Davidson Management Honors Program Faculty

Matt Polze, JD (UT Austin School of Law)
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs Senior Lecturer, Accounting

Research Interests

Business and employment law
Charles Hazzard, MBA (University of Pennsylvania)
Clinical Professor, Executive in Residence and Senior Advisor to the Dean

Research Interests
The Behavior and Personality Characteristics of Successful Managers
John Mcclain Watson, PhD (University of Iowa)
Senior Lecturer, Organizations, Strategy & International Management Director, Writing Lab

Research Interests
History of Business Writing
Amy Troutman, CPA, MPA, (The University of Texas at Austin)
Senior Lecturer, Associate Area Coordinator, Accounting Programs

Research Interests
Accounting Ethics
Julie Haworth, MBA (The University of Texas at Austin)
Director, Undergraduate Marketing Program, Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Research Interests
Marketing Advisory Board
George DeCourcy, MBA (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Senior Lecturer, Finance and Managerial Economics

Research Interests
Real Estate, Corporate Restructuring, Turnaround Management