Information Technology Student Clubs


The following student groups feature guest speakers from various industries to discuss industry topics and trends. These meetings provide students opportunities to network with industry leaders and professionals.

SAP Users Group helps to broaden the exposure gained by its members in ERP/SAP related industries, technologies and people. SAP Users Group meetings allow members to network with industry leaders and professionals and meet socially.

The MIS Club is a professional association comprised of career-minded IT professionals who seek to expand their potential. The organization provides its members a chance to be teachers as well as students and make contacts with other IT professionals. The MIS Club helps its members become more marketable in the rapidly changing, technology-based careers.

BIAT Club (Business Intelligence and Analytic Tools) is chartered to advance our student members’ professional goals in the domain of business intelligence and analytics. The club acts as a forum for BI and analytics enthusiasts who seek to network with like-minded students, learn about new tools and decision support approaches, and enhance their professional prospects.