International Study Trip Student Guide

Dress code

During all our meetings, including business meetings and university visits, business professional dress is required. However, after our formal meetings you can wear casual attire as you wish. Don’t pack too much, but two dress suits will be necessary.Pack attire appropriate to the climate, environment, and culture of the host country. (i.e. handkerchiefs, scarves, or bandanas to cover head when visiting some places of worship; shoes will be removed, but socks or pantyhose are required to enter some places of worship; skirts or shorts below knees when visiting some places of worship)

Corporate & University Visits (Business Professional Attire)

  • Men: suits, slacks/sport coat, tie, dress shoes
  • Women: suit, dress shoes, conservative skirts; dress shoes

** We will be walking frequently so ladies may want to wear flat dress shoes.

City Tours (Casual Attire)

  • Men: longer shorts, such as cargo shorts over running shorts or jeans
  • Women: capri pants; skirts; jeans; Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes and socks; sandals and flip-flops

** We are representing UT Dallas and casual attire should still be “nice”. No ripped jeans or t-shirts with profanity etc.

Additional Packing Tips

  • Passport/Visa, Driver’s license; SOS Emergency Card; Insurance Card
  • One credit card
  • Prescription Medicines; band-aids; eyeglasses; contacts; eye drops; nasal spray; tissues;
  • Over the counter medicines for headaches and sensitive stomachs (Aspirin, Imodium, Tums, etc)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, soap, 1 roll of toilet paper)
  • Baby Powder
  • Anti bacterial hand wipes or wet wipes; antibacterial hand gel
  • Camera, battery
  • Dress Shoes; walking shoes; socks
  • Sunglasses; sunblock; bug spray
  • Sweater; light weight jacket
  • Rain coat; umbrella
  • Notebook paper or pad of paper and pen
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Electric adapter and converters

Corporate & University Visits (Bring business cards to exchange)

Corporate Gifts

We will present each company and corporation with a gift. Please bring items from your company with company logos to share or any UT Dallas items from the local bookstore. (i.e. — pens, paper, chip clips, hats, USB drives, t-shirts, etc.)

Cultural Fun Facts

There will be much travel time on the bus. You may consider doing research to share with the group. (Pop culture trivia on country visiting, historical trivia, and current event news articles, etc)

Airport Tips

Be sure to read and understand the rules and regulations of the airlines on which we will be travelling in regard to permissible medicines, carry on bags and weight limits of checked baggage. Many flights will be overnight flights, so pack accordingly to items you need immediate access to while traveling on long extended flights.