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Healthcare Leadership and Management for Physicians Certificate Program
  • As a physician, why should I invest time and money in a program like this?
  • Gaps in undergraduate medical education and residency training leave physicians poorly prepared to manage a practice or lead colleagues and staff in the operational and business aspects of care delivery.

    Healthcare delivery in the U.S. is in the midst of transformational change necessitating the acquisition of new knowledge and skills if physicians are to survive and thrive in the future.

    The changing care delivery environment and emerging models for care delivery place greater emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, clinical informatics, continuous performance improvement, and practice-based population health management knowledge and competence domains most physicians are unfamiliar with and can learn from this program.

    Ideal for physicians who recognize some or all of these needs but who are not ready to invest the time, money and effort required to obtain a graduate business or healthcare management degree. 

  • What will I learn by participating in this course?
  • The program is a thoughtful blend of three content domains and related competencies:

    1. Interpersonal and communication skills: provides participants with a deeper awareness and appreciation of the “soft skills” needed to lead and manage others.
    2. Core management and leadership subject matter: guides participants to recognize and appreciate the different contributions of managers and leaders and the often under-recognized or appreciated contributions of engaged followers.
    3. Practice design/re-design knowledge and tactics: this section highlights topics of increasing relevance to effective, efficient care delivery that is patient-centric and value oriented. Managing patient populations while striving to continuously improve care processes and utilize clinical information technology are newer knowledge and skill sets that fill the space between mainstream clinical knowledge and business practices. Few practicing physicians have been systematically exposed to these content domains.
  • Can I fit the program into my busy life?
  • The program was specifically designed for busy practicing physicians:

    • Access to the course is available on a 24 hour - 7 day basis from hard-wired or wireless access points, permitting students to select a convenient time and place to study course material or complete related assignments.
    • Program graduates report spending about 10 hours of effort on each unit’s content or approximately 120 hours during a 10-month period; about three hours per week
  • What is the online educational experience like?
    • Using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer (Mac or Windows – PC formats supported) and a high-speed Internet connection students can easily access course content through the course homepage.
    • The content of each unit is maintained in a single folder and all videos, reading assignments, case studies and quizzes for each unit are available from the unit folder with a single click.
    • A benefit of online learning is the ability to return to any of the course materials for a second or third look to re-explore subject matter or clarify a fine point or observation.
    • Overall, program participants have been pleased with their online learning experience regarding ease of access, quality of content and interaction with program faculty and classmates.
  • What are the program admission requirements?
    • At the present time, the program is open to physicians licensed to practice in the U.S.
    • Completing the online application (see tab) will provide all the information required for admission
  • When may I begin the program?
  • The program is delivered to a cohort of participants. Individual physicians may enroll ina class by completing the online application and selecting a cohort from the list of program start dates indicated on this site. If no dates are listed please contact the Program Director - Dr. Michael Deegan at Course access will only be granted after approval of a complete application and receipt of full payment. Participants can anticipate the course will be completed within ten months of the start date.

    Organizations (professional societies, hospitals, medical groups, healthcare deliverysystems, others) may enroll a group of participating physicians. Start and completion dates for the course, fees, and special features should be discussed with Program Director Dr. Michael Deegan by contacting him at or 972-883-5808 (central time zone).

  • How can I obtain a brochure about this certificate program?
  • You may download the brochure or fact sheet and print at your convenience.