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The UT Dallas Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program won the USASBE National Model IIE would like to welcome our new Scholars and Fellows:
Amy Cockerham
David Hitt
Steve Hall
David Overton
Bruce Quinnell
Jim Gregg

Past Winners' Ideas


First Place - $5,000 (UT Dallas Tech Commercialization Award)

Team Pad Putty: Zac Evans, Kathrine Hutson

Undergraduate Division Winner - Idea: Pad Putty is a silicone-based polymer to be inserted into the underside of horses' hooves to protect the inner hoof and frog (the "shock absorber" of the hoof). Pad Putty will keep stones and other small objects out of the hoof, preventing bruising and discomfort, and decreasing the chance of lameness.

Team Rollout: Matthew Hinson, Alejandro Jacobo

Graduate Division Winner - Idea: Rollout is a computer hardware and software solution provider serving the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) industry through a revolutionary, patent pending display device surrounded by cloud-based file sharing solutions designed to eliminate the need for AEC firms to print full-size and half-size plans on paper.

Second Place – $2,500 (Ericsson Innovation Award)

Team Horizon: Addison Kim, Zac Evans, Kelsey Drake, Michelle Abuda

Undergraduate Division Winner - Idea: An app and web service for high schools and universities students. This service will allow university and high school students too quickly and easily get a map or "Horizon" of their college degrees.

Team ThermOne: Zhaodi Liu, Tantan Liu, Chen Xia, Zhen Xu, Cheng Gu

Graduate Division Winner - Idea: Intuitive HVAC control system to revolutionize the HVAC industry. The system includes a wireless HVAC master thermostat, easy install wireless zoning vent dampers, multi-functional wireless ambient sensors, and Mobile & Web Application.

Third Place - $1,000 (Trailblazer Capital New Venture Award)

Team Vertice: Mindy Tiu, Matthew Krenik

Undergraduate Division Winner – Idea: The Vertice Inc. is a technological start up focused on commercializing ultrasound positioning technologies with robotics applications.

Team NFC Touch2Like: Timothy Jin, Leran Liu

Graduate Division Winner - Idea: NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for two-way communication between mobile phones and an object that has been embedded with NFC. Mobile users simply β€œtap” a touch point against an embedded object such as a poster with their NFC enabled device and content is loaded on their phone, or a credit card payment can be processed.

Campus Favorite Award

There was a video voting blitz for the Campus Favorite Business Idea. Students were able to vote and Team Horizon won!

Dallas Entrepreneur Network's Best Green Idea

Team ThermOne won for having the business idea that focusing on innovative sustainability by reduced energy cost.


Business Idea Competition Winners

Undergraduate Division Winner: Janus (Petrus) Venter, Megan Tan and Mindy Tiu formed team You-Park. They took the first place Dallas Mavericks Entrepreneurship Award for their automated parking management and reservation software

Business Idea Competition Winners

Graduate Division Winner: Matthew Hinson and Alejandro Jacobo of team BrainFund won the Dallas Mavericks Entrepreneurship Award in the graduate division for their online social platform to give college students the ability to raise money for their education by tapping into their existing social networks


Business Idea Competition Winners

Undergraduate Division Winner: Raheel Ata, Vivek Raman and Nikhil Karnik formed the first place undergraduate team, BluMango. Their winning idea was a smartphone app that allows users to order food from casual dining restaurants in order to bypass or reduce restaurant wait times.

Business Idea Competition Winners

Graduate Division Winner: Photon, Inc., the first place graduate team comprised of Ben Wilson, Andrew Cyders and Vance Weintraub (pictured with IIE Executive Director Jackie Kimzey), won for their idea of solar panel-covered parking structures whose energy generation helps offset facility costs