Supply Chain Management STEM Programs

The Bachelor and Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (SCM) are STEM degree programs. The Supply Chain Management deals with the issues related to developing, producing and delivering goods and services from suppliers to customers. SCM is mainly concerned with the efficient integration of suppliers, factories, warehouses and stores so that products are distributed to customers in the right quantity, at the right time and at low cost.

Students enrolled in SCM programs gain knowledge, skills and expertise needed to manage and improve the efficiency and productivity of business operations to improve the quality of services and goods produced. The SCM programs are designed to prepare students to be leaders in their supply chain management careers.

Our faculty has significant domain expertise and strengths in supply chain, logistics, purchasing, sourcing and operations management while maintain a wide range of activities in research and real-world experiences.

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Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management STEM degree program provides a managerial perspective on production and service operations. The program teaches numerous processes whose mastery assures success in both local and global competitive environments. Students learn to efficiently manage an organization by gaining through knowledge of product design, quality control, inventory control, supply chain and capacity management. Read more…

Fast-Track BS /MS in Supply Chain Management

Fast Track programs enable undergraduate students to begin work on the MS SCM degree before graduation. They learn the fundamentals of planning and executing the operations of an entire supply chain. Qualified seniors may take up to 9 hours of graduate courses that will apply both to the Bachelor of Science degree and satisfy the requirements for an MS SCM degree.

Master’s in Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS SCM) STEM degree program teaches design and management of industrial supply chains, including how to improve operations and how to resolve related key issues. SCM graduates use their analytical decision-making skills and advanced knowledge to address supply chain concerns that arise as operations become increasingly more sophisticated. Read more…

In addition, we offer an MBA degree with concentration on Supply Chain Management.

PhD with Concentration in Operations Management

Operations Management emphasizes the development of models, methods, applications and algorithms as they apply to problems in industrial manufacturing, complex supply chains and services. Students are exposed to deterministic and stochastic modeling and may apply and develop these and new methods to solve problems in their selected topics. Students may combine a major in finance, information systems or marketing with one in operations management/supply chain management.

The goal of the doctoral program in operations management is to educate future practitioners and researchers in the concepts and analytical techniques needed to understand and advance scientific solutions to the problems currently faced by operations managers. Read more…

Supply Chain Management Certificate

The Center for Intelligent Supply Networks (C4iSN) offers a comprehensive curriculum of three-day modules and site visits allowing students to earn a professional certificate in supply chain management in three months. The program requires a completion of four modules (12 days; eight hours per day).

Students with or without professional experience or academic training can attend the program. Typically, students are professional individuals who come from such supply chain segments as service, manufacturing, product development, procurement, distribution, warehousing, logistics, IT and consulting. This certificate program complements their experience and provides them with an edge over their peers. It also enables students to network with other professionals and become current in best practices and trends in the field of supply chain management.

Lean Six Sigma Certificate

The curriculum combines the Lean and Six Sigma approaches, which have been proven to result in significant cost savings and process improvements. Those interested in learning and applying a systematic approach to quality improvement, cost reduction and process efficiency will benefit from this program. No previous training is required for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt or Green Belt training.

Training toward a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate requires the completion of seven days of class work and a project. Students typically identify a project within the company where they work. C4iSN will assist the Green Belt candidate find a project. Participants who do not complete the project in eight months from the start of the program will automatically receive a Yellow Belt certificate as long as they have met other requirements. Students can opt to enroll in the Yellow Belt program only.

Students who have successfully completed the Green Belt program are eligible to register for the Black Belt program. The Black Belt program requires completion of 10 days of training, class assignments and quizzes. In addition, they are expected to complete one Lean Six Sigma project. Students who do not complete the project in 10 months from the start of the program will automatically receive a Brown Belt certificate as long as they have met other requirements. Students can opt to enroll for the Brown Belt program only.

Product Life cycle Management Certificate

This certificate program offers a comprehensive curriculum of nine days in which participants earn a professional certificate in product life cycle management in three months. The program requires completion of nine days (eight contact hours per day). Upon completion of this program, Individuals make fewer mistakes, improve product performance and become more effective in collaborating with other functions of the organization while reducing cycle time. Students also learn how to be more efficient in using technology and applying the latest techniques from industry and academic experts.

For more information about any of these certificate programs, tuition or schedule, please visit the C4iSN page or contact the managing director Dr Divakar Rajamani or call (972) 883-4843.