The Center for Ethical Leadership and Learning


The center has four major offerings for organizations: leadership challenge workshop, developing high performance teams, leading innovative organizations, and strategizing workshop. Depending on your organization’s needs, these can be one day or as long as two full days. In certain cases, pre-workshop research time may be needed by the center faculty to better assess your situation, which can be arranged if appropriate.

Leadership Challenge

An experiential case study for executive management where leaders who have successfully guided their organizations through a crisis present the situation, and then extend to participants the leadership challenge: How would you respond? Working in small groups, participants develop and present their own action plans, then get the ultimate insider’s look at ‘what happened next’ from the executive who lived it.

Leading Innovative Organizations

Utilizing UT Dallas’s groundbreaking brain research, LIO establishes thinking patterns for executives which, when applied, help foster creativity and innovation, providing distinct competitive advantage.

Developing High Performance Teams

Today’s fast-paced business needs the best performance from its teams. We help your business by engaging your managers in activities and learning that improve team building and management skills. Unlike other team training programs, we lay the foundation for training on tested organizational science concepts.


C-level executives who desire a better understanding of strategic frameworks and how to apply the right ones to their group or organization will find SW most helpful. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and will help you, with our experience, to select strategies for the most leverage and results.


We offer these courses to students:

  • Undergraduate Course: Transformational Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility in Practice. This is a fundamental, hands-on course to build students’ understanding of organizational change and how transformational leaders envision and implement change that creates sustainable institutions and productive societies. This course uses both Eastern and Western moral philosophical traditions and leadership concepts from many cultures. Students also work in teams on real projects, typically in the DFW area, primarily with nonprofit organizations and present project reports towards the end of the semester.
  • Leadership Academy @ UT Dallas: Open to the entire UT Dallas community. Every semester, we organize several 2-hour seminars in the broad area of leadership and cover a wide swath of themes and topics. We also invite distinguished speakers from the center and outside who share their experiences not just from the past but on the most pressing contemporary matters. Seminars are open to the entire UT Dallas community.


We help local governments and not-for-profit organizations meet their challenges by facilitating strategy sessions, and providing student groups for solving tactical and operational issues.