Alumni Mentor Program

Some of the brightest students from our region and around the world study at UT Dallas. The Naveen Jindal School of Management’s student-focused mission depends on its ability to provide relevant, real-world experiences both in and out of the classroom. For this reason, we are asking our alumni to become part of the school’s Alumni Mentor Program and share their professional experiences and career advice with an elite group of highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students. Participating as a mentor is a valuable experience for both students and mentors.

Here is what being an Alumni Mentor requires:

  • A commitment from you to be in contact with your student six times (one-hour sessions) during the academic year, which runs September through May. Each student is responsible for initiating contact with his or her mentor.
  • Complete the Two–Minute Mentor Questionnaire.
  • Participating in a brief end–of–year evaluation survey.


Courtney Echols
Assistant Director, Development and Alumni Relations

Office – JSOM 4.629