Innovative Global Leadership Executive MBA Overview

In October 2012, Foreign Policy magazine predicted the “most dynamic cities in the world” by 2025. There are five U.S. cities in the top 25 and Dallas is one of them. What does that mean for you? Now is the time to start your Global Leadership Executive MBA program at the most promising city in the world and prepare for your future and maximize your business’ performance

Globalization leads to increased competition, exchange of technology, knowledge/information transfer, how iGLEMBA prepares you to lead the globalization as a Global Leader by 2025?

  • Global Leadership focus
  • Four domestic study tours to New York, Washington DC, Silicon Valley and Austin
  • Fortune 500 company headquarters visiting
  • Municipal, State and Federal government visiting
  • Global C-suite Speaker Series
  • Potential Internship/job opportunities
  • Global alumni network from 6 continents

In Texas, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $ 1.2T, which means that if Texas were a country by itself, our great state would be ranked 14th in the world

Globalization creates opportunities for leaders, why choose iGLEMBA from UT-Dallas?

  • 52 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Texas
  • 18 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex
  • Best state to do business (2008, 2010, 2012)
  • NYSE listed companies #2
  • Best city for new grads #5
  • Next big Boom Town #7
  • Largest Economy in the U.S #4 (#14 in the world)

Program Purpose

iGLEMBA’s Executive MBA program is designed to be challenging, comprehensive and concentrated as it focuses on accelerating executives’ knowledge. The curriculum emphasizes innovation, international skills, business operations and transformative leadership. Executives learn from a diverse group of professionals and build stronger networks with colleagues.

Learning Objectives

Executive capability is defined as the critical success factors needed by high performing leaders to lead and change in a rapid, cost-effective and risk-managed way. To address business needs and new market conditions, iGLEMBA has identified and focuses on five critical executive leadership capabilities for success.

  1. Conceptual Learning: focusing on strategic thinking for competitive response in a world of uncertainty and constant industry transformation. Includes development of; identifying underlying patterns and future scenarios, planning for outcomes, creating opportunities for growth, analytical thinking, developing breakthrough policies and conceiving of new strategic actions for the business.
  2. Corporate Responsibility: focusing on policy framework for establishing business ethics, corporate social responsibility to meet the business, social and legal obligations in a global business environment. Includes development of; equity and diversity, corporate governance, systems and structures, risk management and finance and asset management.
  3. Communication and Relationships: focusing on building and maintaining productive relationships to develop networks and improve portfolio development. Includes development of; establishing credibility and approaches for negotiation, producing opportunities to enable and facilitate others, opening dialogue for creating results and valuing collaboration and teamwork.
  4. Critical Thinking: focusing on formulating concepts and making decisions to provide expert solutions for business issues. Includes development of; analyzing information, testing solutions to problems, articulating design, solving both complex and uncomplicated problems, exercising judgment in the light of comprehensive knowledge and transforming strategic assumptions.
  5. Contextual Learning: focusing on processing new information or knowledge in a way that effectively works within a climate of ambiguity and changing priorities. Includes development of; analyzing information, using adaptive thinking and styles, critical reflection on assumptions and cross-functional skills, thinking abstractly in terms of concepts, models and architectures and being resilient in a range of complex and demanding situations.

The innovative Global Leadership Executive MBA program merges our faculty’s global experiences and insights to help students develop a perspective of business leadership for increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability.

There are three ways we are fundamentally different than other MBA programs- our dedication to global knowledge, the diversity of our student population and the innovative format of the program. To ensure that our students expand their global knowledge, we fly in instructors from around the world to share their experience in global business. Our student cohorts are comprised of individuals from 40 countries from six continents. In addition, we provide opportunities for students to meet prominent business leaders and visit multinational companies from around the world. In short, we provide our students with opportunities to succeed. We look forward to becoming a partner in your professional growth. Come and join a group of experienced global leaders and expand your professional network. Invest in yourself and create your future with iGLEMBA.

Bobby Chang

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Office – JSOM 1.911



The program cost does include

“Soft” course materials

Courseware system

Web Conferencing system

Study Tours

  • Hotel accommodations
    (4 star hotel, single room)
  • Ground transportation
  • Welcome and farewell dinner and some meals
  • Career coaching
  • Company/Government visiting
The program cost does not include


Airfare to and from the study tour location

Travel and living expenses associated with attending the classroom (if applicable)


  • At least five years work experience
  • Completed four-year bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better from an accredited institution
  • No GMAT required for admission
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • Ability to write and speak English (all courses are taught in English)
  • Personal Essay
  • 3 letters of recommendations
  • English proficiency, if applicable
  • $7,500.00 non-refundable deposit

The iGLEMBA at The University of Texas at Dallas is designed to prepare students for management and leadership positions in business enterprises. The program design places an emphasis on executive skill development, quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques and the knowledge and professional capabilities necessary to succeed in today’s complex business environment.

Courses are taught and experiences are provided to working professionals to gain the skills and knowledge needed to assume global leadership responsibilities.

Candidates for GLEMBA are high-potential managers and executives currently in or moving into senior positions.

Designed for Managers and senior professionals with at least five years managerial-level work experience
Curriculum Complete MBA “core”
International concentration
Semester Credit Hours 53
  • On Campus Mon-Fri. classes
  • Multiple company visits
  • Lock step
    several courses per semester
Study Tour Domestic study tours across the nation
Time Commitment One year on campus
Work Days
Students and Faculty Local, National, Global
Format Teams
Tuition $79,500
  • soft copy, course materials
  • three hours coaching (optional)
  • required technologies
  • during study tours- hotel, ground transportation
GMAT Requirements No GMAT required
Extra Curricular Quarterly speakers series (C suite speakers)
Option for alumni to audit new courses for free