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Organizational Behavior and
Executive Coaching Faculty

Hicks, Robert, PhD (University of Southern California)
Clinical Professor, Organizational Behavior, Executive Education

Research Interests
Coaching and Mentoring in Healthcare Organizations
Adler, Hans-Joachim, PhD (University of Lyon)
Senior Lecturer, Information Systems and Operations Management

Research Interests
Technology marketing
Barden, John, MBA (Manhattan College)
Director, Undergraduate Accounting, Senior Lecturer and Business Coach Coordinator

Research Interests
Financial Accounting, Auditing, Fraud prevention and detection
Flannery, Carol, EdD (Texas A&M)
Senior Lecturer Information Systems and Operations Management

Research Interests
Mathematics and Statistics
Lewin, Peter, PhD (University of Chicago)
Clinical Professor, Finance and Managerial Economics

Research Interests
Economics of the family, Economic organization
Freedman, Sue, PhD
President of Knowledge Work Global

Research Interests
International leadership, Complex collaboration, Team effectiveness
Ziegler, Laurie, PhD (UT Dallas)
Senior Lecturer, Organizations, Strategy and International Management

Research Interests
Telecommuting, the virtual office and job enrichment, Wellness programs

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