Supply Chain Management Directors' Conference

Why SCM Directors’ Conference!

Supply Chain Management is a dynamic discipline. With multi-tier supply chains that extend across the globe and ever-increasing competition, firms are constantly faced with new business challenges that often result in new and exciting operational techniques and strategic approaches – new lessons are learnt and old ideas are revised. Accordingly, supply chain programs too need to continually update themselves to equip students with the latest tools, techniques, and skills that employers need and value.

Why You Should Attend!

Simply put, the aim of the SCM Directors’ conference is to help program administrators make their programs better! The conference provides a platform for program managers to exchange notes about their programs and curricula, to learn from practitioners about new skills needed to be imparted to students to make them competitive in the marketplace, to discuss innovative and effective pedagogical approaches with faculty members, and to identify placement opportunities for students. The SCM Directors’ Conference provides an opportunity for a healthy dialogue among deans, program directors, faculty members, and industry experts to ensure that SCM programs continually adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the marketplace and our graduates are endowed with cutting-edge skills that are highly valued by employers.