teachers who teach us about trust, ethics, powerful questioning to avoid threats and obstacles, and moving forward one positive conversation at a time.  Being clear about the possibilities, having a fresh approach,  better ways to provide business or live life in this wonderful country with a Constitution, so give me UTD occupational behavior coaching anytime.

Deborah Stewart
Cohort 9A

About Deborah Stewart, RDH, MBA 
Deborah’s passion is consulting on delivery of dental care which utilizes cone beam CT imagining, practice management, leadership development, team effectiveness, and new innovations of dental products. She has coached teams and General Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Children’s Dentistry and some medical professionals like Orthopedic Surgeons.


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