Program Details

“I would venture to guess that every physician in this group learned quite a bit. The time and attention to detail in the course material was evident and much appreciated.”
–Program participant

The asynchronous online nature of the program allows students to choose where and when they will study or complete course assignments while benefiting from the complementary knowledge and experience of classmates and faculty. There are 11 content units divided into three sections. Engaged students report spending about 10 hours to complete all elements in each unit. New units are typically introduced at three-week intervals allowing flexibility in balancing program activities with professional and personal activities and responsibilities. The program is completed in 10 months. Successful completion is recognized with a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and Management from The University of Texas at Dallas.


The program is open to licensed physicians (MD or DO) practicing in the United States. While designed to meet the needs of early to mid-career practicing physicians seeking to enhance their leadership and management knowledge and skills, the program may benefit physicians at any stage of their career, including those who have a graduate degree in healthcare management or business administration.

Program Fee

The current program fee is $3,000 dollars payable in full at time of enrollment. The fee is inclusive, covering access to all course materials, videos and assigned readings. Payment can be made online with a major credit card, by check or billed to a sponsoring organization. In the latter instance special arrangements and/or discounts may apply. Please consult with the program director for details.


Please submit the application form to be considered for admission. Applications will be reviewed promptly and an e-mail notice of admission will occur within a week of receipt of a complete application. Full payment is required before participants are registered and granted a net ID and password to access course content.

“This unit really brought home how essential IT (information technology) will be for the future of medicine, as well as the viability of practices to not only meet expected standards but to survive financially in the process. I was skeptical about an electronic health record before but now recognize its critical utility.”
–Program participant