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Fast Track to the Master of Science in Accounting

Fast-track programs are designed to permit undergraduate students enrolled at UT Dallas to begin work on their Master of Science or the Professional MBA (Flex or Online) degree before graduation. Qualified seniors may take graduate courses in management that will apply toward the Bachelor of Science degree and satisfy requirements for the master’s degree. These courses will be selected from a list determined by the Jindal School of Management (JSOM).

Students are allowed to fast-track 6 hours toward the MS in Accounting degree (dual credit for undergraduate and graduate degrees).

Students are allowed to fast-track up to two of the four required accounting electives but cannot fast-track any of the six undergraduate core accounting courses.

Admission Process

In order to be eligible for the Fast-Track Program, you must have:

The Advising Office requires an approval memo to be enrolled in the Fast-Frack Program.  If you meet the above criteria, please make an appointment to see Associate Accounting Area Coordinator Tiffany Bortz at tabortz@utdallas.edu to discuss the fast-track courses in which you are interested. Please have your degree plan available for this meeting.

While in the Program

Please note

Students may delay entering the graduate program, after completing their undergraduate degree, for up to one year and have their Fast-Track courses count toward their graduate degree.

Please review additional requirements/information on the Fast-Track Programs page.