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Times have changed

The world has been ushered into an age where Data and Information are the most valuable assets. Data is being used to predict our future using complex tools and techniques. Human intelligence has given birth to Artificial intelligence, something that will shape the future. The world is moving towards an era where anything and everything that can be connected will be connected virtually.

So the question is how do we keep up with this rapid change?

UT Dallas, through its intelligently tailored curriculum, is helping the young generation of today become the workforce of tomorrow. The ITS Academy was created to provide outreach opportunities to younger generations who have an interest in learning more about STEM opportunities, particularly as they relate to business. Maybe you are a girl in middle school who’s really interested in technology. Or perhaps you are learning about IT in high school but want to know more about possible careers in IT. Or maybe, you’re an educator and want to know how you can encourage more girls to pursue IT. The ITS Academy is for you. Please take a minute to look at our current outreach events to see if there is one for you.

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IT is such an amazing field with so much to offer. I am so excited to be able to inspire young students in this area. Please contact us to learn more about our growing program and events.

Dawn Owens, PhD Director, Undergraduate Information Technology and Systems Program