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Executive and Professional Coaching Certificate Curriculum

The Executive and Professional Certificate Program utilizes state-of-the-art distance learning methodologies. Students attend live virtual classes delivered through web conferencing with audio teleconferencing integration. This technology supports interactivity and collaboration creating a powerful virtual learning experience.

The Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching involves completing a 15-hour graduate program. The Curriculum is organized into three parts: educational, practicum and examination.


The educational component of the program consists of a series of learning modules organized into four main content areas/courses (see below). A learning module is a class that meets once a week for four, six, or eight weeks, usually in the late afternoons or evenings on weekdays. Each session is from 60 to 90 minutes in length depending on the class. Course requirements include additional readings, writing papers, peer-coaching, identifying and coaching clients.

Coaching Practicum

  • Individual: Coaching individuals under the supervision of an ICF credentialed Coach.
  • Group: Coaching peers in small group sessions under the supervision of an ICF credentialed coach.

All Graduate Certificate-seeking students will be required to coach others and receive supervision and feedback on their coaching. Students must meet minimum requirements for coaching practice in both individual and group supervised coaching practicum. Students are also expected to coach and be coached by peers for self and professional development purposes.


To earn the Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching, students are required to pass a comprehensive examination that meets the standards set by the International Coach Federation.

Core Courses

Introduction to Executive and Professional Coaching

Coaching in the Business or Organizational Setting

Advanced Coaching Models and Methods

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