DMHP Student Spotlight

J. Michelle Abuda Class of 2015
Majors: Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, with a minor in Computer Science
Hometown: Frisco, Texas

Michelle Abuda has not stopped moving since she arrived at UT Dallas. Her commitment to improving campus life has led her to take on leadership positions in several organizations, as well as starting a few of her own. Her service was recognized when she was chosen as the student speaker at the groundbreaking event for the JSOM building addition in May 2013.
Jennifer Chen Class of 2014
Major(s): Marketing and Global Business

Jennifer, a Plano, Texas, native who graduates soon, has filled her undergraduate career at UT Dallas with success both inside and outside the classroom. Beyond her academic achievements as a double major in marketing and global business, Jennifer has served as president of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and a member of the DMHP Advisory Council. Having worked as a marketing intern for a corporation for the last year, Jennifer looks to the future as graduation nears, and shares her thoughts on her UT Dallas and DMHP experience.
Tyler Cotter Class of 2016
Majors: Accounting and Finance

Tyler (Ty) Cotter traveled from his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his identical twin brother, Luke, to pursue a college soccer career at UT Dallas. Having since “fallen in love” with the campus and the Richardson area, Ty continues to be a goalkeeper for the UT Dallas Men’s Soccer team, while also getting involved in numerous other clubs and activities on campus. Having a true entrepreneurial spirit, Ty advises all students to look for ways to leave their own stamp on UT Dallas.
Michael Matthews Class of 2016
Majors: BS in Business Administration and BS in Marketing
Hometown: Plano, Texas

Sophomore Michael Matthews was not planning to attend UT Dallas. But a visit to campus made a good impression, and he has been taking advantage of everything UT Dallas and the Jindal School of Management (JSOM) has to offer ever since. As a student-athlete, Michael balances his time to get to know his professors, his peers and pave the way for his future success.
Mindy Tiu Class of 2014
Majors: BS in Marketing, BS in Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship
Hometown: Houston

There is one thing that will definitely not be lacking on senior Mindy Tiu’s résumé when she graduates in May — relevant work experience. In addition to her academics and extracurricular activities, Mindy has honed her skills in the professional environment with internships at big companies, such as Nordstrom, Alcatel-Lucent and J.C. Penney. Attributing a lot of her accomplishments to networking, Mindy shares her advice for maximizing your time at UT Dallas to prepare for future success.
Suneet Flora Class of 2014
Majors: B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Business Administration
Hometown: Allen, Texas

Senior Suneet Flora brings a unique perspective to the Jindal School of Management — learning business through the lens of her medical school aspirations. Her combination of management and healthcare interests can be seen outside the classroom as well in her leadership on campus. Co-founding the UT Dallas chapter of the service organization Circle K International, Suneet has gone on to become an officer for the entire Texas-Oklahoma district.
Trang Nguyen Class of 2015
Majors: BS in Management Information Systems
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Traveling across the world from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Richardson, Texas, Trang Nguyen was not sure what she would find as she pursued her education at UT Dallas. Since that first year, she has become immersed in college life — from the classroom to clubs to an on-campus job. You might find Trang teaching UNIV 1010, the class that introduces freshmen to UT Dallas, one day and singing in the annual “Best of Broadway” production the next.
Vaneda Anna Valentine 2014
Majors: Finance
Hometown: Houston

Finance student Vaneda Valentine wasted no time upon her arrival at UT Dallas to start making her impact on campus. She goes beyond the basic club membership to leadership positions in a variety of organizations. Also, because of her academic achievements, Vaneda was recently “tapped” to join the selective honor society, Phi Kappa Phi. She is proof that scholarship and leadership go hand-in-hand at UT Dallas.
Triza Nganga Class of 2017
Majors: BS in Accounting
Hometown: Irving, Texas

There is no rule that says when you can become a leader on your college campus. Freshman Triza Nganga is a perfect example of how you can jump right in to all that UT Dallas has to offer inside and outside the classroom. Finding activities that are both related to her accounting major and reflect her other interests, Triza has been able to start building her UT Dallas legacy from the beginning of her college career.