The table below shows the cost of the Supply Chain Management program and additional expenses of available degree options. These costs are inclusive of most costs except for books, airfare for the international study tour and travel cost of attending campus retreats (for online students).

Supply Chain Certificate (15 semester credit hours) $13,500
Business Core/International Trip – both degree options (22 semester credit hours) $23,600
Total cost of MS Degree Option $37,100
Courses for MBA Degree Option (16 semester credit hours) $14,400
Total cost of MBA Degree Option $51,500

Financial Aid

Students who need financial assistance may apply for long-term student loans. More information is available by contacting the Executive Education Financial Services Manager, Paula Baxter or call (972) 883-4114.

Degree-seeking students may borrow through the Federal Student Loan Programs (Direct Unsubsidized and Graduate Plus). More information regarding the Federal Student Loan Programs for graduate students can be found at the Federal Student Loan Programs website.

Students seeking only the Graduate Certificate or ineligible for federal student aid may access private educational loan information via the UT Dallas Financial Aid Office website.