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The Career Management Center is a great resource for JSOM students and alumni. We offer career coaching services to help you map out options for your future and the steps to take to get there, resume and cover letter templates and critiques, assistance with interview preparation, networking tips and opportunities and on-campus events that allow students to connect with employers. We also post jobs and internships almost daily through the UT Dallas Career Management Center and on CometCareers.

  • Career Coaching
  • Resume Help
  • Interview Strategies
  • Networking Strategies

Career Coaching

Individual and group career coaching services are provided through pods, scheduled appointments, and walk-in hours. Your career coach will help you prepare for the job and internship search through goal-setting exercises, improving your resume and cover letter, increasing your network, enhancing your interview skills, and more.

  • Pods: Pod sessions represent small group interactive discussions about a variety of career topics including resume and cover letter writing, networking strategies, LinkedIn, interview preparation, salary negotiation, career resources, and more. Pods are excellent for getting started with your job and internship search and learning best practices from your peers as well as the CMC. Visit your CometCareers account to register for a pod session.
  • Scheduled Appointments: Individualized career coaching appointments are available. Meet with a Career Coach to discuss your career plans, target companies, resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, networking, and more. Appointments are 30-minute sessions and can be scheduled in-person, phone, or email.
  • Mock Interviews: Mock interviews are available by appointment only. Advance notice is required to ensure Career Coach and student preparation. Students may register for a Mock Interview pod session on CometCareers or schedule an individual appointment. Note a mock interview is for real practice and advance preparation and a minimum of business casual dress is required.
  • Walk-in hours: The CMC provides walk-in hours each semester. Days and times vary. Visit the CMC for the current schedule. Walk-in hours are for quick questions, and sessions are typically 15 minutes are less. If your question/situation requires an in-depth discussion, we recommend attending a pod session or scheduled appointment.

JSOM Resume Writing Guidelines

The JSOM Career Management Center Career Development Specialist team has extensive corporate and recruiting experience and is a valuable resource. Resumes are often scanned by applicant tracking systems and/or recruiters within a few seconds.  Utilize the JSOM resume guidelines, examples and templates to ensure you have an employer-ready resume and increase your chances of being invited to interview for a job or internship.  Resume Writing workshops are scheduled throughout the fall, spring and summer semesters.

JSOM Resume Guidelines JSOM Action Words

JSOM Resume Examples

Undergraduate Graduate MBA/Experienced Technical

JSOM Resume Templates

Undergraduate Graduate Technical

JSOM Resume Writing Requirements

The JSOM Career Management Center resume templates meet our employer partner requirements and are accepted by applicant tracking systems. JSOM students are required to utilize the appropriate template for their career field/industry of interest.  All resumes uploaded into the hireJSOM recruiting system will be reviewed for acceptable formatting, length, content and proofreading. Students will learn more about the JSOM resume policy and the approval process during their undergraduate and graduate Business Communication and Professional Development courses starting fall 2016.

JSOM resumes will be reviewed for the following criteria:

  • Formatting: JSOM students are required to utilize the JSOM template.  Calibri font size of 11 or 12 with minimum 0.6” margin required. No lines on the page. Reverse chronological order within each section. Eligibility/work authorization statement is required. 
  • Length: a one-page resume is required for access to hireJSOM.  Professional MBA and Executive MBA students may utilize a fully developed 2-page resume if they have substantial relevant experience
  • Content: compelling bullet points with action verbs, accomplishment statements and metrics
  • Proofread: formatting and organization consistency and appropriate spelling and grammar

Steps to Start the Resume Writing Process

Complete the following steps to ensure your resume is employer-ready and to gain access to jobs and internships on hireJSOM.

  1. Review the JSOM Resume Packet and utilize a CMC resume template to create your resume.
  2. Attend a resume writing workshop provided by the JSOM Career Management Center and/or JSOM Business Communication Center.  Workshop schedules are available at the CMC at JSOM 12.110 and the BCC at JSOM 12.106. You may also email or for more information. 
  3. Visit the CMC during walk-in hours or attend a JSOM Business Communication Center pod session for assistance with final revisions.  It is strongly recommended you attend a workshop first.  Note you must attend a resume writing workshop prior to attending the BCC pod session.  Bring a printed copy of your resume. 
  4. Upload the CMC-approved final draft of your resume onto HireJSOM for final review/approval.  Know the deadlines for the internship and job opportunities you are pursuing.  Allow sufficient time for your resume to be reviewed and approved.    
  5. Apply for jobs and internships.  Note you must complete an internship orientation session to gain access to the internship database.  USPR students may complete the internship orientation online at International students are required to complete the CPT orientation; visit hireJSOM for the CPT orientation schedule. 

Writing Compelling Accomplishment Statements

Employers value candidates that demonstrate a pattern of success throughout their professional experiences.  Review the following CMC handouts to improve the quality of your accomplishment statements by incorporating powerful action verbs, descriptive language and metrics. 

How to Strengthen Your Accomplishment Statements Identify Your Actions Using the STAR Method

Interview Strategies

Schedule a mock interview with CMC staff to build confidence and practice for your next interview. Check CometCareers to register for a pod session mock interview.

Salary Negotiation and Offer Review
Meet with a career coach to discuss negotiation strategies and the decision-making process before your interview.

In addition, research current salaries by industry and location provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Interview Rooms
Reserve a quiet space in JSOM for your telephone/Skype interview. Please email or call (972) 883-6916 to make a reservation 24 hours in advance.

MBA Students
Contact the Associate Directorto schedule an appointment for assistance with an upcoming interview and other general information in your job search.

The CMC offers interview strategies workshops for JSOM students throughout the semester. Register on CometCareers to attend.

Networking Strategies

What is networking and what are the benefits?

Networking is the sharing of information between professionals about career paths, responsibilities, organizations, and best practices. Networking often leads to referrals for future job and internship opportunities. Employers utilize networking to fill positions before advertising them to the general public. Employers prefer to hire someone they know and trust that will be a cultural fit within their organization and team. Networking is effective for finding opportunities because most individuals recall situations when a connection referred them for a job or internship.

Who is in my network?

  • Employers you meet on-campus
  • Current/past supervisors and co-workers
  • Professors
  • Classmates
  • Professional Association Members
  • Student Organization Members
  • Community or volunteer programs
  • Family and friends
  • UTD alumni on LinkedIn

How do I get started?

The CMC hosts several networking events each semester. Networking mixers, roundtable discussions, industry forums, employer information sessions, employer-provided workshops, and more are excellent programs for increasing your professional connections with employers and peers. Check the Upcoming Events calendar for workshops about networking and register on CometCareers to ensure your seat. The following PDFs can help you get started with networking.

  • Networking and Informational Interview Strategies
  • Introduce Yourself in 30 seconds
  • Career Fair Strategies

Check the Upcoming Events calendar for workshops on the importance of networking. Registration on CometCareers ensures a seat at events, but walk-ins are welcomed.

Social Media

Creating professional social media pages is essential in networking. Not only do employers often research candidates online, but social media can also help you build your network.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest for career resources, events, job postings and up-to-date information.

Remember: LinkedIn is your way to collect and organize your networking contacts. It’s imperative that you have one, maintain it, and give a good online impression.

The CMC offers Social Media strategies workshops for JSOM students throughout the semester. Visit our office for a critique of your social media sites or advice on building a profile.


hirejsom is the UT Dallas Career Management Center’s online recruiting system. Find job postings, on-campus interviews and register to attend events on campus.

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