Previous Trips

August 2010: International Study Trip to India

Gateway to India, Mumbai

What an incredible experience! Traveling to India with our UTD study group was an amazing way to see the country. Not only were we exposed to the culture through sightseeing and tour guides, we met with executives from leading companies in Mumbai and Ahmadabad. Never would I have had the opportunity to meet one on one with the influential professionals from various corporations we visited. Since the UTD culture itself is diverse, our group was also able to learn from students traveling with us that either lived or had family in India. Not only was it an easy way to travel, meals, accommodations and flights were taken care of, I know that I would have never visited the places we went to on my own. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I would encourage every student to grab the opportunity and go. Rachel Basham, MBA Student  

The Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad – 3 Wise Monkeys – Speak, See, & Hear No Evil

The 2010 International Study Trip to India was a really great experience! The UTD group got many opportunities to meet top executives in major corporations, tour factories of industries, and visit influential commercial and trade icons of the Indian economy. Not only did I get to see some interesting places and taste the local cuisine, but I truly made lasting friendships within the group and with many people we met along the way. This was a trip of a lifetime and one that I will never forget! Brian Rutledge, MBA Student  

UTDallas Study Group, Ahmedabad

I must say India tour was a phenomenal experience. The tour was well planned and we never faced any problem during the entire tour. We met a lot of people during our India tour and all of them were very warm and welcoming. I am from India but never have I had the experience that I had during this tour. I made great friends during the tour and I am sure these friendships will last forever. Finally, I would like to recommend such study tours to all the students who want to experience a different country with a set of great people. Sujay Nadkarni, MS ITM  

Adalaj Step Well, Ahmedabad

The UTD Trip to India was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not only did it give me a chance to meet some amazing new people and see the beauty and history that India has to offer but it also gave me a good insight of how business is done in India. It was a perfect balance since the trip was filled with activity and learning. Every person I met in India made me feel at home. Our tour guides were extremely interesting and helpful. I liked everything that we did on the tour. I hope to visit India again soon and I encourage everyone to take this opportunity that UTD gives us to experience other cultures, its businesses and meeting new people of different parts of the world. Not only did I learn a great deal more than I had previously known about India, but I was also able to make new friends who shared my experience with me, as well. I truly appreciate the opportunity to get to know them. Every UTD student with a desire of working in an international company, abroad and learn about new cultures needs to experience these trips and take advantage of them. The trip to India opened up my mind to opportunities in different kinds of industries and in different parts of the world that I had never considered before, it also gave me the chance to network and make contacts. This was truly Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!! Elia Torres, BS Finance  

May 2010: International Study Trip to China and South Korea

Bit of Culture; Bite of Education

Praveen Narayanan, Professional MBA, South Korea & China – May 2010   Embarking to immerse in an emerging market, Seventeen of the boldest and the brightest, Set out on a sojourn with sizzle and sparkle; Soon soaked in Chinese history and culture, Fortified with fascination and fervor – Set off to conquer the great wall; Marveled and mesmerized, struggling to sequence, we climbed many stairs and stared out in awe. Later we catch the flight of fancy to Seoul; Business at their best, we witness Hyundai, Posco and SK in finesse; Amazed at the hospitality and added dexterity, we filled up on kimchi until we could eat no more We touch-down in Dallas to the aroma of home, only to wake up and realize we just lived through a well managed dream!  

Friends, Education and fun…

Svetlana Popova Part-time MBA South Korea & China – May 2010   Traveling abroad always sounds exotic and interesting and most of us were very excited and anxious to go on the trip to China and South Korea. Now, looking back it’s hard to imagine that all of our wildest expectations prior to the trip were so easily surpassed! Going on the trip organized by the School of Management was not just traveling abroad. Well planned, to the tiniest detail, it was first of all a hassle-free experience freeing us of any worries and allowing us to fully experience the culture, history, and modern business environment of each destination on our list, even in transit. Looking as far ahead into the future prior to our trip Dr. Woldu, who played a key role initiating International Study Abroad program, taught a class Doing Business in China and Korea, which prepared us and built a foundation of business knowledge needed during the trip. In ten days, which seem like a short amount of time, we were able to complete a few interesting historical tours in Beijing, China and extensive tour of South Korea, visiting Seoul, Gyeongju City and Ulsan. We came back with a deep understanding of the Korean culture and a great appreciation for dedication and quality of work of Korean people. We learned the history of world-wide known companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industries (#1 industrial ship manufacturer in the world), Hyundai Motor Company, Posco (top 10 steel manufacturer in the world) and Dongguk University (the largest Buddhist university in Asia) during our corporate visits.” Participating in this study abroad program has widened our horizons, gave us a chance to make new friends and create memories that will last a life time. I’m saying “we” because I was one of many who were immersed into a new culture, experienced Korean hospitality, politeness, and friendliness, and realized that we didn’t want to leave! I’m saying “we” because it’s the Korean way, and because we all cannot say Kamsahamnida (Thank You) enough times to Dr. Woldu and Dr. Lee, who was our leader and professor, during the trip, for this wonderful opportunity! Thank you! Svetlana Popova  

Exploring the other side of the world!

Junaid Wajid MBA – Entrepreneurship and Innovation South Korea & China – May 2010   As we embarked upon our journey, we set out to discover worlds we had seen through the lens of academic discourse. We read of China’s importance on the global geo-political landscape, and studied the S. Korean resolve in defining itself as an industrialized powerhouse within the span of fifty years. We knew the Chinese gave birth to great historical landmarks such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. We knew of S. Korean Chaebols (conglomerates). What we didn’t know was what it meant to experience these worlds, to immerse ourselves and view the world through the lens of adventure. Jubilant over having conquered an inconsequential section of the Great Wall, one can grasp the pride of the people who toiled to build these structures. Walking through the assembly line of one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers heralded an appreciation of streamlining operational efficiencies and how that gives way to the success of a business which in turn yields successful nations. Not only did we learn much about China and South Korea, but individually everyone learned a little more about themselves… A part of me has been left in the reverie of discovery, lost somewhere between the mountains of S. Korea and the summit of our Great Wall expedition. Left with experiences that have reshaped many of us and our understanding of the global world we live in and ourselves. These experiences cannot be bought or described but only appreciated in person. And with that, I leave you with a few of my most memorable moments…   The Great Wall of China – “Not been on the Great Wall, not a great man” – Chinese Proverb   Impromptu visit to a beach between corporate visits – who would have thought we’d find ourselves in business attire at a remote beach in South Korea?   From one campus to another – the warm reception and serene location of Dongguk will always stay with us.   The explosion of tastes experienced – personal favorite was the Dakgalbi Chicken – a South Korean treat to be found in the Gangwon Province.   Our last meal in Seoul happened to fall on the Buddha’s birthday. While all of us celebrated the moment, we were well aware that the adventure was nearing its end. Pieces of us may still be lingering somewhere in Seoul, but what we’ve learned and taken with us is far more valuable.