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Executive MS in HLM for Healthcare Professionals

We give our students the tools they need to succeed. The classes are designed so that you can apply them immediately.

Dr. Dean M. Cannon

Medical Director
Anthem Inc.

“Prior to deciding to enroll in the Executive MS in Healthcare Leadership & Management for Healthcare Professionals program, I conducted an extensive search for programs that I thought would provide a high-quality educational experience at a reasonable price. Many programs were highly rated, but were also cost prohibitive. There were other programs that were more cost effective, but low on the quality scale. I chose this program because not only was it associated with a highly rated business school, but it was also very reasonably priced.”

Yuquan (Eddie) Wen

Scientific Director
Baylor Vision Function Center

“This program definitely gave me a broader perspective of US healthcare and its ongoing reform. The insight that I gained from the program opens doors for me to explore solutions to help make healthcare safer, higher in quality, and less costly.”

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