Master of Science Degree Curriculum

Project Management Core plus

Financial Accounting (AIM 6201)

An overview of the major assumptions underlying the preparation of financial statements examined from a user’s point of view; special emphasis on cash flow analysis, as well as on the comprehensive analysis of financial statements.

Managerial Accounting (AIM 6202)

An overview of cost management to include issues in cost behavior, accumulation and allocation; performance measures, relevant costs, and planning and control.

Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business (OPRE 6301)

Theory and methods of statistics used in management and business. Topics include frequency distributions, measures of location, measures of variation, probability, Bayes Theorem, sampling distributions, point and interval estimation, statistical decisions (hypothesis testing), correlation and regression.

Business Economics (MECO 6301)

Foundations of the economic analysis of business problems, with special emphasis on the function and determination of prices in production and consumption.

Information Technology and MIS Fundamentals (MIS 6204)

Necessary background to understand the role of information technology and Management Information Systems in today’s business environment. Topics include: strategic role of information, organization of information, information decision making requirements, telecommunications and networking, managing information resources, distributed processing, and current information systems/technology issues.