Newsletter October 2008

Curriculum Spotlight: Business One for Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME)

Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) represent 99.7 percent of all firms in the U.S. and employ about half of all private sector employees. SMEs are beginning to play a fast–growing, critical role in today’s global supply and demand networks. Management and managerial skills have been identified as core requirements for economic prosperity and possibly even economic development. In an increasingly knowledge–based economy, the ability to mobilize and use knowledge is a critical skill. This is also true for SMEs.

Contemporary business education focuses on corporations rather than SMEs and more on the functions of business than the practice of managing. Business schools need a larger clinical or practice component to affect graduates’ performance. Because of the large size of the SME segment and their need in both process knowledge and implementation, UT Dallas is developing a course for SMEs that will use Business One to help students get the strongly needed practical experience combined with business process knowledge.

This course will be offered for the first time during spring 2009. Because of the strong interest the school is already seeing, UT Dallas is expected to teach this course several times a year.

Student Groups

The area of Information Systems features a number of student groups for current and future information technology professionals. Student groups are an excellent way to learn about information technology, stay informed of industry trends, network and prepare for careers in information technology.

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is an organization for career minded professionals seeking opportunities to maximize their potential. AITP meets monthly and features industry speakers providing members with valuable insight into the information technology business community.

The SAP Users’ Group (SUG) provides members with an opportunity to exchange information pertaining to SAP, the market leading enterprise resource planning solution. A primary goal of the group is to facilitate students’ pursuit of careers as functional and technical SAP experts.

The Management Information Systems Association (MISA) is a student run club providing additional opportunities for networking with an emphasis on job search and job placement activities.

Take advantage of the opportunities available and join a student group today.

Name the MIS Newsletter

The MIS newsletter needs your help. We are running a contest to name the newsletter and seek your input. If you have a creative, engaging name that captures the essence of management information systems and the information systems newsletter, please send an e-mail to Mark Thouin by Sept. 30. Contest winners will be announced in the next issue of the MIS newsletter and will receive a $20 iTunes gift card.