Marketing Papers

When Talk is "Free": An Analysis of Subscriber Behavior Under Two– and Three–Part Tariffs
Eva Ascarza, Anja Lambrecht, and Naufel Vilcassim

On Bayesian Bidding Strategies of a Multi–period Participant in Sequential Online Auctions (Abstract only)
Prabirendra, Prof. Arvind Tripathi, and Prof. Paulo Goes

Dynamics of Consumer Adoption of Financial Innovations: The Case of ATM Cards
Botao Yang and Andrew Ching

Procurement Auctions with Partially Qualified Suppliers: theory and experiments (Abstract Only)
Damian Beil, Elena Katok, Zhixi Wan

How Do You Properly Diagnose Harmful Collinearity in Moderated Regressions?
Pavan Chennamaneni, Raj Echambadi, James D. Hess, and Niladri Syam

How Does Popularity Information Affect Choices? Theory and A Field Experiment
Catherine Tucker and Juanjuan Zhang

A Choice Model with Spatial Correlation in Preference and Response Applied to Promotional Planning in the Auto Industry (Abstract Only)
Ohjin Kwon, S. Siddarth, and Jorge Silva–Risso

Dilution and Enhancement of Celebrity Brands through Sequential Movie Releases
Lan Luo, Xinlei (Jack) Chen, Jeanie Han, and C. Whan Park

The Big Picture: Exploring the Performance Impact of Being at the Technological Frontier (Abstract Only)
Prokriti Mukherji, Madhu Viswanathan, Om Narasimhan, and Rajesh Chandy

Structural Estimation of Moral Hazard Models: An Application to the Design of Marketing Channels (Abstract Only)
Ranjan Banerjee, Om Narasimhan, and George John

Feature Overload (Abstract Only)
Kaifu Zhang and V. Padmanabhan

To Bundle or Not To Bundle: On the Profitability of Multi–Item Auctions
Peter T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc, Gerald Häubl, and Yingtao Shen

Integrated Marketing Communications and Corporate Advertising (Abstract Only)
Kalyan Raman

Quota Dynamics and the Intertemporal Allocation of Sales–Force Effort
Sanjog Misra and Harikesh Nairy

Marketing Expenditures over the Product Life Cycle: Asymmetries between Dominant and Weak Brands
Venkatesh Shankar

Takeoff and Growth across Technology Generation
Stefan Stremersch, Eitan Muller, and Renana Peres

Quota Structure and Sales Performance Dynamics (Abstract Only)
Doug Chung, Thomas Steenburgh, and K. Sudhir

Free In–Network Pricing as Entry–Deterrence Strategy (Abstract Only)
Tingting He, Dmitri Kuksov, and Chakravarthi Narasimhan

Price–Advertising Relationship and Diffusion Effects
Demetrios Vakratsas and Trichy Krishnan

Industry Dynamics with Strategic Entry (Abstract Only)
Qiaowei Shen and J. Miguel Villas–Boas

Reference Groups and Product Line Decisions: An Experimental Investigation of Limited Editions and Product Proliferation
Wilfred Amaldoss and Sanjay Jain

Online Social Interactions: A Natural Experiment on Word of Mouth versus Observational Learning (Abstract Only)
Yubo Chen, Qi Wang, and Jinhong Xie

Local Preference Minorities and the Internet: Why e–Retailer Demand is Greater in Areas Where Target Customers Are in the Minority
Jeonghye Choi and David R. Bell