CAPRI Recent Activities and News

Stan Liebowitz presented the keynote address for the Association for Cultural Economics International in Kyoto Japan, June 22, 2012. He also provided a public lecture (“Tullock Big Ideas About Information Lecture”) where he discussed his research on piracy issues during the last decade at George Mason University in February of 2011, in addition to other presentations.

Alejandro Zentner accepted a one year visiting position at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh for the 2011-2012 academic year and also made several presentations.

Bernhard Ganglmair accepted invitations to present papers at NBER Conference on Patents, Standards, and Innovation in Boston on May 7, 2011 and the Zurich Workshop on Economics, Lucerne, Switzerland on September 8-10, 2011, among other invitations.

There were 19 new acceptances among the CAPRI research projects since 2009, as listed below:

  • Conversation with Secrets Bernhard Ganglmair UTD and Emanuele Tarantino University of Bologna. Rand Journal of Economics
  • Willful Blindness: The Inefficient Reward Structure in Academic Research Stan Liebowitz UTD. Economic Inquiry
  • What Drives IP without IP? A Study of the Online Adult Entertainment Industry Kate Darling; MIT Media Lab. Stanford Technology Law Review
  • An Empirical Analysis of Digital Music Bundling Strategies Brett Danaher, Yan Huang, Michael D. Smith, and Rahul Telang [Danaher: Wellesley, others Carnegie Mellon]. Management Science
  • Bricks, Clicks, Blockbusters, and Long Tails: How Video Rental Patterns Change as Consumers Move Online Alejandro Zentner UTD and Mike Smith Carnegie Mellon. Management Science
  • The Hopes and Realities of Copyright Stan Liebowitz UTD. Milken Institute Review, First Quarter 2014 p. 72-80.
  • How the Lock-In Movement Went off the Tracks Stan Liebowitz and Steve Margolis, UTD and NC State. Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 9(1) 2013, 125-152.
  • Internet adoption and advertising expenditures on traditional media: An empirical analysis using a panel of countries , Alejandro Zentner, UTD. Journal of Economic and Management Strategy, (21) 4, Winter 2012.
  • Clash of the Titans: The Internet as a competitor to Television Review of Economics and Statistics 2012. Stan Liebowitz and Alejandro Zentner UT Dallas.
  • Is Efficient Copyright a Reasonable Goal? George Washington Law Review, Vol 79, Issue 6, September 2011, p1692-1711. Stan Liebowitz, UT Dallas.
  • What are the Economic Impacts of Micropayments for Intellectual Properties? Chapter in Competition, Innovation and Intellectual Property (Edited by G. Ramello and F. M. Scherer), Routledge, 2011. Stan Liebowitz, UT Dallas.
  • Converting Pirates Without Cannibalizing Purchasers: The Impact of Digital Distribution on Physical Sales and Internet Piracy Brett Danaher, Marketing Science Volume: 29 Issue: 6 Pages: 1138-1151 2010. Mike Smith and Rahul Telang, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Reflections On The Nature And Scope Of The Concept Of Capital And Its Extension To Intangibles – A Capital-Based Approach to The Firm.” In Alan Burton-Jones and J.C. Spender, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Human Capital, Oxford University Press, 2010. Peter Lewin UT Dallas
  • Law and Innovation in Copyright Industries, Brendan Cunningham and Jonathon Baker, US Naval Academy, Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 61-82, 2009.
  • Bundles of Joy: The Ubiquity and Efficiency of Bundles in New Technology Markets Stan Liebowitz, UT Dallas and Stephen Margolis, North Carolina State University. The lead article in Journal of Competition Law & Economics. 1 Vol. 5, March 2009, pp. 1-48.
  • Anatomy of a Train Wreck: Causes of the Mortgage Meltdown Housing America: Building out of a Crisis edited by Benjamin Powell and Randall Holcomb, Transaction Publishers, 2009. Stan Liebowitz, UT Dallas.
  • Online Sales, Music Downloads and the Changes in Music Specialty Stores Alejandro Zentner, UT Dallas. Information Economics and Policy Volume 20, Issue 3, September 2008, Pages 288-300..
  • Competing with Free: The Impact of Movie Broadcasts on DVD Sales and Internet Piracy. MIS Quarterly Vol. 33 No. 2, pp. 321-338/June 2009. Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • 2. ARMs, Not Subprimes, Caused the Mortgage Crisis, The Economists’ Voice Vol. 6: Iss. 12, Article 4 (2009). Stan Liebowitz, UT Dallas.

Since 2009, numerous newspapers and magazines have run stories discussing CAPRI research:

Financial Times – March 22 2011
NY Times – January 15, 2011

Financial Post – Dec 22, 2010
National Post – Sept 22, 2010
Handelsblatt – Jun 28, 2010
Chronicle of Higher Education – Jun 17, 2010
DerBörsianer – Jun 9, 2010
Washington Times – Apr 13, 2010
Billboard Business News – Feb 24, 2010
Wall Street Journal – February 19 2010
New York Times – January 11, 2010

National Geographic – Dec 27, 2009
Business Week – Nov 4, 2009
Financial Post – Oct 23, 2009
Business Week – Sep 17, 2009
Billboard Business News – Jul 30, 2009 and Mar 10, 2009
Billboard – Jul 15, 2009
Forbes – May 28, 2009
Forbes – Mar 24, 2009
Columbus Dispatch – May 18, 2009
Palm Beach Post – May 10, 2009
Washington Times – Jan 9, 2009