Call for Research Proposals

Research Grant Funding Available

The Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation will provide research grants for a small number of projects related to topics regarding the efficient production of intellectual products. The support consists of cash payments made to researchers.

Topics could include, but are not limited to the choice of intellectual property regime, the pros and cons to open source production, the impacts of copying, the nature of protection for software and digital rights management. Although proposals of a purely theoretical bent will be considered, research that contains at least some empirical assessment is preferred. Of greatest importance is that proposals seem capable of providing guidance for the resolution of actual intellectual property issues and controversies that are likely to play out in the future.


  • Applicants must submit a proposal of 500-1000 words explaining the questions to be examined and the methodology to be used. Do not include spending details or budget.
  • Full research resume of the applicant must be included.
  • Final payment is dependent on submission of the paper to a refereed economics/law journal.
  • Author agrees to write a non-technical summary of the work.