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The Applied Project Management Forum is a bimonthly speaker event sponsored by the UT Dallas Project Management Program. It was formed to facilitate ongoing education for project managers on topics that are relevant in today’s business world. Speakers from both the business and academic communities share their experiences and insights.

The APM Forum is held on the third Tuesday of the odd months.

This event earns 1 PDU (Professional Development Unit)

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Additional Information – John T. Cole

Reaching the Finish Line – Surviving a Career in Project Management

Many things have changed over the past 10 to 20 years: Economies have changed, the way companies do business has changed, careers have changed. Even within the Project Management job family, the way the PMs approach their careers has had to change. Today, with all the changes affecting businesses, even being able to keep a job is not guaranteed. Depending on what challenges each person faces determines if a Project Manager is able to approach his or her career as a normal project: just keeping up with all the issues and deadlines, or if they have to approach their career as a troubled project: having to make drastic changes just to get it back on track.

In this presentation, the career choices within the Project Management job family will be put into perspective. Things change fast in our industry and things are changing the way people progress up in the PM ranks. Because of the ever changing business environment, finding a job and keeping a job within the Project Management job family is not easy. Project Managers need to be flexible in the way they plan out their careers. They have to be more strategic in the choices they make within their career which will hopefully enable them to make it to the finish line and retirement.

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