Finance and Managerial Economics PhD Students

Our finance faculty develops world–class scholars that explore careers in research and teaching at universities and within industry. Students and graduates of the doctoral program in operations management can look forward to educating future practitioners and researchers in the concepts and analytical techniques needed to understand and advance scientific solutions to the problems currently faced by finance managers.

Also see former finance and managerial economics PhD students and their teaching or industry appointments.

Former Finance & Managerial Economics PhD Students

Name Graduation Current Placement
Yin Li 2011 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Michael Keefe 2010 Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand
Xuying Cao 2010 University of Seattle
Jess Cornaggia 2009 Indiana University, Bloomington
Walt Pohl 2009 University of Zurich
Lin Zou 2009 Texas Woman’s University
Mehmet Goktan 2008 California State University, East Bay
Xin Zhou 2008 Fudan University – P.R. China
Yiyu Shen 2007 Governors State University, University Park, IL.
Qian Wang 2006 Kean University
Rabih Moussawi 2005 Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Zhengzheng Li 2005 New Jersey City University
Onur Arugasian 2002 Western Michigan University
Seokweon Lee 1998 Consultant
Pingying Wang 1998 Consultant
Chaehwan Won 1998 Soon-Hyang University, Korea
Yi Wang 1998 EMA
Susan Hayes-Yelken 1997 Consultant
Sarathi Roy 1996 Sempra Energy Trading, London
Richard Held 1995 Associates Financial Services, Irving
Gong-Meng Chen 1995 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Kai-Hin Thomas Leong 1995 University of Malaysia
Robert T. Maurer 1995 Texas Woman’s University
Cheng-Yuan Chen 1994 National Kaohsung Poly Institute, Taiwan
Hyunrin Shin 1993 Korean Institute for Defense Analyses
Zukang Hua 1992 Golden Gate University
Huan Zhang 1992 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Susan Parkhurst-Sewell 1990 East Carolina University
Chandra S. Mishra 1990 Oregon State University
Said Younes-Elfakani 1989 American University, Beirut
Tarek S. Zaher 1989 Indiana State
David Weeks 1988 University of New Mexico
Mary Chaffin 1987 UTD -SOM Associate Dean of Undergrad. Studies, retired
Alan Weatherford 1986 California Poly State
Abdul Aziz 1984 Humboldt State University
Michael Intille 1982 Lecturer, University of Texas at Dallas
Cynthia Sample 1981 Arkansas
Ross Lumley 1979 Consultant