Full-Time MBA Program

The mission of the No. 37-ranked (according to U.S. News & World Report), UT Dallas Full–Time MBA program is to develop leaders who can think, plan and act strategically in an ever-expanding global economy.

We do this with a:

  • 16–month time frame
  • Intimate “Cohort” of 60 students
  • Supportive TEAM of professionals
  • Renowned faculty (Ranked 14th in North America for Faculty Research Productivity)
  • Connection to many of the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in DFW (critical to maintaining our 90% placement rate)
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Consider joining the UT Dallas School of Management Full–Time MBA community of scholars. Be a part of a unique MBA experience guaranteed to dramatically alter the course of your professional life.

A Small Program With Big Benefits

How exciting that you are considering getting your MBA. For me, this journey was not only rewarding in itself but pivotal in my career development. It took me beyond the point of questioning my ability to allowing me to feel accomplished and confident.

The UT Dallas Full-Time MBA is different than many programs out there. Like most, our students are driven and hard working—and given the university’s research orientation, very smart. But they are also students who are seeking a “family” to go through this with—together. When we conduct our mid-program survey, almost unanimously the small program size is what students identify as the program’s greatest strength. We know each and every student personally. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

I encourage you to take a few minutes, get to know us and find your place within this company of smart people.

Lisa Shatz
Assistant Dean & Director, MBA Programs

(972) 883-6191
Office – JSOM 2.218


Combining your experience with the Full-Time MBA curriculum will prepare you to switch industries or advance your career. Whatever your motivation for getting an MBA, this fast-paced program will position you to make the next step.

  • A new class of 60 begins each fall.
  • The UT Dallas Full-Time MBA offers more than 100 business electives to choose from, more than any other public university in the state of Texas.
  • The two-year curriculum is completed in 16 months.
  • The MBA degree requires 53 credits—29 core and 24 elective.
  • Students may select from 15 concentrations.

Our curriculum is designed to develop problem solvers—professionals who produce measurable and defensible results. Employers repeatedly tell us this is why they hire our MBA graduates. Learn more about our curriculum.

Application Procedures

For application procedure and admission requirements, please visit here.

Tuition and Fees

Students enrolled in the Full-Time MBA program will complete 53 semester credit hours. Find out the cost per semester credit hour by visiting the UT Dallas Bursar’s Office.

Full-Time MBA Program: Estimated Tuition & Fees

Fall 2014 Full-Time MBA Tuition & Fees Under Various Scenarios

Please visit UT Dallas Tuition Plans to see entire tution table.

No Credits in Summer
Semester Credit Hours Resident Cost Fees Nonresident Cost
Fall I 19 7,621 1,520 15,433
Spring 17 7,621 1,360 15,433
Summer 0 0 0 0
Fall II 17 7,621 1,360 15,433
Total 53 $22,863 $4,240 $46,299

Total Tuition & Fees (Resident): $27,103
Total Tuition & Fees (Nonresident): $50,539

Internship for Three Credits in Summer
Semester Credit Hours Resident Cost Fees Nonresident Cost
Fall I 19 7,621 1,520 15,433
Spring 17 7,621 1,360 15,433
Summer 3 2,654 240 4,259
Fall II 17 7,621 1,360 15,433
Total 53 25,348 4,240 50,046

Total Tuition & Fees (Resident): $29,588
Total Tuition & Fees (Nonresident): $54,286

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Two types of scholarships are available for the Full-Time MBA Program–Cohort and Corporate. Both scholarships are merit based and will be determined along with your admission decision. To be considered, applicants are encouraged to apply by March 1, but scholarships may still be available after that date. In addition to scholarships, students may apply for financial aid through the UT Dallas Financial Aid Office.

Accepted applicants compete for full and partial academic scholarships, international trip scholarships and teaching assistantships. Your scholarship package may consist of one or more of the above forms of assistance. In recent years, 75 percent of our incoming class was awarded some form of scholarship based on merit. Out-of-state scholarship recipients receive a waiver for in-state-tuition rates. Last year’s class received an average award of more than $9,000.

In addition, the UT Dallas Office of Financial Aid works closely with all admitted students who have completed a financial aid application and who may be eligible for loans, grants or a combination of the two, based on need. Short-term loan programs are available for international students as well.

Life in Dallas

  • Dallas is the fourth largest metro area in the U.S.–only New York, LA, and Chicago are bigger.
  • Approximately 40 of the top Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered in the Dallas area.
  • CNBC ranks Texas as the best state to do business in.
  • BusinessWeek rates Dallas as the 3rd best city for new graduates—behind Houston and D.C.
  • According to Hispanics Magazine, Dallas is ranked as one of the top five cities for Hispanics.
  • Black Enterprise Magazine ranked Dallas as one of the 10 best cities for African-Americans.
  • Dallas has the highest number of shopping centers & restaurants per capita in the U.S.
  • The Dallas area is home to five professional sports teams—Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars and FC Dallas.

Student Experience

While the Full-Time MBA program is academically rigorous, students take time for life outside of class, including:

  • Business Case Competitions
  • Company Visits
  • University research center participation
  • Student Organizations
  • Intramural Sports
  • Community service projects
  • Happy hours
  • Networking events

These are just some of the ways our students spend their time outside the classroom, enriching both their personal and professional life.

Check us out at #FTCohortMBA on our Naveen Jindal School of Management Facebook page.


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