CFSI Advisory Board and Supporters

Advisory Services

At its discretion, the Center will provide qualified advisers to help your corporation value itself or part of its operations. Such a valuation is of use when a corporation faces a merger or an acquisition, finds itself in a distressed situation, or simply wants to raise funds advantageously. Please let us know how we might help you. In addition to producing corporate benefits, you will be helping qualified graduate student exercise their skills in valuation.

Our Supporters

Our Board of Advisors includes four individuals who contribute considerable time and intellectual capital to help guide the Center and are heavily invested in promoting its success. These individuals serve as both ongoing advisors and a continuing resource for our activities:

Mr. Charlie Bahr, president of Bahr International, Inc. a Dallas-based turnaround company that has assisted more than one hundred troubled firms. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Mr. Bahr serves on its Board of Advisors.

Mr. Chris Haire purchased a lubricants subsidiary from Fina USA, turned it around over a period of years and sold it to TOTAL USA, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Subsequently, Mr. Haire served as President and CEO of TOTAL Lubricants USA Southwest for one year. Mr. Haire earned his MBA at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Mr. Ron Clements was a vice president of Lucent Technologies and part of the group that bought, turned around, and sold Saft Power Systems, a subsidiary of Lucent Technologies. He is now the owner of Clements Enterprises of Louisiana. Its subsidiaries are active in highway construction, oil and gas services and production, and agricultural products.

Mr. Brook Barefoot is Director of Sarofirm Realty Advisors which advises and invests private capital in the development and ownership of real estate projects. Mr. Barefoot, an MBA graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, is Director of Multifamily Investments – responsible for both sourcing and underwriting.

Friends of The Center

Friends include individuals whose ideas have helped shape the Center and who continue to support the activities of the Center for Finance Strategy Innovation in very meaningful ways. We are grateful for such support and interest.

Our friends include (but are not limited to):

Syed Abbas Ka Cotter J. Mark Lambright Mahesh Shetty
Rich Allen David Houston Ron Nash Jim Strand
Britt Berrett Jorge Jaramillo Paul Nichols Trey Vincent
Philip Campbell Zak Karamally Matt O’Reilly John Casey
Sid Keswani Bob Ressler Terry Conner Roman Kikta
Ari Reuben

Financial Interest Group

A self-selected group of graduates from courses taught by David Springate and Elizabeth Jones have organized a “Financial Interest Group” as a Center activity. The Financial Interest Group, open to all who qualify, provides a vehicle for continuing education and professional contacts. Please contact the Center if you are interested in joining this group.

Ari Besefki Drew Lockhart Dan Miller Michelle Rodriguez
Jin Ho Cha MeLinda McCall Adib Motiwala Langston Theis
John Chung Will McIntosh Rohan Nilekani
Sudhanshu Jain Stephane Mehrholz Scott Prengle
Kraish Kraish Jeff Meskill Bhaskar Rayavaram

Professional Organizations

Our activities have been supported by:
  • Financial Executives International – Dallas Chapter
  • Texas Hedge Fund Association
  • Turnaround Management Association – Dallas Chapter