Marketing Discussion Slides

The Behavioral "Revolution" – Rachel Croson

FORMS Conference – Brian Ratchford

Discussion of Procurement Auctions with Partially Qualified Entrants by Beil, Katok & Wan – Octavian Carare

Can Your Past Purchases Predict Other Consumers’ Choices? A Bayesian Multinomial Probit Model with Spatial Correlation in Preference and Response – Ed Fox

Discussion of A Dynamic Structural Model of Sales Force Response to Compensation Plans – Ram Rao

Discussion of Bidding Strategies in Sequential Online Auctions by Prabirendra Chatterjee, Paulo Goes, and Arvind Tripathi – Andrei Strijnev

Discussion of Price–Advertising Relationship and Diffusion Effects by Trichy Krishnan and Demetrios Vakratsas – Vithala Rao

Discussion of "Dynamics of Consumer Adoption of Consumer Innovations: The Case of ATM Cards" by Botao Yang and Andrew Ching - Ahmed Khwaja

Discussion on "How Does Popularity Information Affect Choice? Theory and A Field Experiment" by Tucker & Zhang – Yuanping Ying

Discussion Feature Overload by Kaifu Zhang and V. Padmanabhan – Axel Stock

Discussion of Online Social Interactions: A Natural Experiment on WOM vs. OL by Yubo Chen, Qi Wang, and Jinhong Xie – Yu Wang

Discussion of IMC and Corporate Advertising by Kalyan Raman – Ashutosh Prasad

Discussion of Local Preference Minorities and the Internet: Why e–Retailer Demand is Greater in Areas where Target Customers Are the Minority by Jeonghye Choi and David Bell – Anthony Dukes

Discussion of To Bundle or Not To Bundle: On the Profitability of Multi–Item Auctions by Peter T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc, Gerald Häubl, and Yingtao Shen – Xueming Luo