The Leadership Center at UT Dallas

The Center for Ethical Leadership and Learning

The Leadership Center was established at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2004 in specific response to a pent-up need of the 21st century: to develop ethical and learning leaders in our community. We are housed in UT Dallas’s Jindal School of Management.

We believe this concept of ethical leadership plays a vital role in the leadership process that translates into better leaders in business, government, and society. We believe that if we had more ethical and learning leaders in positions of power, we would have a world with more stability, honesty, and fairness.

I am very pleased to introduce the Leadership Center here at the School of Management. The key to success of any modern organization is sustainable development through ethical leadership and innovation. We have brought together top-notch faculty and practitioners, from all over the world, with the goal of creating a deeper and more meaningful understanding of ethical leadership across diverse cultural contexts.

The center will serve three distinct stakeholders—students, community and corporations—with a passion for providing ideas, practical tools and ethical philosophies for developing sustainable organizations for creating both economic and social value. We are committed to achieving this through formal classroom learning, practitioner workshops, field research and rigorous academic research relevant to the science and practice of effective managing and leading. We are very particular about the fact that everything we do here at the center should enrich student experience at UT Dallas and is realized through community and corporate engagements.

I encourage you, students, community leaders and corporations, to further examine our Leadership Center and hope you will participate in our tradition of excellence here at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Hasan Pirkul, PhD
Dean and Caruth Chair of Management

(972) 883-4785
Office – JSOM 4.608

We all know the critical importance of leadership at all levels and in all types of organizations, and we know the tragedy of failed leadership. We believe that leadership can be learned and a leader’s effectiveness can be improved. We also believe that ethical leadership, based on sound values, is good leadership. The University of Texas at Dallas, under the School of Management, has established the Leadership Center at UT Dallas. The university’s vision is to bring the body of knowledge on leadership, combined with the actual experience of leaders, to students who aspire to be future leaders and to executives who wish to hone their leadership skills.

Jerry Hoag
Executive Director, The Leadership Center

(972) 883-4785
Office – JSOM 4.213

It is my pleasure to introduce you to The Leadership Center at UT Dallas. Our belief is that leaders have a responsibility for creating communities and institutions that are sustainable, and that sustainability in turn depends on ethical behavior.

At The Leadership Center, we help students, corporations, and others in our community to learn and practice sustainable, ethical leadership through classroom discussions and workshops to improve leadership skills. Another core activity is research and publication on issues relevant to scholars, students and practicing managers. We focus on effective problem framing and problem solving techniques, entrepreneurial leadership (both social and commercial), cross-cultural leadership, and sustainable business strategies.

I encourage you to take an active interest in the philosophy and practice of sustainable and ethical leadership and join us in our ongoing efforts to create a bold new world where what is good for corporations will be good for all people, irrespective of their position in society.

Jeffrey Hicks, PhD
Academic Director, The Leadership Center

(972) 883-5986
Office – JSOM 2.240