Fundamentals of International Business and Trade

Designed to add a global perspective to your business education

Serving as the foundation for all other international courses, Fundamentals of International Business and Trade gives a broad view of international business and trade, marketing, management, finance, taxation, capital markets, economic growth, and corporate global strategies.

Key Features

  • Understanding of the extended boundaries of business in a global setting and the effects of differences in culture, religion and language in doing business globally.
  • A realization of the complications of financial transactions across national boundaries and the different legal systems; along with an appreciation for different economic systems.
  • Recognition of business flexibility in a global market.

Who should take this class?

Anyone who works in a management position with a global company will find this class gives a better picture of their organizations and the companies they do business with.

Apply today!

An application form is available to apply for this program. The application collects contact information, educational background, and your experience level. This application is an introduction to the faculty course instructor so they can better support you during the course. There are no entrance exams or degree requirements. All you need is a desire and passion to improve and grow as a professional.


The $1895 price includes application fee and all class materials along with access to our virtual classroom. Since this class is online, a direct internet link is required for proper access to the virtual classroom and lectures.

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